When, Where, How and For How Much You Can Buy Eve V!



January/February as was mentioned in the order page


I saw that but I was wondering if there is a more narrow time span than those 60 days.
My computer just broke down completely and I teach with it all my lessons and this I’m wondering if to cancel the eve v order and buy a surface which would be delivered within 48 hours.
But I just really want to support this community and not support the big evil company that shall not be named…
Might just have to move back to the black board and chalk…
Thank you all for your immensely quick responses and care.


Nope, no narrower timeline as they haven’t even started the production yet. There are also ~800 Early Bird IGG backer devices to be built before the flash sale devices production can be started


I see, but that’s valuable information.


It would be best to expect late February, but hope for January! :slight_smile:


Based on my experience with DHL if they bring it in and the declared value of the V + freight is over $A1000 you will automatically get hit with not only the GST but also any duty, $83 of “government charges” and a $22 “disbursement fee”. There is no latitude - if it’s over you pay. I’ve had shipments valued at $A1010 get hit - super super super annoying (even though I get the GST back it’s the $105 in fees that hurts - 10% of the value).

I’m not really sure how Eve is doing the importation because the “hussle free” option cost doesn’t seem to cover the GST yet alone the other charges.


See that’s my attitude exactly and normally I wouldn’t think twice about it, but with no working computer I don’t know how to hold my lessons, create and correct tests - smoothly - and on top of that here in Germany I can get a surface with all the same specs I’ve ordered for the exact same price I’m getting now for the eve v.
That’s why I’m hesitating. But I’ve always liked to support the underdogs, I’ve only ever used Linux, open office and thunderbird until last year when my school changed over to do everything via Microsoft services.
So all in all, I’ll just have to suck it up and enjoy ‘sticking it to the man’ in late February when my v arrives and until then go old school, quite literally.