What you get with your prototypes and what will be improved for second round


Hi Dudes!

Its amazing to see how fast our shipping company was :smiley: It took them only 2 days to get prototypes delivered to some of our community members. @Xervaro has even had time to take some pictures of the V :slight_smile:

In this post I would like to clarify what prototype testers will get in the box. Some of the things are not yet final as we didn’t want to postpone first prototype shipment. So Let’s begin!

All the prototype testers of the first round are getting:

##1. V - Core i5, 256GB SSD and 8GB RAM.
What will be different in final device:

  1. The case of our device will be 2 shades brighter than the one prototype testers have received.
  2. Button in the housing will be aligned and better color matched to the casing.
  3. Quite a lot of small adjustments to firmware will be made including changes based on your feedback!
  4. Speakers, battery and camera will be tuned further.

##2. Alcantara V keyboard
What will be different in final keyboard

  1. Final keyboard will be sturdier
  2. Keyboard keys will take less fingerprints
  3. Some firmware adjustments

##3. V charger and cable
What will be different in final charger and cable
They will look like this:

##4. V pen
What will be different in final pen
Functionally-wise it would be the same but it will look like this:

@Mike will post list of known issues we are resolving a bit later.

We are super excited about you testing V’s. Be as critical as you can so we can make V flawless.

####Don’t assume that someone must have reported the bug you experienced before.
####This way we can make sure that you are the first and last people to complain about V :slight_smile:

##Improvements you make will be experienced by thousands of people!

Make videos, take pictures, keep us all posted!!!

Meanwhile you are testing Vs we are making final adjustments to our sleeves :slight_smile:

P.S. Don’t forget to use V wallpaper for your prototypes :smiley:



This is a link to the pictures made by @Xervaro


Will the prototypes (2nd round) come with US charger or with localized one? If it’s the US one, we can get an adapter in advance.


Hmmmmmm. I am not sure yet but its better you get one:) You never know when extra adapter is needed :slight_smile:


Not to nitpick but in the first image it looks like the V could really bounce around inside the sleeve…Harder to see in the second. How ‘snug’ or ‘loose’ are there samples?


Wait, so does that mean I can get a charger with the weong plug? :open_mouth:
If so, does it still accept 220V? Or do I need an active converter (transformer) to 120V to use it?


I know it looks quite loose but in real life its great! You have a bit extra space for your stuff like some papers but device doesnt fit loose inside.


I’d like to imagine the drop in productivity among the community members whenever you post these types of awesome updates.


I think they shiped the prototypes with one version of a plug.
You won’t need an active converter since the power bricks can handle 120V as well as 220V (or 230V here in Germany).
You just don’t get the right adapter for your country.


What productivity? :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve run into one big issue with the V: I don’t have one in my hands yet.

Could you fix that please @Konstantinos please please pretty please?


I can confirm that when Konsta drops those images my productivity as community manager is reduced to 0 for some minutes. :wink:

@Helios we’re working hard on that! :slight_smile:


Got my prototype! I’ll upload some pictures once it’s charged and turned on. Should I create a separate thread to post my experiences with Office and collect feedback and suggestions?


Cool :yum: Yeah, I think it is best if you create one thread in the Prototype Experience category, and then post all of your stuff (except bugs) in there. At least that is how I understand it :grin:


So, which version is it? I don’t have adapters for all the world plugs laying around :smile: I’d try to find the right one and buy it before it arrives… Otherwise I’ll have to charge it with a 10W charger xD
But seriously Eve, you should have warned us before… Not everyone has those adapters at home…


What about those changes:

  • “del” instead of “delete” to make room for fn function “ins” (insert)
  • Menu icon on alt gr
  • fn lock icon on esc
  • outer keys centered vertically (shift, caps lock, tab, return, oops)
  • bottom row keys centered (additional menu icon looks better that way)


Any news regarts to print some hidden features soon?

And what about THIS:

What is Surface dial? Using it with V!

come on folks who have protos in their houses - intriguing minds want to know!!

(although for many of us this is 2 months…unless @Konstantinos and @Mike have some magic we don’t know about!?


I’ve got a question i saw on the previous pics the power cable and i was badly suprise that wasn’t a magnetic conection like on macbook. this kind of conection saved my device few time, like when I was charging in gesthouse or simply when i wasn’t totaly awake :stuck_out_tongue:
Did you just didn’t think of it or there is some property problem or anything else?


magsafe is dead (even on the new macs). There is a option

/edit: They are not 80 €, there are ~30€