When, Where, How and For How Much You Can Buy Eve V!



You can choose the Pro upgrade when you order your V


Thanks Jamil and inffy for the info.
This may be a dumb question, but assuming there is a sell out of the 12/4 units, any idea how long before another sale goes on?
The reason I ask is that I would like to get a V for my son who is in high school. I am trying to get myself one at the Dec. 4th flash sale but cannot afford to buy 2 V’s at one time. My son’s birthday is in a couple months which is probably too soon for another sale but if I get a V and like it, I would like to get him one also but am trying to estimate whether I can likely buy one, or if I will have to get him a different 2 in 1 computer (for instance if the next post 12/4 V sale isn’t until April or so). This question probably doesn’t have a possible answer right now so I apologize in advance (it’s late at night here now is my excuse! lol).


Unfortunately the next flash sale date is unknown. Team will of course inform about it when the time comes near. But I dont think you have to wait until April in any case :slight_smile:


I honestly don’t think it will be more than two or three months before the web store opens again, but I believe the Team is waiting to see how the first sale goes over. Keep an eye on the community every couple of weeks and you should have an answer in time to decide.


I just thought of something that might be helpful for all those worrying they may not get in on the flash sale. When I purchased my HEB, I wanted to put it on my credit card, but when I tried to do so, the bank flagged it as “out of character” so it would not go through. I had to make a paypal account and purchase it that way. The extra time it took me worried me I would not get my purchase in before they sold out (thankfully I did)

So if you are like me and rarely use your credit card for larger purchases, maybe give your bank a ring ahead of time just in case.

Good luck!


A bit OOT, but curiously enough, how could the US get unusually low tax compared to other countries? Even compared to Canada, which is literally next to each other?

Is it just for the V, or to all products in general? If I remember correctly, cars are also cheaper in the US than other countries? Cmiiw


I suspect (?) the warehouse is in a sales tax free state like Oregon.

There are no such magical places here in Canada.


Canada - all goods coming in over $20 CAD are assessed for duty/tax. Except gifts, in which case it’s $60. Old rules and amounts decided way before internet was in people’s homes.

US have up to $800 USD I believe for incoming goods vs our $20. They have different arrangements with countries like China as well for duty/taxes. US population is ~10X Canada, and the economy is also exponentially larger than ours. It sucks for us living so close - but we’re so used to getting the raw end of the deal. I look at it as taxes help run the gov’t/health/social services so it’s not that terrible.


Alberta is as close to it as possible …


If possible and have the time, please consider adding Bitcoin as payment method. Thank You!


:grin: They don’t even have enough resource to setup payment channel like this.


Australia is similar to Canada since we are both based on the British system of law.

Any goods over the value of Australian A$1000 attracts a tax of 10% Goods and Services Tax (GST)

Fortunately most goods are not assessed as they don’t have manpower to check everything coming in to the country.

Though I’m not sure if the GST will be bypassed since they will come in through the Chinese warehouse.
This could mean we might get caught to pay the tax.

But ALL goods no matter what, (Except for fresh food) has a GST tax component.

But if DHL brings in each and every Eve V separately then there is a good chance that GST will not be paid.

C’est la vie!


They can use coinbase API to accept payments in crypto currency or they can integrate their own using with their preferred programming language. There are a lot of documentations that can aid them. Again this is just a suggestion.


Any one know the UK price?


It’s the EURO prices if I am not mistaken. So you pay in Euros as there is no special UK store


Go here:-


And then select the INTL tab,on the top right.
Then type in your location
Then choose the model you want.


I just saw:
Is there no option for i5 with 1T SSD? :frowning:


Nope. Sorry! 20202020


Nope! The 1TB offers were to all backers as a small way of saying sorry for the delays - and since we did find it unfair to only offer it to the i7 backers basically blocking everyone that did not have the ability of foresight and ordering an i7 if they were interested in a 1TB ssd.


What’s the latest estimate on the delivery date for the people who ordered in the first flash sale on the 4th of December?