When, Where, How and For How Much You Can Buy Eve V!



@Team maybe student Discounts down the line ? :sweat_smile:


Nope, not possible with the smaller than small margins


I would so much like to see actual photos of surface pro 4 and the V at both their fullest brightness!!! I possess a Surface 4 and it is bright enough at 100 % to use in full sun [with a matt screen shield] but…if the V is ANY less than that, it would be ONE real reason not to buy the V.
Please anyone who possesses one of the latest prototype AND a surface pro 4, please make photos… (photos not necessarily in full sun, just both devices at 100% on ONE photo…)


Winner has already been announced via email, some guy from hungary won.


Hopefully you’ll find my reply to your liking, in the Prototype topic where you originally posted it:


What if I wanted to order a second V? Or accessories?
Sounds like you are not sure, so an official statement would be much appreciated.


Yep not sure as nobody knows. Will haveto wait until the chaos with HEB Vs calm down and Team has some more time to focus on other things. But it might not happen before the flash sale starts


I get the feeling it’s me being stupid

All of the costs across the board for everything that eve does from USD to Euro are consistent so the conversion process for each level should be consistent?

Hence why I don’t understand the jump up

I am happy to accept that I just don’t understand the economics on this and my understanding as outlined above may be incorrect though


Average sales tax in Europe is 22%. Average sales tax in USA is 6%.


Tbh I understand your confusion. I believe they are choosing to take more of a loss on some models by not inflating the EU price. But on those two models in particular it’s simply not feasible to absorb the cost without increasing either both the prices or just the EU price.

This is from my own limited understanding and is not an answer from Eve. While I get this is kind of the blind leading the blind it’s the best answer I have for you.


I am totally with you - I do not understand this as well :frowning:
But I think we just have to accept this…


To me, it seems, everyone assumes that the margin is the same percentile value across all configurations. This is not realistic. Costs for processors, memory and SSD are not linear. Some configurations may have bigger margins than others. Margins are typically calculated by a fixed value and a variable value, f.i. 50 USD plus 2%. Everything is fine, as long as the conversion rate is better than the higher VAT and import taxes for the EU. This way the margin will not be reduced.
As soon as the conversion rate doesn’t compensate for the higher VAT, the additional cost get bigger, the bigger the price is.

At low prices, the difference can be hidden in the margin and subsidized by the rest of the world. This is standard business calculation and because such things are different to explain, you just set one price for all.

At higher prices, the difference gets to big to be subsidized. When you are a big player, you can just calculate a loss for each device delivered to some regions, Eve can’t do this. They have to adjust the price.


Here is an example.

(These numbers are made up)

Let’s use the m3 as an example, they sell it for 800 usd or 800 euro correct? Now to buy the parts and to manufacture it, it might cost 200 for cpu, 50 for ram, 200 for screen, 50 for motherboard 50 for psu, 100 for ssd and 100 to manufacture, so it costs 750 usd to make, they sell it for 800 usd and make 50$ profit on every m3 v sold. But after euro conversion and taxes are applied, it costs them 775 euro to manufacture so they only make a 25$ profit. They decided this is still okay for them and they want to give everyone the best deal.

Now the i7 with 16gb ram and 512gb ssd for 1600usd or 1650 euro, so cpu costs 580, ram costs 350, screen costs 200, 100 for motherboard, 50 for psu, 200 for ssd and 100 to manufacture, so it costs 1580usd to manufacture and they sell it for 1600 usd, so they only make 20$ profit, but they decide that’s okay and they go with it. But after euro conversion and taxes… It costs 1620 euro, now they are losing money, so they increased the price to 1650 so they still make a profit.

Does it make sense now? For all of the devices they make a greater profit on the usd models that are sold, but on some models the profit for euro was low enough that they had increase the price.


Here you go. It’s phenomenal.


I’m sorry to say I might miss this year’s flash sale due to finance issues. Will there be annual flash sales?

Also, what are the payment options? I don’t really have a credit card, but I do have a Visa debit card which I use for Steam, will that do?


Will work as the merchant wants a card number, expiry date and CVC so they can claim money from the bank.

Difference is that

a) you don’t get the extended credit to pay as debit card it comes from your current account when the merchant claims it
b) In the UK at least if over GBP100 you get card protection in case of an issue.

also it may be that the merchant charges your account on receipt of order so you are without the goods for a while OR they charge on dispatch in which case a matter of days


They will be more than annual don’t worry haha. The initial webstore opening is going to be a flash sale so they aren’t inundated with orders!


Again I searched the forums, did not find answers: Will it be possible to purchase this V in, say, some months? A year? Will there be enough devices out there - will the production be continued or or, is the future production dependent on the sale you’ll make the 4th of December? Maybe I won’t be able to buy one right away but maybe later… ;)…
And where will it be for sale, only at your the online shop or also somewhere else?


Hi Astrid, and thanks for your questions.

(Also, thanks for taking the time to try and find the answers before asking, it helps us a lot since there have been a lot of questions since the announcement!)

The V will only be sold directly by Eve, through our web store. The frequency of the flash sales will depend on the demand, really. For now, they allow us to limit orders in each sale to what we can comfortably produce and ship within a reasonable time. No point in taking 200 000 orders in the first week if that means half those people will have to wait half a year to get their device! Depending on how many orders we get in each flash sale and on how high we can ramp up manufacturing the sales will occur closer together or farther apart.

So right now, we don’t know exactly when the second sale will be, but we’ll put up a new countdown timer soon after the first sale ends to let everyone know! In the end, we want to ship a V to everyone who wants one. We just can’t do it all at once!


Hi Helios, I might have missed something but how long does the flash sale last? Will it be three hours or a day or depends on the number of orders?