What's coming up? (29th May - 4th June)



Hello everyone, and I hope you all had a good weekend!

Since Computex is starting right now and @Konstantinos is busy and has no time to write some nice teasers it’ll be time to talk facts! :slight_smile:

###The 29th!
We’re very happy to announce tha —BEGIN ENCRYPTED TRANSMISSION—
Check it out [here!] (http://eve-tech.com/)

Right now the team is focusing fully on Computex, but things are moving along roughly as they should - as we put the quality first we want to make sure the screens hold up and then we’ve set everything in stone before telling you the exact dates when you can expect the V - expect a full update on the 7th of June as @Konstantinos will have all the latest hot news from China by that time! :slight_smile:

And to end things on a pretty good note - as mentioned before @Konstantinos & a part of the team are at Computex right now and the first reviewers had their hands on the V for the first time now! :slight_smile: Without telling too much but those that had their hands on it up to this point liked it :wink: Expect hands-on experiences from reviewers over the coming days! :slight_smile:

Community Digest 02.06

Yeah, hands-on reports, really looking forward to that.


I’ve seen this type of hash before, but where…


I love the counter on the linked site.
As I’m writing this post the counter pases 4,000


Nevermind, that’s ASCII converted to base 64 (6 bits per digit), and it means:

##The future starts today!

Speaking of that counter, could you please get rid of it? It’s really misleading, and looks kinda stupid when refreshing the page… I think it’s best to show the actually real number of members…


Congrats on launching the new web site. The messaging and tone of the website is, how shall I put it, quite edgy. I wonder how some of the partners will like the comparisons to their products, particularly when comparing a Core i5 (U) Surface Pro with the Core i7 (Y) Eve V, I guess both are fanless and the Surface Pro Core i7 is not, so it’s fair.
Glad to hear production is progressing more or less as planned and you are still focused on delivering high quality.
Slightly disappointed that some press will get their hands on the Eve V before hyper early backers, but I guess the team has to make the most of the exposure they will get at Computex. Can’t wait for an update on June 7th.


Just to clarify, and maybe this was meant here, but the press guys can just see the V, as Konstantinos and the team has it with them, carrying and guarding it like proud co-parents :slight_smile:
Unfortunately it would not be according to our values to refuse them a closer glimpse. But no one is leaving Computex with a V, as we promised Hyper Earlies their place in the :sunny: !


Congrats! Epic new website! :slight_smile:
But one question: Why do you guys always compare your full-equipped eve v with only medium-equipped Surface Pro for example? Surface and other devices also have opinion for 16GB RAM… Would be fair if you will fix or explain this :slight_smile:


Thanks for clarifying the that the reviewers at Computex will get a hands on, but not a review device to take away for a long term test. Having great press around Eve V and generating more interest only benefits backers as this will help Eve to be successful which will allow them to keep innovating.


Starting at $799 for the m3? 8Gb RAM + Keyboard (Alcantara?)

Surface Pro m3 4Gb RAM $799 + $169 for Alcantara Keyboard = $968



Yes, that’s at the same the biggest and most silent ( :wink: ) reveal of the day, at least for me! )

(remember to add the pen ($59) or new SP pen ($99) to the Surface Pro, for a fair comparison :wink: ; V pen shouldn’t be that expensive, I hope…)


@iKirin What about your loyal T1 owners? Do they still get a support site?


Aren’t they comparing them base from their price?


The site is WILDLY COOL. It’s smart, it’s aggressive (but not overly so), it communicates Eve idea and values very well. I like it! :smiley: :+1:


Hi Phil! :slight_smile:

We don’t have a dedicated support site for the T1, but we’ll try to answer every support question we get in the support section :slight_smile:


Could be… but since there is no official price I don’t really know. In my opinion it is definetly not obvious, which models are compared. I think this is sad, because everything else is communicated so well.



Can also do that, but I didn’t put that in because I think I remember recalling the pen is not planned to be included in the price of the V by default for the non early-bird sales. Maybe things have changed and I don’t know. Maybe I got it all wrong :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Webpage looks cool :slight_smile:
Underdog made a really good job.

Really up to date, a bit of mystery and the community spirit all over it…

Well done :+1:


I see your point. However, even the comparison between nominal “i7” would not be completely fair: the two “i7” are in fact very different. One is U-class (fan design) and the other is Y-class, that does not require fan. So comparison is tricky, anyway.
The only model that can be compared straightforwardly for both specs and price would be the m3… :wink:


The Verge hands-on: