What would you improve in our forum?


Emmm… there IS a word “concept” in the title…

My point was that it’s already obvious that it’s not official.


This one is very important…

Inline-hyperlinks are incredibly hard to spot right now.


The faked background blur for the Log In dialog is a bit silly. As a static image, it shows outdated topics and doesn’t scale correctly either.


The mobile site got an update. Now it’s quite hard to figure out which thread you’re in… please add back the topic title :slight_smile:



Maybe this forum should be “more organized”. That’s not a critic, just my personal thoughts. Indeed, for example about the keyboard, there is a multiple thread in different category and talking about different language… Just add a hierarchy will be enough to have more clarity…

This is just an idea, tell me what you think about it.


Let me start by saying that this is the best forum software I have seen till today, very functional also on mobiles without missing functions (even big companies like Amazon don’t get this right).

I especially like those badges. It’s always fun when you get another one. Gamification of life somehow works. But there are some things that could be optimized:

(1) The description is not clear on this one:

It should say that the start topic needs 10 likes (same goes for “Good Topic” and “Great Topic”), because if you go to your profile summary you are presented with the sum of all liked posts in the thread (which is not relevant for those badges):

(2) For some badges you cannot easily see your current status.

A user can see how many likes he got, but not how many liked posts he has. Though it is possible to download all posts and let Excel or Openoffice calculate the number.

It would be cool to have the own current status as small additional label on each badge that wasn’t awarded yet to yourself. Like this:
You: 277 liked posts, 300 likes received
Your best: 7 likes

(3) Badge labels

  • awarded multiple times: “Out of Love” for example is only awarded a single time per user. So far, so clear, although I do not understand why to limit this on this one. It makes sense for all “First…” badges and some others.
  • available title: What does that even mean? It’s like not a single badge was available.

So much for today.


I suppose this means that you can assign this title to your profile and others see that as a “status” next to your user name for each post. Ones where this is possible are e.g. regular or prototype tester:


This would be awesome, but I am not sure it is something we can easily just implement. I’ll ask @iKirin.

This means that you can use the badge as a title. If you go to your settings, there is a title part right under your name, where you can set your title from your available ones.


It would at least mean some more calculations for the server. But all needed data is there: If you download all your posts you can just calculate it with Excel.

And about the badges in the title: Thanks for the info, I didn’t know that.


Eve is using forum software called Discourse, and there is a possibility they can’t modify the source code…


Wish my title was something more descriptive like “A Noob Troll” :stuck_out_tongue:


I would appreciate to have a reserved poll on the first line, where the team is reporting all News only. I’d not allow any comments to keep it clear there. This would also have the advantage, that everybody can see changes immediately.


yes, and I’d like to see the FAQ treated a similar way. Currently it can be difficult to find, and when you do, it’s not easy to go through and find what you are looking for. I think the FAQ needs an overhaul, and not allowing others to post to it.


But everything is in the first posts :slight_smile: You just don’t scroll down to the comments :slight_smile:


yeah, they just are not in a good order…


Hmm, maybe… But honestly, I don’t really know what order they should be in. I mean there are so many different things, it’s really hard to categorize them :slight_smile:


simply chronogaphicaly. And no new thread for every News. News from the V should simply come after each other.
Now nobody knows when there are news, because of course the comments are counted also. Don’t get me wrong: I do want a comment thread, but an extra one. For example: There are news from china about the keyboard. So you’ll see videos in the “News” Thread and discuss it in a Thread “Keyboard Layout”. If you are not interested in the keyboard thing, so you not have to read all stuff about that. I’d really prefer such a way. At the moment it is very very hard to sort out the news coming from China.


I could also imagine a thread for every News in a “news” category, but NO comments in that.


How about;

  • Mail me a code when I want to login
  • Two-Factor Authentication?


@iKirin @nawthor is it possible?