Whoaa- I See Tons of Potential


Guys, I just came accross this and to b honest, im liking it. A Lot.

ZTE Axon M- Foldable phone, I wonder if it gets refined, how much better it can get. What do you guys think.


Really cool! But I don’t think it’s mature enough for mainstream… Android need to be able to handle two/expanding screens a lot better than this phone does. But it’s coming, and I’m looking forward to when it’s more refined


Right!!!- Im sure there are other and better ways to achieve the same “dual screen” object, but im glad someone took the leap to show one way to do it. But all in all, I would buy it. The possibilities could be endless if done right. Now we need some big companies following suit and making a better device to show how it could be done. Or for android to evolve to allow for dual screens. TBH one way they could do it better is if people buy it, use it, and give feedback. hopefully if they listen , they can produce a device that can be very powerful in use


I agree, the concept has a lot of potential, but I see there being a lot of first and maybe even second generation problems to work through before it becomes a smooth user experience. If it was just ZTE working on this, I don’t know it they would be able to convince enough users to stick around until the experience was polished, but you know Samsung is working on it and they’ll sell enough to convince people its a viable concept.


Hardware is semi-there (that fat hinge is ugly), but the software probably isn’t. Android apps need to be updated to take advantage of it. I’ve read through the link and they said they’re working on the top 200 apps to make it work well on their phone. However what about the other apps? There’s no API SDK or library for something like this so unless they can convince developers to update their applications for it. This might be a bust.


Agreed! One major Flaw, No way to put a Case on it :slight_smile:


Why don’t they use the edge Display of Samsung Galaxy. The dual screen setup could be nearly perfect without that black line between the displays


Sorry, I don’t see much potential in this. It’s like having two phones in your hand, the screens are completely separated… There’s even a wide bezel between them… So why not just buy two phones? That’s even better, you don’t have to use them side by side, you can separate them and share with your friends lol.


Im sorry you don’t see the potential, some people won’t. Having two phones is simply not efficient, so that point doesn’t even make sense. Wide bezel (Not really that wide) between them is unfortunate but can be worked on or improved. So how about you give some thoughts on how you would make it work. or things you would like to see the phone do rather than saying there is no potential and talking about how owning two phones is much better.


While I really like the idea of a foldable phone, I do not think simply putting two screens on a hinge is anywhere near a good implementation. Nonetheless this might be a good start for figuring out how to optimize software for such a device and I appreciate their effort in supporting this concept. However, for a foldable phone to really appeal to normal consumers, I think a bendable screen with no visible gap down the middle is essential, similar to what Lenovo is doing and the rumored Samsung X.


I can see it. TBH im ok with two screens. As long as the bezel is tiny(maybe half of what they have). while other companies figure out how to do it better. Im sure some people wont mind the bezels seeing as many people have multiple monitor setups and are used to having a small line in between. If i watch a video ill watch it on one of the screens and not the two. The idea is multitasking and not so much the bigger screen. or i would get a Phablet.
The foldable one i can see being implemented but i am concerned at the bend point. My concern is that when it does bend that as it showed when he turned it off, the screen would bulge. Also im sure it must have a bend radius or it will brake the screen and that may be too thick, or maybe not.
Battery life is a concern with two screens really eating up some life.but you have the ability to really design a system that can be spread out across two screens.


I think ZTE has made the first step for this concept. I would buy it (maybe with windows on ARM) We will wait years for bendable screens. The prototypes are nice but I’m sure they won’t last for years and millions of foldings… As I said above the bezel could be minimized by using two edge displays and some display software to make the gap as small as possible…


And… how do you imagine software making the physical gap smaller? Anyway, if you’re talking about those samsung “edge” displays that are bent around the edge, it would be horrible. That means there is an actual physical, tangible gap between the screens, so you can’t glide your finger over it, and it would look ridiculous.


Yeah, i don’t know about the samsung display edge. I dont see that working.