Whose YouTube videos do you watch for tech stuff?


Hello. Community knows best, since here is a question of personal preferences.

So I ask you a very simple question:

Whose tech videos do you watch on YouTube? (if anyone’s)

This is naturally related to Pyramid Flipper. Once our gem materializes further, we must have unbiased, savvy people looking at it and showing it to the world. Also on YouTube.
And the best way to start scavenging this topic is to tap into your habits.

Stage is yours.

ps. I actually prefer reading over videos (yes they are a different thing, I know), but I do keep a close eye on the big usual suspects. Linus, Austin, Marques, and others. I probably should take a closer look on new and upcoming ones as well. Please hint me some!

There are no small journalists, only small stories - Reviewers take note!

I don’t normally see videos of tech - I’d rather read articles although sometimes when a product seems nice I may search for videos to have a closer look but I don’t pay much attention to the names of the channels. Will try and see now :wink:


This guy does some really good reviews.


I only watch 2 channels for tech stuff: LTT & OC3D :slight_smile:


WinBeta, Windows Central, PocketNow, Know How (run by Twit.TV)

In other words, most of the tech videos watch are related to what I read.

There is one more group I can’t think of that involves a couple of guys that take apart and test things in their garage. I couldn’t find it in my history though, despite watching one recently.


I’d suggest

  • LinusTechTips - they might do the content delayed however so I would not count on them boosting our pre-order.
  • Also maybe some channels of another language? e.g. a german channel, a french one, etc.


One youtuber I discover recently and make really good work : Dave Lee

Otherwise, I also watch more mainstream youtuber:

  • BooredAtWork
  • Engaget
  • MobileTechReview
  • MSPoweruser
  • Neowin
  • Noba Teck
  • Nowtech.tv
  • TechnoBuffalo
  • Tested
  • TheVerge
  • WinBeta
  • WindowsCentral



I agree David is quite amazing. His reviews seem very reasonable and focus on actual end user value not just specs. We should definitely contact him!


I actually prefer articles over videos too, just like @riku :grinning:
So I asked some of my friends for ideas. I made a small list of YouTube Channels that they are subscribed to:

  1. linustechtips
  2. jonathan Morrison
  3. Austin Evans
  4. MobileTechReview
  5. TheVerge (Apple fanboys :grimacing: iirc)
  6. Technobuffalo
  7. Awesomesaucenetwork
  8. Tech source


Whatever Google gives me :slight_smile:
But yeah, I don’t remember when I last watched a tech video. I read news, but sometimes I use Youtube to watch reviews. In that case, I just search for a review in Google and watch whatever it gives me. I don’t think I have ever watched 2 videos of the same channel, haha :smile:


This is all great stuff!

We will surely contact all these parties and see how things go from there.
Especially those up-and-coming video reviewers are interesting, as they can give more thorough and lively coverage. They likely don’t have tons of devices arriving in the mail daily, and they’re not expected to cover everything and more.


+1 For Dave2D. He’s my go-to whenever I want to see a review of a laptop or tablet.


I watch quite a lot of channels. But the ones I am subscribed to, and watch religiously are PocketNow, MrMobile (Michael Fisher), MKBHD, TheVerge (sometimes. they are too pro-apple)…
I watch others like TechnoBuffalo, Android Authority sometimes. Very rarely.


Community members: Your work, the PF, can be reviewed by your national favourite YouTuber. Who is it? (Country + link/details, please)


I mainly follow Mobile Nations for tech. news and videos
But also watch from-:
Unbox Therapy


I watch many including
Dave 2d
Coolsmartphone ( my channel)

These are just a few


Drawing artist: Brad Colbow


Brad Colbow is great,

while not youtube - I follow surfaceproartist.com. He does reviews of artist tools (software and hardware) and has a pretty big following.


I just started making videos with a friend of mine. We have mostly talked about Microsoft technologies but are going to go into more topics. It is called The Harjit and Prayer Show. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLHSzeyiNzRuoM355isZrFg/videos . I have to warn you, we do not do any elaborate production. Just hit record…

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