Where to get Eve T1?



Is there still a way to buy the Eve T1? Haven’t found any used ones and can’t buy a new one from Eve’s site.


Hi! Thats true we dont sell T1 anymore as we are now putting all of our resourses to the next product. Maybe you could ask around other forum members!

P.S. Very thankful for your interest in it! We promise to do something much better this time.


Oh so now its a collectors item? :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes! You were very lucky @shane :slight_smile:


Probably not something that can be disclosed but how many T1’s were actually made?


It is a true collectors item. We have produced couple of thouthands and then deciced to put all of our resources into Pyramid Flipper. Yeah, we are not a typical company. If we can do better we always do it even if it means giving up curent sales potential!


Oh i didn’t mean it in any negative way i was just curious on numbers, having a 1 in a few thousand device seems pretty cool, shame i have no idea which number unit mine was :stuck_out_tongue:


when did place an order?:slight_smile:


25th of March, seems i was order 1175 according to the email i got, although no idea if that counts failed orders like my storefront does :stuck_out_tongue:


Well thats around your number then. So you know your collectors number :smiley:


Nice, I have 1159 :sunglasses:


I have 2940 :wink: I wonder what was the last T1 number:)


Just found out about you guys today on Windows Central, so I missed out on the T1. But looking forward to Pyramid Flipper, and I will do what I can to help!


I hope an EVE T2 will be offered one day :slight_smile: I would like having a minitablet such as EVET1


You can start a topic on the community suggesting a device similar to the T1 :wink: If there already is one for that, voice your opinion on that thread.
Here is the link to the category where you should see the discussions for the next projects: