What's next? After refund... :/


my topic is closed now. Don’t know what to say.


Yeah, posting personal conversations without the other ends consent is not really a good practice.


maybe I can agree with you mate, but I didn’t put screenshot, I quote it in fragment, I didn’t put name who wrote it. My intention was to show the support decisions and I think there are better solution (like warn & ask for edit) then close whole topic. Don’t you think?

EDIT: I think better way is to ask for edit. After edit there would be no “explicit violation of the support member’s privacy” and now it is still there…


The whole thread was getting messy. Airing the whole thing publicly should be a last resort really. You almost seemed to enjoy that part of it more than anything though :rofl:

You’ve had three V’s now, I dunno if you are unlucky, a nightmare customer or rightfully complaining but I would try and resolve it behind closed doors.


I think it’s useful for understanding the support process with issues like that. It is on a lot of people’s minds. I think it’s important to hear the stories, both good and bad, of how the team is going to handle situations like that, because there are so many question marks at this point.

It can adjust future buyers’ perception of risk so they fully know what they’re getting into. And because the product is new, buyers need to be knowledgeable. I disagree with keeping everything behind closed doors. I think transparency is something Eve Tech is in sore need of right about now.


I’ve tried mate, but Support taught me that when you try to to this normal way you get no answers. Please look what people say about support delays. And second thing: I try to put everything because I want the Community to have a view of the whole situation, chronologically. I try to put videos with issues, so you should be able to answer your own question what kind of customer I am. If you don’t have time to do that what can I do?


I’d file a claim with your credit card company and file complaint with the Better Business Bureau


Doesn’t the guy have three V’s? Or have two been returned?

For me reading it the whole thing has gotten out of hand and it sounds like it’s six of one, half a dozen of the other. So I wouldn’t give any recommendations on who is ‘right’ here.


I was lucky enough to get a refund from Eve. I purchased myself a SP 2017 /15/8gb ram for £800ish (included keyboard + new + warranty) last Christmas. Was a steal at that price. Best decision & no regrets.

Has been a great device so far. 6 hrs on high performance with high brightness is good in my opinion. If i use eco-performance i reach around 7-8hrs+.


Please clarify: Does it mean you got a V you are satisfied with and got a refund for it? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Since I have gotten credit back from my credit company I am looking same as you. I want tablet format but power. I have never been impressed with a Mac tablet. Ideally I would get a Surface Pro. Currently I have a Surface 3 and I am finding I need a little more oomph. I have decided on an HP Spectre x2 Detachable Laptop - 12t. With specs close to Eve V I7 it runs $1469US. I think this matches nicely with the new Surface Pro, but substantially cheaper(and a name brand). This has the detachable keyboard format that I like. I bought my wife a HP Spectre Ultrabook last Christmas and it is really nice.

My reason for going with the V is that I loved the concept. I followed it from the beginning. I did not get on the early buyer program but I was still interested in it. I have realized that that it is really difficult for a small company to do this on a shoestring. Maybe the V will be a wonderful device. As they cannot seem to sell me one the point is moot.


Realistically, if you liked the V and you want something similar (in terms of form factor), you’ll do fine with any of the name brands: Microsoft, hp, lenovo etc.

The differences aren’t big enough to quibble on - either you get a bit more bling or you pay a bit less. I wouldn’t trade my V for any of them though, but that’s not any useful info for you.

If you’re dead set on a detachable form factor, your options are pretty limited but as long as you get one from the more familiar brands it’s more or less similar. If you’re willing to look at thin & lights though, your options open up a lot. The new xps looks pretty good to me (except the nose hair webcam).


For that budget, I would get an XPS 13 9365 or wait for the new one with the 6core processor (XPS 15 9575 has i7-8705G processor)


There are XPS 9575 reviews available.
I missed battery life somewhere.
15" = 2kg.
You have strong arms?


So because I don’t have refund and I will not have in the future, @iKirin please close this topic.