What will you name your V?





Victoria, Veronica, or Vanessa.


Victory! :smiley:
Or Victor in short :wink:


Ron’s V



I will name it Viva la V :stuck_out_tongue: before I hand it over to my brother then he can rename it whatever he wants :smiley:


I will just call it “my laptop” because otherwise people will think its some random iPad knockoff


I’ll call it Vestsiny


I’ll call it Finally, last name Here :wink:


Why not just call it iPad and dress like you’re 50? :slight_smile:


In my case Victory will suit even better because of the name :joy:


It’ll be Eve, of course


So my main gaming rig is named GlaDOS (after the slightly maniacal AI from Portal), so keeping with a theme, I’ll likely name mine EDI, after the Normandy’s AI, as she was definitely more mobile. :slight_smile:


“The V that isn’t a prototype” or something along those lines. The question is whether anyone around me will notice the difference.


Mine is called Vilma the first. Evelyn was pregnant with Vilma for nearly one year. But then she traveled to China and has born a little girl named Vilma. She’s on her way back now… Will see her first time this week…


Too late, that name’s taken :stuck_out_tongue:



(Says this 50 year old :sob:)


The system name for all of my machines start with ‘BL-’, and I usually use some kind of ranking term to define its role in my collection of devices. For example, my primary desktop is “BL-Master”. For the V, I’m thinking “BL-Vanguard”

why Vanguard? www.dictionary.com/browse/vanguard

If I gave it a personal name, it’d probably be Victoria. But only in private. People already think I’m weird when I talk to computers :slight_smile:


Haha, sorry. Wasn’t meant to hurt anyone, but rather referring to my parents (they actually learned it by now!) :wink:


No worries!! I wasn’t offended – just made me laugh :slight_smile:. So thank you for that!!

BTW - gonna call her “Evie.” Not very creative, I know. But it fits.