Who would you like to see review Spectrum?

I believe there was abit of vote manipulation for Eve Spectrum ES07D03 and Samsung C24RG50.

If i remember correctly, Eve was in the lead due to coming in 2nd place in the last pool.

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i did saw the samsung one a month ago or so out of nowhere had over 300 votes then kept climbing and climbing while spectrum was slowly climbing. before the results both monitors were neck and neck but spectrum still had the lead.

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GJ whoever at Eve decided to purchase multiple insider accounts to do vote manipulation. Now we’re not gonna get a review on RTINGS anytime soon. At worse we would have just needed to wait another month.


AT least the 2k model has been purchased. also the other model ES07D01 is still listed.


Now that is a REAL shame.
I can only hope that no one at Eve is directly involved in this.
And NOW is the time for Eve to release a public statement and not to remain silent.
Covering this up is not an option.

Hey guys,

The following is our statement regarding the RTINGS monitor vote.

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The one thing glaringly missing from that statement is whether Eve or any of its employees were involved in this, or even had any knowledge that it was happening.

Because the statement doesn’t mention this, it’s possible to assume that Eve was somehow involved in the vote rigging. If that’s definitely not the case, I would highly recommend updating the official statement accordingly.

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Honestly, i have had my 4k monitor for around 2 weeks now and have loved it. I really haven’t changed any settings, just using it right out of the box with my ps5 and love it. The only thing i notice, it does take like 20 seconds for the monitor to realize my PlayStation is on and then will display it. Just different from how a TV would display it almost immediately. I also noticed one other thing recently. once in a blue moon, the monitor won’t display anything and i have to shut the monitor off by unplugging the power supply. The power button does not respond when i try to turn off the monitor. after unplugging and plugging back in, no problem. If anyone has any tips or suggestions for even crisper imagery or just things they found handy, by all means share away. :smiley:

i went into windows calibrate display color and color management to help fine tune some things to my liking. For sharpness to me on the On Screen display. sharpness 30 is the sweet spot.

EVE SPECTRUM - Unboxing - YouTube


Eurogamer / Digital Foundry’s review of Eve Spectrum

Apparently the first review that finally covers the exclusive Eve Spectrum feature — pixel-perfect (integer) scaling. Unfortunately they seem to only consider pixel-perfect scaling a purely retro­gaming-related niche feature and completely miss the general 1080p→4K case in modern 3D games for the purpose of getting high performance with zero quality loss compared with a monitor with native 1080p resolution.

the Spectrum really sets itself apart with its feature set. The two biggest draws here are the pixel perfect scaling mode and its passthrough USB-C charging, both of which are niche use cases that nonetheless can make a big difference to the small percentage of users that will make use of them. The exact pixel scaling mode is ideal for playing older 2D games, where a 2x or 4x scale from the original sub-HD resolution maintains a crisp and readable look instead of the smeary appearance you often see with non-power-of-two scaling factors. I tested this out with FTL, a gorgeous-looking game that unfortunately tends to look a bit crap scaled up to a 4K display and was impressed by the sharpness of the image. Changing from a standard ‘stretch’ scaling mode to the ‘pixel’ scaling mode was a night-and-day difference, and I’m sure it would act just the same on retro consoles and the like too - although I shamefully don’t have any nearby to test with.

They also seem to be affected by a rare misbelief that integer scaling is not about just integer scales, but about scales that are necessarily a power of two. Actually, of course, integer scaling works perfectly at both even scales (such as 2x or 4x) and odd scales (such as 3x or 5x).


How great notice! I think that any monitor has like funtion of pixel perfect scaling. It´s so much interesting than other typical trash solutions. I´m sorry very little talking on your forums, but i love what you make it. Greetings from Madrid Spain!! :blush:

One question: when is it possible using pixel perfect scaling and VRR or blacklight strobbing together? :pleading_face: I reserved the model SPECTRUM ES07D02 in May

Did you mean that any monitor should have pixel-perfect scaling? Eve Spectrum is currently the only computer monitor in the world that has pixel-perfect scaling. All other existing computer monitors and most TVs add blur at non-native resolutions.

According to my experience, once selected via the monitor menu/OSD, pixel-perfect scaling works fine even if the corresponding “Aspect Ratio” setting gets (somewhat confusingly, but this is probably going to be improved in future) grayed-out due to turning-on some other settings such as “Low-latency mode”.

As far as I know, VRR-synchronized backlight strobing is not yet supported, but planned in future.

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Ups! Sorry hahaha yeah, i got confused before :sweat_smile: :joy:

Well, i hope it works both features in the soon future :pray: :blush:. thank you to answering :smiley:

This review was professional.

I’m still debating whether to go for a software calibration, similar to what Grant has.

I think the Elite version would be overkill for me as the primary use for my monitors is gaming and video editing.

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I was in the market for some calibration tools only for this monitor. However, a friend of mine convinced me that I should look at it as an investment for other products.

Last weekend, Best Buy unleashed their Black Friday sales early, and I jumped on the LG OLED 55" TV for my bedroom, to replace a much older LG 55" 1080p TV. The money I put into my iDisplay Pro Plus will now let me calibrate the TV as well. And there are some cool features of the LG that a lot of other TVs don’t have, having to do with an open, clean, and accessible LUT slot that I can load configs into directly (or something like that - I have a lot to learn. Not even at Padawan level yet lol).

Basically, the colorimeter calibration tool is not just for monitors. And your eyes will love you for it.

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Thanks for this.

You gave me the confidence to purchase it :slight_smile:

Hardware Unboxed video review of the Spectrum 4K version.