When, Where, How and For How Much You Can Buy Eve V!



Where would you invest to generate the return you suggest would have been a better deal than IGG?
I’m interested as in UK lucky to get above 2%

In Cryptocurrencies or in some HYPE :).


@iKirin @Mike sounds nice! Thanks a lot for your help! :slight_smile: waiting for 4th December! :slight_smile:


i think it’s great that the prices are that low, but I have to admit, that I also thought that the difference between the igg campaign and the webshop would be bigger. Without shipping (USD 119,–) the i7 costs during igg USD 1437,-- (incl. Keyboard layout) so the diffrence is “only” USD 162,–. If you add shipping costs to the offers the difference is USD 93,–.

Without doubt, it was still a great deal during the igg campaign, but the “backers” paid the full price for their device nearly a year in advance and took the risk, that they will never get the device.


For roughly 120usd (black friday deal) one can mimic a laptop by an 2in1 . They even propose a (bit pricey) ssd in it.


I may remember wrongly, wasn’t a sleeve included in the igg deal ?


no - but a screen protector!
at least i had to pay for the sleeve :wink: (but a really small amount of USD 20,–)


So we gained 93 dollars and got several months free prime waiting time. :laughing:


And 5% discount for life.

Is the free pen taken into account??


Maybe some gift (like a believer t shirt, just for example :grin:) could be a good way to major the gap between the LB (wich have believed during 7 months) and the future prices of the V.
Those prices are really good for all new buyers, but honestly, I feel desapointed when I see the gap with IGG.


I’m in the second batch, don’t hurt me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: by having to remember that my waiting time is not over. :joy::rofl::cry::sob:


as lb i don’t get the life long discount :cry:
the pen is included in the webshop price! or do we get 2 pens as igg buyers?


I thought the pen was included for first batch, and was $9 extra for second batch? Is it included in the V bundle in the webstore or is it an extra?


I thought there were a few interesting questions raised by @HerrJeh that may have got lost in the discussion:

  • What benefit is there (if any) in creating an account for those who have already purchased their device through the IGG campaign?
  • Can any IGG account information be transferred by the Eve team?
  • How does the 5% lifetime discount get picked up if IGG buyers set up a new account?

Apologies if I’ve managed to miss the answers, or if I’ve misinterpreted any part of HerrJeh’s post.

On a more general note, it’s good to see that competitive prices are being maintained for new customers!


i don’t know, if the pen was extra for the second batch! the amount for the v i7 (inkl. Keyboard, pen, Screen protector) was at the time of the second batch i think USD 1408,-- (without shipping and additional costs for the keyboard layout)

according to this, the pen is included



I don’t even know how that makes sense, the parts for the European Vs cost more than the American Vs? I thought they were all produced at the same price just the tax and shipping was different, hence the conversion should be standard across the board yeah?


Parts cost different amount in the few SKUs, add that and then the taxes etc -> margins get low.


But the only variable is the shipping and tax isn’t it? So how come the Europeans pay more for those units? The units themselves cost the same to eve regardless of where they’re sold correct? Or am I missing that?



Hope I got the quote right. Pinging @Team @Konstantinos @Helios because these questions should interest every IGG backer


They have to convert the currency from the sale into their company currency, and that costs money in commission.

They make less generally on the i5+ and i7 unit markup, and after currency conversion they’d make essentially no profit on those units. iKirin mentioned it in a thread.


What account are you talking about? As I understood igg backers will just receive the tracking code from the warehouse company

At the moment i thin IGG backers should wait and not create any accounts on the webstore as it might make it lot harder for the team to put that 5% discount in poace for the futures