When, Where, How and For How Much You Can Buy Eve V!



Yes i have the same problem… Any news about it?


does these two help?


I was 99 cents off :confounded:


They forgot to wrote off MSRP of Surface Pro! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Amazing! So happy to finally see this announcement; Congrats Eve Team and Community! My own concern though is on the Eve V screen to choose your configuration, I can’t seem to get past the first page to select my Keyboard and Accessories. I went to different browsers and tried it on mobile as well. I couldn’t seem to click on any configuration to make it go to the next page. Could you post screenshots of those pages?


I take it the price difference when compared to the Indiegogo posting was made is due to Taxes and duties?


Definitely should always Mean what you say & Say what you man. Some countries don’t like misleading advertisements:sunglasses:


I guessed the price correctly, posted in my facebook 3 times, shared with my friends. Is there any giveaway or u guys were fooling us?


The prize draw is legit…the team wouldn’t pull a prank like that. They will announce the winner I’m sure in due course.


What’s in the box?
On the product page there’s this picture of the tablet with its keyboard and power adapter.
What are these six thingies left of the power plugs?


Could they be spare pen tips? There was some discussion about them earlier in the year I remember.


The typical $ = € I can swallow these days already. But that the euro price is MORE than the dollar price is a real kick in the gonads.


Just wait for email. I already received results.




Manners please



One final note on this. I’m a huge fan of Eve the company and of the community and I certainly want Eve to succeed.

At $1599 USD, the V is also $400 USD cheaper than the Dell XPS 13" 2 in 1 yet has twice the amount ram. I look at the V’s pricing as not competitive but disruptive.

I hope Eve will secure backup suppliers for the screens that they are shipping from Sharp. If the V starts selling 100,000+ units then it will start to affect existing established players in a material way. The best thing to do in their position would be to crush EVE while it’s still a small player. Try to create the perception that Eve always runs into problems and is unreliable. It’s fairly easy for Microsoft, Dell, Asus, etc. to put pressure on Sharp by giving them an ultimatum to deal with us or Eve - “take your pick”.

While some might take this as conspiracy theory talk, all I can say is in the business world there is no such thing as ethics. If there is a threat to the bottom line then that threat must be dealt with swiftly.


It is illegal by law in various regions. Thats the reason why Intel was fined when they put a similar ultimatum to OEMs to prevent them from using AMD products.

Also the “big boss” at Microsoft doesn’t really care if its the Eve V or Surface Pro that sells, because at the end of the day, they are a software company, and all they really want is to sell Windows. Now, if the V has a Linux/Android variant and it sells reasonably well, then it might become a problem for them.


Don’t forget the EUR price does account for a smooth tax experience however. Us Canadians (and Australians and any others with a weaker currency!) have to pay for a ridiculous exchange (I paid 1.37CAD to 1USD), plus a 2.5% fee on my card for the privilege to Visa, plus extra shipping (compared to the US) and extra to cover tax. US do have different tax rules WRT incoming goods as well. If I wanted the V, I can’t do much about the tax and shipping and had to make my peace with the mentioned factors (it’ll be worth it!) :smiley:


Hey there! The IGG pricing is a below retail price. The flash sale is also at a discounted rate, which will then go back to full retail price after the flash sale is done.

@Team, correct me if I’m wrong.


I think the prices are set. The IGG msrp discounts where counted from prices if V would be sold through retailers. So also after the first flash sale the prices will be the same for the second flash


Also, the pen is shown in the picture, but not mentioned in the text. That may be confusing, @team.