Where are our machines?

The exception means the import duty needs to be paid. Eve wanted us to have our machines so suggest you do what some of us have done and pay the courier their extortion charge so you can get your machine and submit a support request to get eve to reimburse you those charges.

Something to keep in mind: Many of Eve Customer Support personnel are in Ukraine.

Yes, I understand that, and I sympathize. We were assured that the employees in Ukraine were safe. If this is not the case what can we do to help them? I am open to suggestions.

In my case, it meant that it was being stored at the warehouse in Hong Kong upon the return-to-sender. I finally got through to the shipper directly and they immediately re-shipped the device via DHL.


Replying to myself. I got an answer from support:

Your order will be sent to this shipping address: {my correct address}

So, I guess… I have just to wait. No email ever about address confirmation.
Just wanted everybody here to know.