Where are our machines?

You will never get your machine.

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As of May 11, 2022 the update was::
"We were having issues with shipping because of the battery of the EVE V. The battery itself, is not the issue. Handling of the battery, is not an issue. The battery is fine. We are currently fixing an error associated with the documents that accompany the battery. The MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) is a document that is available for almost every single product in the world. It goes to identify the product, it’s components, chemical make-up and any relevant precautions that need to be taken into account. The document we have, is from 2021 and the Eve V has been built to this spec. HOWEVER - the authorities want the 2022 MSDS. We are investigating intensely as to why this is causing a delay. This normally wouldn’t be an issue… but for some reason it has become one. A solution is underway.

For the record this issue is not our fault at all because we shared the MSDS with all parties 3+ WEEKS ago and we got a green light from everyone so we were 100% certain that we would be able to ship already

Since we are now using air freight to ship to regional warehouses, once this issue is sorted out you guys will have devices at your doorsteps rather quickly. We were going to ship around May 3rd but due to the document issues we have been forced to delay a little bit.

Another update will be provided as soon as I have more information to give you guys.

Sorry again,


This is actually perfectly credible but demonstrates a lack of experience at the scale required to deploy and support the Eve adequately. I worry for your customer support capacity.

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Thank you for the update.

Are you able to put some numbers around this?

It is now 17th May, so it is 2 weeks since 3rd May. How long is this “little delay”?

2 weeks? So you should be shipping now?
3 weeks? So you should be shipping next week?
4 weeks? So you should be shipping in 2 weeks?
10 years? So we all cancel.

The time for platitudes and generalities is over.


Do these MSDS documents need to be affixed to every individual V being shipped? Because if that’s the case, then that’d account for a huge delay. Especially if different MSDS sheets are required for different boxings with/without the keyboard and pen.

I think we need to set some conditions here:
Condition one: We trust in Eve, that they are producing real products and that they are keen to send these products to us.
Condition two: We are investing in a new product and are aware that the company has limited influences in speed of production.
Condition three: We are aware of the actual global instable situation especially in China.

If you guys are agreeing to these conditions, we need to be aware of it. I think Eve Customer Care is trying to find a middle way between giving us stable information and all the issues that are resulting from the issues of the mentioned conditions… This is not Microsoft and not Apple and not LG and I tried to buy in this product because of high quality promises + helping smaller businesses into the market. So we need to have patience guys.


I don’t think patience is the problem for most, its the communication and false promises. Not to mentioned the copy and paste responses folks shared here and other sub forums within the Eve community.

There are people who ran out of patience and requested refunds. Sure theres a few success stories, but many are still waiting after months to get their money back. I think its unrealistic to ask for patience after so many delays, poor communication, false promises, Eve emailing about a new glossy product before fulfilling the first, and ad after ad advertising something they can’t provide.

Oh yeah, remember how fast they took your money when full payments were due? So if one runs out of “patience” for a product that continues to be delayed , are they not entitled to a full refund in a reasonable amount of time?

I was one of those people who backed the 4k monitor with a $100 per-order more than 2 years ago in March 2020. Fast forward to January 2022 and a full payment later, and still have nothing to show for it. Im only still here because im tored about requesting a refund and never getting it due many stories referencing my concerns.

I understand the Covid situation and its impacts, but I been told by support about 4 different times, ill get my monitor next week, your monitor is on a boat, etc… I paid $148 for express shipping. So at this point im just pissed off and disappointed by putting my trust in this company.

No offense to the community managers, I don’t blame them, this is a top down problem, they are just the messengers. But their updates are lacking in detail and feel like a bandage to prevent folks from jumping ship.

Many stories of others dealing with the same problem here: Shipping Update - #1541 by NZgeek


start: to be fair, crisis management isn’t that hard, it’s a discipline. If no one is in control there will be no discipline, if communications are poor during a crisis, it appears that no one is in control and thus there is no discipline.

Over 42-years I’ve been a developer, designer, lead architect, product owner, director and executive director at both IBM and Dell. They’ve had their issues and plenty of them. They learned. It’s hard to believe that there is no one in charge at Eve, but the communication across multiple forums etc. seems to indicate there isn’t.

Crisis management says communicate through a minimal set of channels, communicate at least daily, if not more frequently.

I’m reminded of the Eve V website which tells us “Patience doesn’t have to be a virtue” - "No greatness is ever achieved by sitting around waiting. "

It’s way past time for their words to live up to their actions.

My advice. Create a new forum for crisis communication on the EVE V. Only sanctioned Eve employees can post, no user questions, comments.

Commit to a brief daily update that describes where the systems currently are in the process and what is delaying them. Describe steps to address the delay and when these will be completed.

Provide updates on steps taken at least daily. If they due date for a step is missed, say why.

Email same communication to all users who have pre-ordered.

Ask Eve employees and community managers not to speculate on progress outside the formal communication channels. With all the best will in the world employees and community managers giving wink/wink suggestions things are getting fixed is no longer helpful, especially if they don’t come true.

The final update through crisis communication should be when the final delivery is made to regional distribution centers. After that the communication should point to new forum threads for issue arising out of each regional distribution center. This divides up the remaining problems and separates the unhappy customer from the happy ones. It saves those who have NOT received their EVE V by being aggravated and frustrated by those that have received theirs.

I would add, at this point the only reason not to enter into crisis management/communication is there is no one in charge.

goto start;



42 years of developing, and you’ve still caused me to enter an infinite reading loop. :man_facepalming:

Excellent suggestions though!

I should have added an IEFBR14 somewhere, but it’s likely no one would have understood. I was so hoping to have had my EVE V to take with me for my session at the VM Workshop in June to celebrate 50-years of Virtualization at IBM. I was just 15 years old when I started working on it… really!

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So when are these machines going to be moving?

A day?
A week?
A month?

What’s going on???


The website says shipping in July 2022 :person_shrugging:.

And they say in future only way of purchasing is in retail outlets…I doubt by then the device will be desirable seeing the latest stuff out there now

I am not receiving any communication and would like to know how long the waiting period for the refund is? I was among the 1st group to apply and amongst the 1st to have money removed from my account so please advise on a timeline for delivery or advice on applying for a refund.


I have been waiting since Aug 2018, last update from Eve is that Q4 2021 I should get the laptop, since then no replies to my emails.

it seems clear Eve is just a scam.

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Hey @Tim_Omer,

I followed up with you via DM. Really strange why you havent recieved it yet considering its been 4 years. Do you know if you ordered the old V or the new V?

As for the rest of you, I know its annoying to wait but I will give you an update as soon as I have one. Sorry again.

Hi @ReignDespair,

Could you please advise where we are with the paperwork?

What’s the holdup? When will our machines be delivered?

Regards, @apgray


“Hello, Hello, is this thing working”

goto Start

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June 2 will be the nine-month anniversary of my COMPLETED payment to Eve. I need the product that I paid for. I mean that I ACTUALLY NEED IT. If delivery will take another 3 months, then I need a complete refund with interest for the amount of time you have borrowed my money without compensation.

I don’t mean to continuously ask, but come on, enough is enough.