Who takes EURO2016?


Three nations enter, one nation leaves. As the champs.

Among us we have members from all the remaining football juggernauts: Portugal, France, Germany.

We also have Icelanders here (no, they did not mistake eve.community for Eve Online, if you MUST ask :wink: ) and they became a meme with their viking haka “HÚ!” (love the quality of that video…)

But who do you expect to take the cup?!

  • Germany
  • Portugal
  • France

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It will be whoever wins today’s semi-final, unfortunately :cry: Germany has many players either suspended or injured, so France has a very good chance (despite their poor defence).

Either way, Portugal has a very poor record against either nation (we don’t beat the French in decades - not even a draw) and it is completely against the odds if they win. But I would be ready to celebrate the impossible achievement :upside_down:


You know what? Portugal with Fernando Santos hasn’t been defeated in a official match. Ever. So it’s not going to be this time they will lose. Germany isn’t attacking very well and I believe France has a worse defense. Being that we have a great defense, I’d like to go against France. Just hope referees don’t keep on not giving Portugal penalties (till now once against Croatia, once with Poland in the quarter finals and once in the semis with Wales) and that our players believe they can win it! Let’s go!!!

I don’t really care about records because everyone was bashing us till the game with Wales even going as far as saying our games were disgusting but, in the end, we’re in the final of the Euro 2016, you can’t deny it. And that comes with merit. It is true we didn’t control some of the games but our opponents couldn’t defeat us. and, besides, we’ve gotten better every single game and the last 2-0 just shows the evolution. We don’t have outstanding players like we had in 2004 (except CR7 of course) but we have a great team :grinning:


56% got it wrong…

Let’s hope for a triumph of great footbal (soccer)l for Sunday!


Only one person is going to get it right :wink:


Hopefully yes :smiley:


CAMPEOES!!! :smile:



P.S. here you have a song you might wanna hear to grab the whole spirit and joy from my words :wink: Oh and I see one more person got it right :smile: