When, Where, How and For How Much You Can Buy Eve V!



You are right. On average our LCDs are 450nits. They vary from 380 - 520 nits that’s why we do t want to mention in specs something that is not exactly true:)


@Acolyte, your calculation is quite correct! Please check the VAT and import duties on your country and add it on top of your 1360eur price!

Multiply 1360 x1.21 for example (21% import taxes)


Yes, but where is this 21% in the REST OF THE MODELS of the machine? Look below:

m3, 8GB, 128GB
$799 / 799€

i5, 8GB, 256GB
$1199 / 1199€

i5, 16GB, 512GB
$1499 / 1549€

i7, 16GB, 512GB
$1599 / 1649€

i7, 16GB, 1TB
$1999 / 1999€

Why slap these two models (the bolded ones) with a higher price tag? Does the € price contain P&P or what? Since it’s exactly 50€ more than the $=€ price. The exact same amount as shipping to EU!

Also let me re-iterate I’m PERFECTLY fine with $=€ pricing, however unfair it feels. That’s just how the world works. It’s just this 50€ of unexplained extra that only applies to two models in the five model line-up on offer that is causing me to itch. Yes it’s “only” 50€, but I still feel like Eve peed in my cereals :frowning:


@Konstantinos @iKirin

  1. Are you able to compare also the M3 model to the SP 2017 model?
  2. I am from Switzerland, would it be possible to pay the M3 Model in USD?



Because parts on these cost EVE more than they do with the other models. So the margins would be non-existent (as @iKirin said previously)


Hiya @Acolyte!

First of all, sorry for any typos that might follow, I’m using a german keyboard now now and it’s taking a bit of getting used to again :stuck_out_tongue:
Now, as you mentioned the € price does contain P&P - meaning it should arrive to you without any hassle if you’re inside the EU (or more precisely the Schengen-part iirc)
As mentioned above by my and kindly repeated by @inffy we had to increase the price on those 2 models as otherwise our margins would be too small or non-existent. And because we like to not screw people over we just increased those 2 and destroyed the linearity :wink:

@bobo What exactly do you want compared? :slight_smile: And with which model of the SP 2017? I can whip up a nice table with the major points.
As for that, I think you should be able to buy the V from the International Site if you’re from Swityerland.
EDIT: Just checked, it does not allow for Swityerland. Checking with our team right now :slight_smile:


Although I am super anxious to finally get my hands on my early bird V, and I wish all the best for the team, I can’t help but feel a little bit deceived about the prices.

Don’t get me wrong. These prices are unbelievable, and this is good news for everybody (especially those who haven’t pre-ordered), but if I would have known that the price difference between IGG and MSRP would only be a few 100 bucks at most, I would have opted to invest my money (which we as early backers payed almost a year ago) in something else… In that case I would have been able to buy almost 2 V’s by now…

I think us early backers deserve a little extra, don’t you think? Especially for the long wait :wink:


I have to correct on something. MSRP prices would be prices if EVE V would be found from your local IT-shops lists. The webshop prices are not MSRP prices.

So MSRP price would include the normal V price + the shops margin for selling it + also part of the workforce salary -> MSRP price.


You get two extra month to work with your V…


I know, but this doesn’t change the fact that the price difference is so small, that I would have had a better investment for my money, especially now that we had to wait so long…


@fretje Perhaps there has been a misunderstanding. Indiegogo prices referred to “traditional MSRP prices”, where MSRP stands for “manufacturer’s suggested retail price”.

Now as we don’t do traditional retail, it was intended to indicate the value of the offer, compared to what would be available through traditional means.


No, no misunderstanding… I have read this whole thread, and I know now that with MSRP you meant what it would have been if you went through traditional means… Doesn’t change the fact that I feel a little bit deceived, as this was not so well explained when the indiegogo campaign started!


@iKirin thanks for your feedback. Waiting for your information…:slight_smile:
I would like to have the same kind of comparison (please see below) for EVE V M3 and SP 2017 M3, if possible :slight_smile:

Danke :slight_smile:


Really sorry that you feel deceived. We didn’t try to deceive anybody, hopefully you can see that over time :slight_smile:

We will take this lesson and the learnings in it, and try to carry our responsibility better in the future.


No worries… just wanted to get it out there… I guess any feedback is good feedback :wink:

Still very impressive what you guys are doing!

Eve V Surface Pro 2017
Intel Core m3 Intel Core m3
Pen included Pen seperate (+99$)
Keyboard included Keyboard seperate (+159$)
799$ (with Pen & Keyboard) $1057 (with Pen & Keyboard)

All prices taken from the US Microsoft Store.

And we’re not talking about the higher capacity battery nor the nicer screen on the V yet :wink:
I think the 8GB RAM alone - even with identical specs - would make the V better than the Surface. For heckles, I just have GIMP and Chrome (~8 Tabs) open on my notebook and it eats 4.5 GB RAM so that would already struggle on the Surface in terms of RAM I can imagine.


To add to @iKirin’s great answer, objectively it can be noticed that the V has

  • wireless keyboard possibility
  • fanless, silent design
  • better display
  • better connectivity (both ports and wireless)


and probably something else I forgot.


To the people unhappy with the MSRP. I’m sure Eve could go through middle men and increase the price? The devices would end up $100 or $200 under surface prices then? As that is what the devices cost when the middleman is included. You’re still getting a saving currently (but it’s important to know what the device is worth when put on the same level playing field as other similar devices, and these devices sell in stores; and this increases their price quite a bit. It has NOTHING to do with quality). However consumer psychology would indicate that the V would look inferior, not that Microsoft don’t have consumer pockets in mind.

If Eve had claimed the device was simply going to retail at the now apparent prices, the device would look cheaper and inferior to the competitors devices. So I think it’s a very relevant comparison to make.


Where would you invest to generate the return you suggest would have been a better deal than IGG?

I’m interested as in UK lucky to get above 2%


If I would have bought bitcoins in january in stead of the V, I could have bought more than 2 V’s now (5 to be exact)… and that’s only one type of investment (although I must admit one of the more lucrative ones ;-))