Where to go from now - The future of the community!


Hello dear members of the community! :slight_smile:

As you might have noticed polls regarding features and similar have slowed down.

This is normal as we’re bouncing back all your awesome ideas for features between engineers, designer and the manufacturer. However as you can imagine this takes quite a lot of time and so we can’t bring you new news every week.

The main question is: What do you guys want from the community, now that there isn’t a new poll about the PF every 2 days?

At Eve we have basically 2 ideas, so let me present them to you!

Discussing tech-news
This is one of the more straight forward ideas we had. It’s simply bringing interesting news stories to the community to share them with others and discuss them to help everyone stay up to date and see news from different points of view.

Brainstorming the next device/accessory
Now that we’ve got so many great ideas for the PF, we ask you: Why not possibly brainstorm awesome ideas for a next device/accessory you want to see made real by Eve? You want a cool dock for the PF? Or a completely new device? Brainstorming those ideas for potential new devices

What do you guys think is the way to go? Do you have a different idea that we didn’t think of? Please, share your thoughts with us!

About the Media Awareness category

I especially like the fact that here we have the will to help people.

Abundance of it, so certainly eve.community can act as place where people like @Filip_Ka @Ervin @AntonyTerence @ALASKANJACKSON can exchange thoughts on news: “Why does this matter?” “What does this and that really mean?”.
Then people can really know what is happening out there in the tech field. And the more stuff is discussed, the better equipped members are to contribute and state those gem opinions that make PF the best, and the further devices stand-outs.


Hmmm! Let me help you @iKirin get some visibility.

Guys just Do it! Yes you can! Your opinion needed:)



So, to answer your question, I’d say we are already doing a little bit of both :wink:

The first occasionally there’s a thread about tech news but we can do it more often. Examples, http://eve.community/c/community/off-topic and http://eve.community/c/community/tech.

For the second, there’s a category named ‘What’s next?’.

Hope I answered your question good enough :smiley:


I will give you new polls :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yeah. “Both” seems like the best idea. Not always people will be interested in The Next Thing, and then they can take part in the Things That Are Now. Seems like solid and easy enough to do compromise.