Where are we now?


Is there any place were we get to see where is the device manufacturing process standing as of today (week wise)??? I can see one in the IGG site, which is still standing in the Nov 16 timeline with tier 1 tooling, i need to see release wise standing for each IGG launch…

  1. Backers
  2. Early Bird 1st Offer
  3. Early Bird 2nd Offer

This should also include more details of the following…

  1. Perks Added to existing buyers.
  2. Promises that has been made such as “we will try to optimise price for Windows Pro, Pen, etc.”
  3. video galary of V at each MAJOR production output.
  4. shipping details and steps…
  5. Tax workout for each region and if possible methods to save on tax’s (not harming the tax revenue of any country).
  6. etc.


Great idea. We were quite overwhelmed with the launch and hundreds of customer support questions we were getting daily. Now I think it would be the perfect time to start it.

How do you feel about us making weekly posts about the stage of production in the community?
A lot of our guys including me will go to china on 26th of December and then we will be able to produce a LOT of content there. So how does it sound to you?


Sounds great to me @Konstantinos

Looking forward to it!


I think to make it even less confusing, you should just make one post and keep it pinned all the time. Then you can update it every week (edit) and also post a reply as a “changelog”. For the sake of simplicity, it should be locked so that only the team members can post.
Something like this would be really awesome:

Of course it can be simple text with no graphics, to make it easier to update. But it’s important that the red “this is where we are” is always in the correct position. You can also swap some steps if the need arises :slight_smile:


I’d love to see a timeline with the progress (-steps).
I’ve learned a lot about designing a 2in1 device in the older threads.
Looking forward to learn more in posts about production.


@Konstantinos, since we are a community (read family :slight_smile: ) we survive on social communication :microphone:, when we engage each other and stay well informed, automatically the question too drops. However, what i see in our community is a free hand to start NEW TOPIC (which i should say that MUST be stopped). Second someone should revisit all the topics and moderate and redirect to proper or already topic (house keeping).

On how to show the timeline, as mentioned being myself a Program Manager, we should use a sample page layout…with running text tick box, and followed by useful link to show the POC/Demo or other URL…like this would be fine…(for each release Backers, EB1, EB2, April, etc…)…



@razaknk good suggestion. Starting from this week we will now focus on community and communicating state of things. Actual manufacturing pictures and videos will come when we go to China this end of December also then we will ship out prototypes to selected community members.

We will be doing weekly upgrades.
But I think checklist is a cool way to visualize it!


I think it’s cool to let users create new topics. Even huge forums like xda-developers do this - we just need to have more categories and enforce some rules. For example, all suggestions for future products should go to “what’s next” category, and we should enforce a “first search, then post” rule (many people post a new topic, only to realize that the same thing has already been posted elsewhere).

That said, the community has grown huge, and that happened really quickly so Team Eve needs some time to adjust the forum for that. I think one community manager just isn’t enough anymore, but I also think some of the active community members would gladly volunteer to at least slightly moderate a category on their free time :slight_smile:


Yeah exactly @pauliunas I mean community tripped when Indiegogo launched :slight_smile:

@iKirin what do you think of new topic proposal from @razaknk?