When, Where, How and For How Much You Can Buy Eve V!



That’s a really good point, I’m also curious about :slight_smile:

The i7 I bought should be 2169 :slight_smile: :open_mouth:


I am guessing US simply does not tax based on this. Can someone confirm?

I thought it depends on the state.


Think I found a mistake @Team


Alao remeber that the IGG prices didnt include the new and better screen which costs a lot more


Oh I thought it was $800 OFF of Eve-Tech’s MSRP because Eve-Tech is the Manufacturer. Thanks for the clarification


Woooooooooooo!!! (why won’t discourse let me do more than three exclamation points in a row :grin:)

These are awesome, competitive prices! The chances of me buying a V just went from 95% to 99%!!!


Does anyone agree with me that the graphic is a little misleading? Stating Core i7, but we all know that it’s a Y processor vs U processor. I mean, who are we kidding, those “i7” are in very different leagues.


I have to say you managed to surprise me AGAIN! :grinning:
I find these prices very tempting - they actually blast other 2-in-1!

Congratulations Team, everyone (even the critics) should recognize this to you: you kept your word and were loyal to the stated values/mission (flip the piramid, no corporate bull$hit) even beyond IGG campaign, launch of the website and press coverage at Computex! :clap::clap::clap:

Now suddenly the idea of a second V in the house seems such a sweet opportunity… Can’t wait for the first one to arrive in December, and then we will see :wink:


They are different processors, but remember that there shouldn’t be any throttling with V because of how well the cooling solution works, which was made possible by having this processor.


misleading or not, that was not Eve’s doing - Intel named them that way, so if you want to blame anyone, blame Intel. (and I agree it’s misleading, but that’s what it is called…)


VAT is different in each EU country, so… what % VAT are you applying? The % VAT from the country where your European warehouse is located? Will that be disclosed in the invoice?


You don’t know how big the taxes are, so you can’t compare them. Taxes are already included in the price, according to EU law they must be included. That $50 is just shipping, not taxes :wink:


Yes that was Eve’s doing. I know Intel gave the processors this name, but it was Eve who chose to only use “i7” instead of the actual full product name. If they had included the model number, it would be much more fair. It would be evident we’re talking about different processors and some people might want to google the differences. However, right now if this material is presented somewhere outside this community, I think too many people will be fooled into thinking it’s actually the same processor. Nobody would even think of googling the differences, because who said they were different?


Ikirin already explained it, they have different levels of profit due to the price scaling of different parts inside the V, so at 1500 for the i5 there is less profit for eve than at 2000 for the i7. So basically they tried to keep the v i5 as low as possible in usd at 1500, probably because its going to be a popular choice and its a nice even number. However at 1500 euro they weren’t making a profit and/or were losing money, so they increased the cost to 1550 so they could continue to eat.

In short if they wanted to keep the prices even, they would have increased all euro prices by $50, but they lowered it and ate the profit on the more profitable models to keep the price as low as possible.


ah thx, I’ve misunderstood that :sweat_smile:


I would agree if youre talking about the new quad-core U-series processor. But for the older variant, there isn’t that much gap, though admittedly the Surface has much better graphics. For the i5, I wouldn’t be surprised if they perform very similarly, as the Surface ditches the fan on the i5 model, and is known to throttle below it’s base clock / base TDP in prolonged use


The marketing graphic is a marketing graphic. As long as the specs state which processor they have, then there is no problem.


Actually, looking through the official specs page, they do list out the full processor name and stuff. Even the comparison charts are listed correctly. So all is good.


Fantastic price, amazing work team


Correct, ordered a limited bird, thinking hey, an i7 is great. No problem after all, the V will handle what I throw at it. Satisfied.