When, Where, How and For How Much You Can Buy Eve V!



And for us too !


As far as I got it (I don’t have the exact listing) we’d have no/nearly no margin with the i5+/i7 model and thus had to increase the prices.
With the i7+ we’ve got enough margin again at that price to put it at 1999 :slight_smile:

@TheEngineer I don’t have exact details on the flash sale - so I can’t provide any info on if it’s limited in units or not or how often we’ll have them.

@matzar We’ll get in contact with the Winner personally! :slight_smile:


Did someone guess it right ?


There were quite a bunch of people actually! According to my information we’ll just grab a nice RNG (Random Number Generator) and then let chance decide the lucky gal/guy who gets a free V! :slight_smile:


Damn, I guessed the price right in the raffle. :smiley:


I was to late to add my guesses, Can I give them now in order to complete the list ? :baby:


Wohoo, I almost nailed the price! And I was feeling too optimistic when I filled the survey. That’s some great expectation you have managed to meet, Eve. Well done!


Nice to see that the world can get a V soon.


Are the taxes for EU countries higher?
I am asking because since my main currency is neither EUR nor USD, paying in EUR is actually like +20% to the price from my perspective and would in fact prefer USD…
(I live in Europe, in EU).

Is taxing difference so bad? USD:EUR conversion rate is about 0.84 at the moment, not the other way around.

But I am guessing this is not an option due to taxing involved.


I guess that’s the same questions for my post than your answer for @Engineer ?


If someone could explain it that would be excellent as it just seems dodgy, like if everything is equal then the pricing should be also? Hope that makes sense,and fully happy to admit it’s likely me that’s not understanding it!


@Team what about pricing for the accessories?


Give them a chance. 19 days until shop opening and manufacturing in full flow



I’ve just created my account for the flash sale tomorrow and tried to add my address, but Germany or EU are not an option and it keeps telling me “Country is not a valid country.”.

Am I missing something?


Thank you all for all you’re doing.



Simple - if we have e.g. the model for 1499 USD and we make e.g. 10$ margin on it.
So it costs us 1489 USD to produce. We translate that to roughly 1260€, and add 20% VAT on top of it - and we’re at around 1512€ that it’d cost us. :slight_smile: And that’s without any import taxes that e.g. in Austria are I think 10% from the base value - so add 126€ on that and we’d be at around 1639€ or so.

Obviously, that aren’t the real numbers, and I don’t have access to them, but it should give an example of why we have some slight pricing increases in those models. :slight_smile:


Im not one to nag about these kind of things and i’m sure i will get an answer that is totally acceptable, but im curious and like to know: as a backer swap i payed $119.00 in shipping cost, with the taxes included and all that! Here it is $50, why the difference?


My EB EVE V i7 512 GB cost $1408 USD. The Dec Price $1599 USD. Difference is 191 USD. The IGG campaign states the EB would be 800 off MSRP. Can anyone clarify the numbers for me?


Probably over 9 month delay in delivery … (you know design is over 1 year old).


Oh aye, but aren’t the taxes etc all equal? So shouldn’t the translation over from USD to Euros be consistent?


The MRSP price on the IGG site was intended to reflect what the V would cost trough traditional retail price as if it was sold trough a middleman. Those prices were never meant to reflect the future price of the V. We still got the best price trough IGG.