What would you improve in our forum?


I am still not sure I understand what you mean with bread crum.

And you don’t have to end your posts with your name, we can all see your username.


The term is used by web developers to describe a row of buttons that show your current position in a website. For example, if you go to a web store, then click “computer components”, then “internal storage” and then “SSD”, the breadcrumbs will be:
Home > Computer components > Internal storage > SSD
And you can click on any of the crumbs to jump back


Like Pauliunas said.
Here is the official explanation:


The thing I dislike most about this forum is that every time I scroll way down the bottom (or that I begin from the bottom), I cannot quickly go back to the eve.community home page without waiting the posts at the front to load.

There’s no button to quickly go back to the home page.
Actually, in most cases that button is there, and its called the back button. But I don’t like it, coz I can’t remember where I came from.


You can click the menu button (three horizontal lines) at top right and then Latest :slight_smile:


Or you can click the Home button, that takes you to the first post and you should have the menu available.


Yes, but this requires the posts to load, which takes several seconds depending on my network speed.

The hamburger menu link which I wasn’t aware (actually I wasn’t aware that “latest” corresponds to the community home) of kind of solves my problem. Though I would have preferred the “community” button to be clickable right away.


Actually, from the technical part there is no “home” in this website. They just chose so, that by default it opens the list of posts, called “latest”. Some other sites that use the same software have chosen to open the list of categories by default… basically, all of these are available from the menu button :slight_smile:


where is that? :confused:


The keyboard home button actually works :sunglasses:

Actually I though @AfonsoHG meant the title bar


nevermind, I see you meant the navigation keys. Dumb me. Quite weird that it works, I thought it would be something more like ctrl+page up :slight_smile:


I would like an ignore functionality that would COMPLETELY hide a person and all their posts.

Mute doesn’t seem to do what I want.


I’m not sure what bit your rear today, but you should keep your uncalled anger to yourself…


I’m done - I’m out of here. Enjoy.


UI feedback: add colour and/or underlines to hyperlinks. (Could you tell that “hyperlinks” was a link?)


I have a possible suggestion. I see time and time again where it seems people just randomly create a new thread for a topic that is already open or outright just seem to post in an irrelevant thread.
Would it be worthwhile for Eve to either combine the threads or move the posts to the relevant thread?
Must be my OCD…


Hi, @shakeyhome I’m working on that :slight_smile:

So you can expect a solution to that sooner than later :wink:


Good idea imo.

Maybe there is a way to tell the forum to search for related topics based on key words in the new topic to be opened and then suggest to look into the alternative topics first (if there are any). I believe google uses that in their community, but of course I don’t know what logic is behind that and also I don’t know how it could be accomplished.


Actually, this is already implemented: when you start typing in the topic, a panel of suggestions opens up… But maybe it’s not good enough at finding things? Or people are just too lazy to look… :confused:


Another suggestion (which may get me flamed) but what about an upvote/downvote system (if that’s what it’s called) ? As we get more people we are sure to get trolls and whatnot, it would be nice to be able to identify them somehow. (even if just so when new users join they know who to trust and who not to trust)