What you get with your prototypes and what will be improved for second round


good to know some one did it with usb-c that will be great if the V power cable use this kind of tech


I hope I’m not talking BS now, but isn’t USB-C pretty loose (compared to micro-usb) anyways?


NO. I won’t pay $80 for a friggin cable, lol… You can buy one if you want, but don’t ask them to make it the default charging cable.
The reason why this is so expensive is that USB-C has 20 contacts, and it’s really hard to arrange those 20 pogo pins in a compact way, while leaving some space for the actual magnets.


with 1 search on google i found it a 36€ and it’s under 10$ on aliexpress so with the volume of the V that should be cheeper.
I thinked that will be an improvement but if nobody else do i will by it myself :wink:
remerber my post if someone get his feet in your power cable ( hope that will never happend :scream: :scream: :scream:


Hello @Mike , great work here, congratulations. I wonder if we already have a forecast of sending the prototypes for the second round of testing, and what will be the settings sent


Hi Wallace! Thanks for the appreciation :slight_smile:

Currently we are still on track for the community units to be assembled on 24th this month.


I actually have the opposite result.
I had a Lumia 920 for 3 years, which used micro-USB.
I currently use a Lumia 950XL, have had it for a year, uses USB-C.

The cables for the Lumia 950XL hang onto the phone MUCH better than the Lumia 920 cables ever did! Cable on this phone is nice and “snug” when plugging it in, whereas the Lumia 920 had a bit of looseness to the plug, where could move it slightly within the device when the little hooks of the cable were attached.


I thought they get dispatched on 24?


I suppose you had a defective plug or a defective port, because with my phone, I can’t move it at all when it’s plugged in. Of course there are some poor quality cables that just don’t stick, but that’s because they’re bad cables.
I think both of them should be pretty impossible to wiggle when plugged in, but the question is which one is more difficult to pull out.


Not sure where to put this since I don’t have write access…And it may be a bit premature until V 2 is ready .I just watched @Mullenia 's video and wanted to see if someone can do a drag test. Ie check the V for scratches , drag it across a table (as if you were just going to pick it up…Nothing insane!!) Then check again



Why not? :grin:

And if somebody has a cat, please position it on the V with the display showing up. Just to test the Gorilla Glass. My cats love to do this…


Btw - can anyone explain the bug title codings please and thanks? X, h , s? @iKirin ?

Looking forward to more testing feedback tomorrow. Saturday night here and it seems most posts are made while this time zone sleeps so always exciting checking in our AM. :grinning:


Haha, I wondered the same, every thread is using them, but it wasn’t explained anywhere what those characters mean. :sweat_smile:


I would say:
X (User Experience - the rest)


S is software, H is hardware, X is experience or unsure :slight_smile:
It’s explained in the template we get when posting a report, but that’s not public so… here you have it :smile: @iKirin maybe you should add this to some public post?


Well that NOW seems obvious!!


Maybe @Konstantinos can ask the Corning guys nicely!!! :smile:


Can someone tell me how far the keyboard could be away from the tablet and how long it works without charging.


What about here in Hong Kong? We use the British style plug (square pins - three of them). Will I also need an adaptor?

(If I can charge through mini-USB I can use one of the Samsung collapsible plugs.)


When you receive the finalised product, the included adapter should have the appropriate plug for your region.