When will review units be sent


I was wondering when reviewers would get units for full review not just little trailers


After hyper and limited early birds units are delivered - as per promise from EVE.


Just a little correction. Reviewers will get them after the fist batch of devices is shipped. Webstore will go live shortly after that.

So reviewers will get their devices in October.

[SPOILER!]1st Unboxing Video of Eve V (non-prototype) from a Youtube reviewer?
[SPOILER!]1st Unboxing Video of Eve V (non-prototype) from a Youtube reviewer?
[SPOILER!]1st Unboxing Video of Eve V (non-prototype) from a Youtube reviewer?
[SPOILER!]1st Unboxing Video of Eve V (non-prototype) from a Youtube reviewer?

I’m so puzzled that’s the way you guys have chosen to go. Given all the delays surely now the priority should be to get every single backer their device ASAP


I think you’re understanding of the English words used above by Konstantinos is a little off the track here.

My English clearly tells me that the backers will get there units before anybody else gets one to review or buy from the web.
I’m pretty sure the first batch means both “Hyper and Early” birds.

What is the bit you didn’t understand.


I totally agree with @hosh0. Konsta was correcting the statement above, so clearly review devices are planned to go out after the hyper early birds and before limited early birds.
I thought that review devices would only go out after limited early birds. They probably get their devices at about the same time?
I would serve limited ealry birds before reviewers as well.


Ok I’m nice too everyone on this forum. But you keep trying to have a go at me and I’m well sick of it. Especially when you’re wrong and just talking out your backside.

I speak perfect English thanks and I fully understood what he said. Unlike you, I’ve actually been active here for sometime and have had and witnessed many conversations and bits of information that you clearly haven’t bothered to read.

Way back in May (around the original release time) they stated they will ship to press at the same time as the HEB’s which is before the LEB’s.

So tell me what is the bit you didn’t understand?

P.S I’ve got no problem with you, but your little side snarks aren’t called for.


Am I the only one who remembers them saying they would make sure hyper early backers would receive their units before reviewers? They can’t ensure that if they ship them at the same time…


Yeah that’s what I thought and asked in that thread. In that thread they said they wouldn’t start sales until all backers have their units but now they’re going to open the webstore before LEB’s get their units.

I’m totally fine with some of these changes but just calling it out.


Fair call. My Apology for being snarky.

However I have been going on the things I’ve also read here as well.

In the same area you quoted from, and you were the one following it closest at that time, this appeared:-

KonstantinosCo-Founder @EveApr 261 hosh0
_@hosh0, we didn’t backflip on this. _
We will not be starting sales before backers get their units but as for the press we will need few more days to ship to them anyways.

That to my understanding meant all backers, without exception.
Personally, I also have no problem if they change their mind, but with many here running short on patience, I don’t think it would be a good idea. Keeping in mind that was in May.

A lot of water has passed under the bridge since May and to unsettle the “Backers” and I mean all backers at this point woud be unwise and it could be detrimental to the good-will already fostered with the new screens.

Overall I think a some ambiguity has crept into this issue as the posts are not absolutely clear.

Once again My Sincere Apologies


The reason why Early Birds get their devices later than Hyper Really Birds was also that they wanted to make sure there were no problems in mass production.

That’s why they wanted to have a little time pass by until they produce the 2nd batch so that in case of problems not all 2500 devices are crap but only 500 devices need fixing. This makes perfectly sense to me.

I know it may feel uncool to buyers of the 2nd batch that external people will get a review device before them, but producing about 20 or even 50 review devices on top for the 1st batch doesn’t make such a big difference. And it wouldn’t make sense to wait with these as the company needs positive reviews and sales in the web shop which will open after the first batch (just as it was always said, if I remember correctly).


No dramas mate. Yeah I think they need to be explicit in their shipping order and timeframe (this part imo should be a sticky at the top or a seperate forum category).


That’s what my memory says too.


We always planned to ship units to reviewers after Hyper early birds so that we would be able to open sales when Limited birds are shipped.

Reason for that is:

We need cash flow to be able to operate as a company. Especially after we have switched to a much more expensive screen, reworked housing and incurred all of the delays.

That was always our position as Limited birds shipment will go very smoothly after Hyper early birds are shipped


I read all your posts in your voice.


I think it makes sense sending the review models out before the webshop opens.

There will be a lot of people that will be on the edge about ordering the V, and having [good] reviews published when the webshop opens will help Eve sell a lot more Vs!

Besides, I really don’t think shipping out a few review models will slow down the process for Limited Birds at all.


You are right. It definitely won’t affect the shipping anyhow as we have big enough team :slight_smile: They are completely independent processes!


Thanks for the post, but in the interest of clarity, it would have been, and still would be, useful to know how many review units will be shipped, and an expected timeline (even best guess intentions) for HEBs (1st batch), LEBs (2nd batch), and review units. This puts everything in a proper context and would eliminated nearly all of the comments.


It was already mentioned in the one liner update.

We will ship around 50 review units.

Hyper early birds will be shipped in October (depending on when we get sharp screen as we were given Timeline of up to end of September)

Review units will be shipped once we have shipped Hyper Early Birds

Limited birds shipping schedule will be known once we ship Hyper Early Birds. I think Limited Birds will be shipped around 20-30 days after Hyper early birds as it takes time to do Smt run for PCB. Reason why we haven’t done Smt run for Limited Birds is because we need to see if there are any issues poping up during production of Hyper Early birds. And if all is fine we will start Smt run of limited birds.

Online store will open around 2 weeks when first reviews start coming in!


I think, an original promise was shipping to reviewers after all HEB units are DELIVERED not shipped.