What would you improve in our forum?


Allowing someone to create a new post is something really cool but each thread should be checked by a community manager or a trusted member who knows which thread are already opened. An “half a way” method could be to create a thread where to discuss new threads accessible by everyone, and then let only few member to create only in case of necessity.
Another thing to change is the thread displayed on the “first” page, maybe some of them could be put in a category after 5 days without an answer and the other could be displayed singularly.


Well, it works for forums with tens of millions of users so I don’t see why it would be a problem with 2000 users…


You always have the like button :wink: and if you think someone is trolling, you can always flag the posts and tell the moderators why you the reason behind it and surely it’ll be looked into.

Also, the badges (ex insider) also tell who are the users you can trust most.


We are not just “Another Forum”:wink:


Excuse me? So if we’re not “another forum” we should restrict our users’ freedom and forbid them to post new topics? Is that what you really think? O.o because I think this is the last thing we should do. If a multi-million community can successfully cope with bad posts, why can’t we?


Instant Chat system :grin:

allow user to choose custom font color and background color :grin:

the forums look simple and easy to read I don’t think you need to change UI.
I like this UI its simple and easy to navigate. :neutral_face:


It would just a way to keep all in order. And all depends by the quantity of people who could create a new thread. Just to prevent newcomers to make useless question already answered. To select these hypothetical question there could be macro free area thread instead of only one.


I understand that some people could be upset by these new threads, but I think many great ideaswill come from newcomers, and they shouldn’t be suppressed. I think it would be ideal if we came up with a way to merge two threads and delete the redundant one. But is that possible with this forum software?


I would love to see an overview about all the device-specific polls, which poll is still open, was voted (which option won), etc…
Best in my opinion would be a managed per-device site where the latest news is cumulated per device (once per week?). With all the people posting questions, comparisons, etc. in the forum, I miss the most important parts/decisions of the devices (which should be in the foreground).


Well, there’s just one device so that makes things simpler. They actually tried doing this already. We had some weekly threads about the progress, but they recently stopped. I guess they’re just overwhelmed with the number of new users and their activity (the number jumped from below 1000 to 3000 during the Indiegogo campaign)


Hmmhmm, but there are at least official ideas/evaluations/thoughts about eGPU and the sleeve, aren’t there?

That’s exactly the problem: I cannot distinguish between “official” and community driven talks, as well as which project is actually “officially envisioned” or just a random thought from a community member where Eve folks are discussing with :slight_smile:


Only the Eve V is official, everything else is pretty much just community speculation… the sleeve is already undertaking development, so that’s an exception, but it’s a very short side project. eGPU, they said they were looking into it, but it’s not fully official yet… And you can always check what’s official by looking at Konstantinos’s and iKirin’s posts. I understand the community is a little overwhelming if you don’t want to fully dive in all the discussions… something should be done about it.


Except that this looks way too real to be unofficial :joy: :


Or let’s say, too elaborated :joy:

Edit: Noticed that @Artur added the “my” word, a lot clearer that its unofficial now :joy:

  1. “Concept” in the title
  2. The thread was created by someone who didn’t have any posts before
  3. The specs are a copy-pasta from GSMArena :slight_smile:
  4. There was no community discussion about it
    Nah, Eve team doesn’t work this way :smiley:
    But yeah, I see your point. It would definitely be useful to have a separate category where only the team can create threads.


Speaking of this, I notice that they actually create categories for official products.



But you’d probably have to be part of the community for some time to notice that official products have their own categories. The “V sleeve” is probably consider part of the PF project so it didn’t warrant its own category?


Well, those are just categories, so that different products don’t get scrambled together… I don’t think they’re meant to show what is official and what isn’t. I guess accessories will all go into one category :slight_smile:


Categories can only be created by mods, so at the very least they are “officially created” :wink:


Yes I know, I was just pointing out that not necessarily they’ll create a separate category for each product. Especially for accessories…


I would like to echo this sentiment, as the default page for the forum (at least while signed in) can make it easy to miss topics that are new announcements, etc. Would it be possible to add a collapsible list that would have 5 of the top pinned posts/most recent official team member posts? That way you could collapse it if you were caught up, but if you wanted to see what the latest official posts were you can reach them quickly. As far as the number, I was just thinking something small with a link to the News and Announcements category at the bottom (ie a “See More” Link). But this could serve non-community members well I think, that way they can quickly find some of the most important recent info, and could help community members quickly get re-caught up on new announcements.


yes… concept in the tittle would be awesome :blush: but i think it’s already in the art community section :blush:
yep, agreed ! the specs format . is copy paste from gsmarena :blush:

1 . I know its hard but, Native Mobile Apps! :smiley:
2. a bit more color will be nice
3. underlines to hyperlink will be nice…

overall it’s already nice