When are the EVE V2s due?

Reading the timeline of the original Eve it sounds like there were some major delays in the originally promised delivery date. And patchy experience across the early birds for when they actually took delivery of the actual devices. Am I understanding that historical events correctly?

As one the first 500 early birds and deciding to shell out to reserve the top of the line Eve V2 model, I am interested to understand, if that is true, what Eve has done to improve this. Will the Eve 2 be delayed? Has fulfillment/manufacturing issues been fixed. If so, what was the root cause?

Is Q3 2021 Delivery still correct?

Does Q3 2021 mean 1 July or 30 September?


Admittedly I can’t comment on the 1st V release, because I wasn’t around during this time. There is an official thread in regards to this though. Here is a quote that helps explain the issues with the 1st V release.

Unfortunately, one of our major partners Fortress Tech Distribution LTD, the one operating the web store through www.eve-tech.com ran into issues with the supply chain, funds frozen by payment processors, and untimely deliveries, causing frustration among the community and direct damage to our brand.

Here is a link to the entire announcement.

I do believe this is the current ETA.

If a company is planning a release for Q3. The release would be either on, or in-between these dates.