When, Where, How and For How Much You Can Buy Eve V!



I’m wondering if we receive the HEB devices before the flash sale and as thus can test them (and also read some reviews) before the sale.

As a feedback: Please if you have to compare the V to other products, be also frank about the details. I5U vs I5Y is a difference - that’s why V has more battery life, and Surface a bit more graphics power (and a fan), etc… I don’t say that you should write all the pros/cons of the stuff, but at least a Y (passively cooled) and an U (actively cooled) next to the processor would be nice.


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Without trying to make it an exact example, let’s just hypothetically say that the European margin is always 5% lower than the US one, but to stay competitive Eve takes this hit.

If for the m3, the i5 regular and the i7 plus the margin in the US is 12%, in EU it’d be 7%.

For the i5 plus and i7 regular the margin in the US could only be 6% (due to higher component cost, but in parallel not jeopardizing the sales prices of the models around it). In this example the EU the margin would be only 1% which might selling these models in EU not really worth it.

With the extra 50€ Eve can bump up the margin to 4% (still below the US margin, but now worth again to sell these units also in EU)… I think it is better than just leaving these two for the US market only.

As said, numbers are absolutely hypothetical and probably nowhere near the real figures, but I hope this helps to understand the thought behind their calculation.


thanks for all the answers to my questions so far (really, searching the forum is hard, hardly ever I find an answer…) and at the risk of appearing dumb :blush: here are 2 more questions:

  1. so, after the first flash sale on 4th of December,
    will there only be flash sales or will the V later be for sale on your website for a continuous period of time?

  2. second more dumb question :frowning: :confused: what is the meaning of the abbreviation HEB?

and a ps question 3), did not find configuration i5-SSD 1TB- … are only the listed configurations possible? and upgrading to W10 pro, is that before checking out? I hope I do not miss it (ha, if I get to buy one some time in the future, 4th Dec I probably wont be up at 5 a.m. in the morning local time :smiley: )


HEB = Hyper early bird - the first group of backers that were quick to put their money down as part of the Indiegogo campaign.


In my language it means literally HAVE.
When the HAVEs get the V we will become the HN’s (Have not’s).

This wonderful insight comes from our local off topic linguistic specialist.


More than one: Surface 4, and Surface 5… 2 almost equal devices. To be honest, I really don’t see a difference between those devices (except price).


Hiya @adt!

There will be more flash sales in the future - I personally can also see us offering the V continuously in the far future. We’re right now choosing the flash sale model similar to the reason OnePlus had in the beginning - to minimize cost and get you the device as cheap as possible.


sounds good :D. One more question :blush: … is it possible that after that 1st flash sale, possible improvements are made? For instance I read in that German review that the c-type cable near the edge might come lose…


Hey guys, any idea how much shipping and tax costs for Canada?


For the IGG campaign, billing was in USD, shipping was $50 USD and an optional $69 USD to cover any taxes. Canada shouldn’t have any duty. I don’t know the rates for the webstore, but can only assume it would be similar (don’t quote me on that). If you choose not to prepay for your taxes and have to self clear it, it will depend on who the shipping carrier is. For example, UPS charges an arm and a leg to clear the package (brokerage fee) + any taxes for your province. I live in BC so my tax rate would be 12%, so I opted to pay the $69USD for preclearance.

If you had a friend or contact in the US, the shipping (from IGG) was lower and tax was already covered. For myself, it would be a hassle to get it from someone in the US + the risk of being charged the tax on $1400 CAD when crossing back into Canada.


I’m in Toronto but I had it shipped to Boston where my brother lives to avoid extra duties, taxes and shipping costs.


I suspect they will ding you for the 13% taxes when you cross the border, but please keep us posted, I’m sure many Canadians would like to know for sure!


He’s going to remove the packaging and pretend like it’s his own laptop. Not really anything customs can do about that.

Drawback is I’ll miss out on the unboxing experience.


Skype is your friend that day


I am in Toronto as well, but I don’t think it will be much extra


Seems like a pretty smart plan, hopefully you have a good poker face! :smiley:


And hopefully noone who works for the Canadian Border Patrol watches these forums :grin::grin::grin:


How do you choose to upgrade? Will there be a box you can check to upgrade, or is there somewhere on a different order page? I really.need thus upgrade because some software I will load (if I am able to be someone who gets one) works much better with Pro rather than just Windows Home.


It won’t be hidden anywhere during the order, pay attention to everything as you select your options and I’m sure you’ll see it. Just be patient, you’ll be fine. :slight_smile:

Eve hasn’t said yet exactly how the webstore will look, but during the IGG campaign the upgrade was listed with additional options like an extra charger, cable, adapters, etc.