Who would you like to see review Spectrum?

RTINGS.com for all models please. I use them for just about everything and would love to see their in depth scoring analysis.

Here’s a direct link to their voting page with Eve Spectrum on Rtings.com
Keep up voting everyone, please.



Oh man, the last I looked the Spectrum was winning, but only barely. Now the LG 32" is winning by over 100 votes. We have 30 more days, but it doesn’t look good.

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I think something similar happened to the Eve one when a bunch of people made fake accounts to vote for it. Shortly after RTINGS removed the extra votes. I would not be surprised if something like that happens with the LG monitor since it shot up so fast.


I used one of my other emails to get another vote in, but I could have paid to be a member on both and did 10 votes, but that would’ve been too much, and it wouldn’t make much of a difference. If most of the votes are just people on multiple email accounts, then maybe the Spectrum could be on top again. If it wins, they receive one quickly, and RTINGS does a positive review, maybe more people will see it and consider the Spectrum over other monitors.

I don’t know how much of the shipping woes is just because of Covid-19 or what, but it’s a good monitor and if people are able to receive monitors in a reasonable amount of time, then I think it’ll be a success.


Please don’t attempt to manipulate the votes on RTINGS by creating extra accounts. I understand we all want to see them review Spectrum, but let’s stick to their policy, and keep it fair.

If you haven’t voted, and would like to see RTINGS review Spectrum be sure to vote!


RTINGS and Hardware Unboxed they make the best in-depth reviews.
Made my vote on RTINGS.


Ngl i was one of them LOOOL made like 65 accounts by myself

I just really can’t stand it when some people think they’re so much more important than everyone else. Appreciate @ReignDespair’s message as official Eve representative.


Yeah. I had another account at RTNIGS, but it was not a paid account, and so I deleted that one and made one with my real name and then paid and gave my 5 votes. I definitely want to see the Spectrum get reviewed by them - but I want to play fairly, too.


I also left my vote for spectrum on rtings.com.


That’s really bad for a review. We have no objetive metrics for this monitor just this guy’s feelings about it.

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The 32" LG is currently number 1 at RTINGS with over 400 points and the 27" LG in 2nd at 266 and the 4K 144hz Eve Spectrum is 3rd at 236 points.



It would appear that he may not have configured the USB hub correct on the OSD. He should have enabled USB C as the hub source.


I would like it to arrive earlier, and then the review !

Nice review! It looks great with the XSX and the PS5v in 4K at 120 fps! I can’t wait to get mine in a couple days!

Would it make sense to set the “USB-C for hub data if USB-C is connected, USB-B otherwise” setting as firmware default instead of requiring the user to switch it first? I feel like most people would intuitively expect it to work this way, and if the reviewer’s issue was indeed one of unexpected defaults then it would prevent such confusion and complaints in the future.

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It would be awesome to see RTINGS.com review this monitor! Also as a side note, will we ever see the Spectrum in stores like Best Buy and Walmart?

Only way RTINGs will do it is if it wins the poll - and currently the poll has it at a distinct 3rd place to 2 LG monitors.

If you want it be sure to vote for it.


Ugh… who cares about this gamer trash. Spectrum for lyfe yo!!