What will I get?


I want it only because of ports to be honest, anything that lacks type c is a no go for me ! , but I want a tablet like laptop for note taking , what will be inside the 799$ retail box ? Only the device ? Or keyboard, or keyboard and stylus ?


You’ll get the V w/ Intel M3 Processor, Keyboard, and Pen, for $799.


You have confirm sources ? Also how to buy , amazon? I have purchase time till November max …


You need to wait till Eve opens up their Webshop, this is the only source to buy a V from.

And yes, the information he gave you is confirmed. :wink:


The will be an Eve webstore opening in late July/ August


Wow that was fast reply, thanks for it guys. Loving the community as much as oneplus!! One last question please. Will the devices be very limited? Coz i really wanna buy it and don’t wanna miss or see out of stock.


Thanks you. Will the stocks be super limited. Or a lot? I don’t wanna miss. :slight_smile:


Make sure you sign up for notification on main Eve website. As far as I understand there will be relatively plenty of devices when shop launches


The official Statement to this is:

Eve does not artifically limit the devices and tries their best to catch up with the production, but if the orders exceed their capacities there will be delays.

But I think they will announce it as soon as they can estimate the demand with the first orders. And since there will be a preorder Phase, eve will catch up very fast.


And in terms of what’s in the box, the official answer is:

  • Air (we don’t vacuum-seal our boxes!)
  • The V
  • Keyboard
  • Pen
  • Charger
  • Paper that burns nicely if thrown in the fire or can be read as a manual.

And that should be pretty much it :slight_smile:

Unique ID & display calibration

What kind of air is it? Can it be chosen in some kind of configurator in the webshop? :joy::joy:


I am so happy that it will come with a pen. Unfortunately my budget is a bit tight.) Just a student…) And already I am buying type c hub so buying a 50-60$ pen would have been too much. I hope this device would rock. Can’t wait. If stocks end then sp4 it is :confused:


For the time being, we offer 100% genuine Shenzhen air. We may offer different options for future devices, and of course the community would get to vote :wink:


I havn’t been to Shenzhen in a very long time but if air quality hasn’t changed would you mind exchanging it with fresh dutch air for me?


I’m afraid that at this point in the production process we can not change the specs. But if you stop by Rotterdam again some time, I’ll swap out your Shenzhen air for Dutch air, free of charge. Just for you!


Easily the most difficult decision to make after receiving the device…


I was actually there 10 days ago but my trip was very short. I’ll probably swing by in about 3 weeks, maybe we can swap air then :stuck_out_tongue:

@Patrick_Hermawan: I think the manual will be a funny read. I’ll waste a bit of time on it :slight_smile:


Maybe some of this as well, Canadian Air!


Only genuine Chinook from Calgary … :maple_leaf:


will accessories purchased with the V like the protective sleeves be shipped with them?