When, Where, How and For How Much You Can Buy Eve V!



Eve Family & Community visitors!

As the first Vs are in production now, it is time to announce the V flash sales launch date & pricing of the V computer models. We know that people who did not manage to buy a V during the Indiegogo campaign have been waiting for this moment for quite some time. Now is the moment! Well… now we tell when is that moment!

When and Where can you buy the V computer?

The V will go on sale on the 4th of December (Monday) at our webstore www.eve-tech.com at 2.00 pm GMT

Mark the launch moment to your calendar CLICK HERE.

You can learn much more about sales at : www.eve-tech.com/i-want-one

How much will the V cost and what are the available models?

One picture is worth 1 000 words:)
One V is worth…

How that stacks up compared to others? Here’s a little comparison :slight_smile:

What is the shipping cost? Are taxes & import duties included in the price?

  • Shipping cost to US with courier delivery is 50 USD
    Taxes and duties INCLUDED in the sales price

  • Shipping cost to EU, Norway and Switzerland is 50 EUR
    Taxes and duties INCLUDED in the sales price

  • Shipping cost to Canada, Japan and Australia will be displayed at the checkout as it INCLUDES taxes & import duties to you so that you could get your V without any hassle

  • Shipping cost to the rest of the world is 50 USD
    Taxes and duties are NOT INCLUDED in the sales price

Why Flash sales & What does it mean?

There is a lot of demand for the Vs right now and the available quantity is limited. We have over 65 000 people signed up to hear the launch, so expect a lot of action :slight_smile: First come, first served.
Last time a world-record was broken.

If I manage to buy V during the flash sales, when will it be delivered to me?

The delivery times of the V are based on how fast you managed to place an order. So if you are the 2 000th person to place an order, you will get your V faster than the person who placed the 6 000th order. We will inform users of exact delivery times when sales open, and of course we’ll do everything we can to ship the V as soon as possible!

Read more about how V's are produced here

With Eve our aim is to create high quality devices at affordable price. By having techies crowd-develop them.

Instead of compromising component quality to achieve affordable pricing, we changed the way Vs are manufactured and sold to users. Each V is sold exclusively online: directly to users, without the middle men. It is also manufactured on demand: Each time a user places an order in our online store we place an individual order directly to the factory. Once manufactured and tested, we ship the device directly to the user.

Quality is our highest priority. Each V takes around a month to be produced, quality checked, color calibrated and shipped to the end user.

No inventory stocking and no middle man allow us to have such competitive pricing. It’s a simple idea, but it saves all of us a lot of money!

That’s it! You can find more information here: www.eve-tech.com

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It’s here. It’s finally here :small_red_triangle_down:
The moment we’ve all been waiting for.
The fruit of our labours, the marvel of engineering ready to take on the industry’s best.


This is a great moment - not only for the team, but also for everyone who came here after the IGG campaign and is starving to get one. I know of some people myself and I need to tell them the date.
Even thou I have backed through IGG as a HEB, I’m really excited to know how many will be sold during the flash sale and how long it will take to crush the servers… :smiley:


Phenomenal value on higher spec models and that includes the new screen as well as pen and keyboard.

Clearly cost of living in Finland is lower than I thought!


Awesome! Great Prices, and I’m happy that they are finally released, so everyone knows what they’re in for, once the sale is live!


So the V goes on retail for almost the same price as during IGG.
Minus the adjustments of cost due to new screen.


Oh boy, I thought I could never talk about the pricing!

Hope that all people are happy with the pricing we managed to get :wink:


Wow! Especially for the i7 512 model I guessed higher, mainly because of the new screen. Great value!


I don’t think that anyone was expecting these prices, how are you still making a profit? :slight_smile:


Hmm, why don’t the USD to EURO amounts match for the higher i5 and the lower i7 when they do for all the others?


I wanted to add an Adress to the Shop account. But there are only 5 countries. Australia,Japan, Hong Kong, USA Canada.

But these are great news. poor f5 buttons on December the 4th

Edit @Team


@promaty We’ve covered that already, but it’s basically because we cut the middleman and sell directly to you! :slight_smile:

@Graham It’s due to conversion of $ to € prices that with taxes we’d make barely any margin/have none at all. And since we like to give you the best deal possible we only increased those 2 options and not all others by 50€ as well! :slight_smile:
Because, in the end that’s the Eve way in my mind - not chasing the big $ with huge profit but rather going for a fair deal for you guys & gals!


AND for @team as well


Kudos to the team on the pricing. I’m really impressed that you didn’t artificially inflate those models where the usd/euros match just to have a linear progression. Some parts have a better margin, but the end user doesnt usually see savings as a result. You could have easily upped the euro price on those ones by 50.

Very honourable. Thank you.


Great pricing guys.
Of course we are not yet at a stage where this kind of products are affordable for every one like poor students or people like that but that’s already a kinda revolution in the landscape compared of what’s on the market today.
Do you have some estimations about how soon will you be able to massproduce this items ? So have you any knowledge about what’s your limit today based on your recent experience of production assembly ? In this perspective, buyers could have a good estimation of will he be able to get his product like in next 3 months or 6 or 9 ? I guess you have limited the number of items for that reason and that you have a estimation of max delivery date ?


How come the USD/euro price difference jumps up after the first 2? :slight_smile:

Does the tax percentage increase because the price increases? Definitely love to see whats actually causing the difference :slight_smile:


Hiya Cluskey!

Please read up on my official post on why we have a difference in the 2 prices! :slight_smile:


Oh I saw that sorry,I meant to say that I don’t understand it, as it goes back to equal on the 1999 unit? So are the middle units taxed more for some reason? :slight_smile:

I presume it’s a tax thing? As the only difference between regions is conversion rate and tax? And I’d have thought that both would have been a constant?


Awesome news! I am really impressed with the prices! Still contemplating the i5 and i7 /16Gb/512Gb. I´ll figure it out…
@iKirin Regarding the flash sales do you know how many Vs will be available? How frequently will there be flash sales? Or is it more like flash shipments where the number of orders isn´t limited but they will be shipped in badges? I think I´ve read both versions along the way and now I´m confused :smiley:
Can´t wait to read and watch some reviews! Great job and congratulations @Team for getting this far!


These prices are amazing compared to their counterparts. So my question @Team , is when do we get to hear who wins the free V?