When, Where, How and For How Much You Can Buy Eve V!



Here I just posted on another thread that I was one who had to wait for the Web sales and wth, I see this posted today afterwards.
I’ve marked it on my phone ca lender and I wish us all good luck.


This may have been covered before, if so I apologize - I’ve been following the project, but not that closely:

Could we get exact CPU models for each tier? Interested in looking at benchmarks (I know they vary a lot based on the thermal solution. Still, interested)


It’s in the specifications page on eve-tech.com/pages/eve-v/

i7 : Intel 7th Gen Core i7-7Y75
i5 : Intel 7th Gen Core i5-7Y54
m3 : Intel 7th Gen Core m3-7Y30


Remember the 5% lifetime discount we get from backing the indiegogo campaign? Does that apply to these price?

Frequent liner update 30.11

Sad that the price for the V with 1TB SSD is quite far away from 512GB… putting me off to upgrade
Oh… btw how long it takes to deliver after place an order?


When and Where can you buy the V computer?

The V will go on sale on the 4th of December (Monday) at our webstore www.eve-tech.com60 at 2.00 pm GMT

4th December,…
My Birthday… aw… I’m so touched :relaxed:


I think it is quite fair considering the market for High Quality 2 in 1 devices!

i7, 16GB, 512GB ----- Eve V US$1599 ------- Microsoft Surface Pro US$2199
i7, 16GB, 1TB ----- Eve V US$1999 ------- Microsoft Surface Pro US$2699

Microsoft is US$100 more expensive for an extra 512GB of SSD memory Than the Eve V!

Edited: Also it’s worth noting that Microsoft “apparently” use two(2) 512GB SSD drives to make up the 1TB configuration. Eve on the other hand uses one single 1TB Drive.


@Masters888 - it is even worse - as I remember Surface Pro uses two 512 GB SSD instead of one 1 TB.


Yes - Indeed they do!


@Masters888 - problem is they do not offer hardware RAID options with it. That would be a totally different story.


Sorry Tom. It’s not tomorrow it’s in 19days. You will be able to create your account till then…


Really surprised Eve kept the m3 pricing at $799 despite the more expensive screen. While I think it was the right thing to do as price is everything for the lower end of the market, I feel like the i5 and i7 configurations are too cheap. I worry that Eve is missing a significant opportunity to generate more profits which could be used to build capacity, spend more on marketing, spend more on new projects, and cover unforeseen problems.

If you have limited supply and incredible demand then that means your prices are too low. An $860 gap between the Eve i7 16GB 512 SSD and the equivalent Surface Pro 2017 is massive especially considering Eve’s premium screen, greater port selection and far superior battery life.


I think the aggressive pricing strategy is necessary at the lower end because with black friday deals, the surface pro is very close on price. At the higher end, and across the range, eve are proving that they are not in it for mega profits and can afford to do so by cutting out the middlemen.

I suspect (and neither of us truly knows) that Eve have allowed for sufficient profit to invest in future R&D, capacity, marketing etc.

Finally, this to me is eve being a disruptive force in the market. A cool product with great specs and top quality at fantastic prices, what’s not to love?!


While I agree with your comment with respect to the m3, I disagree for the higher end models.

Remember how Eve suffered due to that one supplier? How do you know there won’t be problems in the future especially considering that they will likely producing 50,000+ V’s?

It’s not about mega profits, but charging an extra $100 or $200 would still make for very competitive pricing for the i5s and i7s while putting some extra money in the bank for peace of mind.


I hope that the eve Webserver is strong enough for the 4th december. Thousands and thousands people around the world hitting the f5 button and try to order an eve V.

I don’t want to switch to the surface pro i5/8gb/256 GB + type Cover and pen it costs ca. 400€ more.

But I really need to switch always from my Chromebook.


Which version of windows 10 the above price comes with? If still the Home version, the licence upgrade still USD 50?


It’s windows home as standard


I agree completely. I also had that thought that if the team is arguing with margin they should have added some more.
On the other side I am not sure what the prices of comparable Lenovos, HPs and Dells of the world are and so if you would like to drag some people that rather consider a HP to Eve the pricing might not be that competitive (at least if i consider my search from last year).
And as maybe people from countries with lower incomes can be much more attracted to Eve. So it might be something to build a global affordable high-quality brand.

But you are right my first idea was, what if the hype ends in six months and not enough reserves are build for the next great product.


So best bang for buck = M3 I guess :smiley:


Could we get an official post what payment methods are supported when the flash sale comes up (so we can prepare)?