Who would you like to see review Spectrum?



It would appear that he may not have configured the USB hub correct on the OSD. He should have enabled USB C as the hub source.


I would like it to arrive earlier, and then the review !

Nice review! It looks great with the XSX and the PS5v in 4K at 120 fps! I can’t wait to get mine in a couple days!

Would it make sense to set the “USB-C for hub data if USB-C is connected, USB-B otherwise” setting as firmware default instead of requiring the user to switch it first? I feel like most people would intuitively expect it to work this way, and if the reviewer’s issue was indeed one of unexpected defaults then it would prevent such confusion and complaints in the future.

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It would be awesome to see RTINGS.com review this monitor! Also as a side note, will we ever see the Spectrum in stores like Best Buy and Walmart?

Only way RTINGs will do it is if it wins the poll - and currently the poll has it at a distinct 3rd place to 2 LG monitors.

If you want it be sure to vote for it.


Ugh… who cares about this gamer trash. Spectrum for lyfe yo!!

still waiting for the ltt review… did he receive a monitor? he stated he would do one since his community requested it…

LTT has openly stated that they had one sitting in their warehouse, so it’s probably a toss up if they will do a review or not, maybe the review has already largely been made at this point.

Since they, for good reasons, had concerns about doing more reporting on products from EVE and potentially support a business with problematic business practices, they might be waiting on doing a review until EVE has proven that they can actually deliver the product to current backers.

With pretty much every order in the US and EU using standard shipping not having been delivered months after production started, it would be unethical to promote a product that could still turn in to another EVE V disaster.


I can confirm a unit was sent to Linus. The date at which Linus reviews the Spectrum is probably based on their current schedule. An option for further information could be to ask the LTT team in some way for details/ETA?

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From all the „big“ youtubers he is the last one i would like to see a review from…

There are far (!) superior and scientific ppl out there who would do a much better job reviewing this monitor.

Linus is just a big „brand“ at this point with many wrongly made videos and wrong assumptions he later apologies for… And also, he was the first one to do the „8k Rtx 30series“ bs video KNOWING that it wasnt even running at 8k. Thats what Linus is…

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I think Hardware Unboxed is the de-facto channel people go to for monitor reviews. They’ll review it eventually. Only reason I think Linus is important for a review is because of his previous video, and his capacity to reach a large mainstream audience.

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he says he has the recent build in his studio and wants to review it again. he asks his stream community if they want to see a review again on it and almost 90 percent of them said yes. Linus knows Eve past history. i think he is waiting until he sees better progress from them before doing a review again.

I used watch KitGuruTech when I was buying my PC. Don’t know if there name holds weight in the Tech Industry but check their review out.


Looks like pixel-perfect (integer) scaling is again not covered, like in all other reviews.


Wouldn’t it make sense for Eve to make some kind of official spec/advertisement video on Youtube? Then you can make sure to address and point out advantages to features of the Spectrum that perhaps reviewers aren’t highlighting. Just noticed that Eve did put out a video like this over a year ago but it’s only 23 seconds long and doesn’t hit all the features.


badseed tech and too much tech


I feel like Badseed is more of a peripherals reviewer but it would be great to hear his input!