Where are our machines?

I ordered mine on May 3.
My payment is complete, but my shipping info is not updated.
When will my monitor arrive?
I am very anxious.

Hello Rockman and welcome to the community.

The EVE V is currently on preorder and will likely ship soon. The most up to date information we have is that it will start shipping in May, which is the same thing it says on our website. Have you already paid the full price and gotten confirmation that your device is ready to be shipped or just the preorder payment?

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I have been patient, understanding, disappointed, and mostly pissed but overall resigned. As far as I know and having no contact or delivery numbers for the V my only recourse is to resign myself to just taking a monetary hit. I am just glad that I didn’t buy into the monitor but waited on the V before committing.

Hi @sr20,
I would not dare criticize EVE if I did not do everything on my part, especially.
The pictures in my e-mail from EVE show that I paid for everything. I received this e-mail on September 3, 2021.

eve-v2-2022-05-09 08-10-38
eve-v2-2022-05-09 08-11-40

It would be nice from the moment we paid for the devices, we can see what is the progress or status of the assembly till the devices get shipped. If the plant or factory gets shut because of covid it will show up to.

Hi @BA,

I completely understand your point. While at the moment we cannot integrate the updates directly with the order number, we have newsletters that are being sent to those who placed an order.

Newsletters contain updates to our projects, which contains the link directly to the topic we post here in the community. Within the topic, we share how far we are with the projects and other stuff behind the scenes.

In case you are curious what the past topics were, this is some of what we have on the V 2021:

For Spectrum, we have a “hub” topic and you can find the project updates here:

This was written 17 days ago.

What happened with this? Where’s the follow up?


Where are our machines?

You made promises to early backers.

You took our money 9 MONTHS ago.


Other than @nkyadav is there anyone there with any scruples?


I ordered mine on april 3, and paid the full price, i patiently wait for this month and see what happens.


Same situation here. the 4K monitor should have been shipped since January, according to eve’s website information. Almost 6 MONTHS later, no monitor, no forecast. Very weak supply chain. I want this monitor but they don’t want to sell it.

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Apgray Have you requested for your money back? When I purchased mine one it says will be shipped between 7-10days. And thats from April3. I understand because of the situation of the covid in china and that is no good. For me when they say 7-10days to ship its a promise they should deliver. I can be patient, but to a point. For me I would like to ask to get my money back, because now I feel like I cant wait any longer.

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For me, the best indication that the community and Eve are out of step, and the community, as a sweeping generalization, are frustrated by the state of communication from Eve is the number of threads here discussing the delay and people desperately looking for updates. I was an Executive at Dell, and before that at IBM. BY now we’d have assigned a single point person to communicated, and that person would be giving daily updates after we’d had internal discussion about what the update should be, even when it was “we have no update today.”

At some point soon I assume Eve will have machines in transit that have already been subject to refunds that creates a mess for everyone. Time for crisis management. I ordered my Eve V because it had every opportunity to be a ground breaking product, that window has passed. I’m staying on now just to see how this mess is handled.



You will never get your machine.


As of May 11, 2022 the update was::
"We were having issues with shipping because of the battery of the EVE V. The battery itself, is not the issue. Handling of the battery, is not an issue. The battery is fine. We are currently fixing an error associated with the documents that accompany the battery. The MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) is a document that is available for almost every single product in the world. It goes to identify the product, it’s components, chemical make-up and any relevant precautions that need to be taken into account. The document we have, is from 2021 and the Eve V has been built to this spec. HOWEVER - the authorities want the 2022 MSDS. We are investigating intensely as to why this is causing a delay. This normally wouldn’t be an issue… but for some reason it has become one. A solution is underway.

For the record this issue is not our fault at all because we shared the MSDS with all parties 3+ WEEKS ago and we got a green light from everyone so we were 100% certain that we would be able to ship already

Since we are now using air freight to ship to regional warehouses, once this issue is sorted out you guys will have devices at your doorsteps rather quickly. We were going to ship around May 3rd but due to the document issues we have been forced to delay a little bit.

Another update will be provided as soon as I have more information to give you guys.

Sorry again,


This is actually perfectly credible but demonstrates a lack of experience at the scale required to deploy and support the Eve adequately. I worry for your customer support capacity.

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Thank you for the update.

Are you able to put some numbers around this?

It is now 17th May, so it is 2 weeks since 3rd May. How long is this “little delay”?

2 weeks? So you should be shipping now?
3 weeks? So you should be shipping next week?
4 weeks? So you should be shipping in 2 weeks?
10 years? So we all cancel.

The time for platitudes and generalities is over.


Do these MSDS documents need to be affixed to every individual V being shipped? Because if that’s the case, then that’d account for a huge delay. Especially if different MSDS sheets are required for different boxings with/without the keyboard and pen.

I think we need to set some conditions here:
Condition one: We trust in Eve, that they are producing real products and that they are keen to send these products to us.
Condition two: We are investing in a new product and are aware that the company has limited influences in speed of production.
Condition three: We are aware of the actual global instable situation especially in China.

If you guys are agreeing to these conditions, we need to be aware of it. I think Eve Customer Care is trying to find a middle way between giving us stable information and all the issues that are resulting from the issues of the mentioned conditions… This is not Microsoft and not Apple and not LG and I tried to buy in this product because of high quality promises + helping smaller businesses into the market. So we need to have patience guys.