What useful programs should I put on my V?

I was just wondering because I haven’t had a personal computer in a long long time (few years), what kind of useful programs & or games I should try out? I’m not super smart but I’d like to look into what most people find interestingly helpful or addictive to have on a computer for fun now and days being I’ve been out of the loop
Any suggestions on anything I can put on my V i7 1T when it happens to come?

What I see as useful: anything that helps the computer maintenance/performance, helps clear junk free memory/ram, making things smooth
Easy for me: minimal user errors possible, run itself or have less time for me telling a program what to do
Fun for me: kodi, Netflix, maple story (back when it was fun/difficult to level up past 50)
can’t remember what other games I use to play


I don’t have much installed on my laptop; I basically just have Office 365, antivirus, and a web browser installed.


I like this site, all freeware of your choice all bundled in a single installer.
You can run it regularly to update the freeware you choosed.

firefox, thunderbird,7zip, libreoffice, glary’s…


When I used mine way back, that’s what I had as well lol basic things

Oh that is nice and simple, pretty cool way to start up a new computer :desktop_computer: thanks, ill add that to my list :page_with_curl: I appreciate your suggestion =^)

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Looking over the Ninite website reminded me of some other programs I use:

  • VLC Media Player
  • KeePass (Password Manager)
  • Notepad++
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I would point you towards Vivaldi as a browser. After having used every browser I’ve come across the past couple of years, I still haven’t found any that even starts to give me a reason to move away from Vivaldi.
It does everything and then some more. It has tab stacks, tab hibernation, page tiling, page capture, web panels and sync, just to mention a couple of features I use on a daily basis. It also does a lot more, and is updated quite frequently.


That seems very helpful! Thanks, that just may be my go to browser when I get my V, thanks

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I’m gonna throw in CCleaner and Malwarebytes. CCleaner keeps junk files and cached data cleaned up to keep your computer running smooth, and Malwarebytes keeps malware off of your computer (not the same as antivirus, and should not be a substitute). For games there’s always GOG and Steam.

There may be some drawing/art tools that artistic people can recommend if you think you’ll enjoy it. @mlivesey @SurfaceProArtist

Also, be sure to check out the software tools thread, you may find some stuff that interests you in there.


Thank you so much, very informative and helpful, most what I was looking for, so glad I asked for help here and people have been most helpful, just can’t wait to get these things on my V when I get it lol
Yeah the art :art: suggestions would be helpful, I have a girlfriend that would most likely borrow my V for some art things if she deems it worthy

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Anyone interested in sketching on their Windows tablet should install Sketchable and Autodesk Sketchbook from the Windows Store and Clip Studio Paint. I also like Xodo PDF Reader from the store. It offers nice annotation capability.


Thank you for your suggestion, I shall add to the list and run this by my girlfriend, I appreciate your help, your experiences will help me, no doubt


Here is a list of programs I plan on putting on mine.

Firefox Nightly - Browser

Thunderbird - Email Client

OpenOffice/LibreOffice - Office suite

Paint Tool SAI - Super lightweight raster graphics program. Popular with artists. Power to weight ratio is virtually unrivaled.

Krita - Open source raster graphics program. Far more powerful than SAI but still in development and is much, much heavier.

Steam - Games. You know what this is. Praise Gaben.

CCleaner - Registry and temp files cleaner. Handy for getting rid of leftover files from uninstalling programs.

VLC - Open Source Media player. Have a track or video in a really obscure format? Odds are this can play it.

Notepad++ - Notepad with all the bells and whistles of an IDE.

Handbrake - Video transcoder. The Kaby Lake iGPU will be very handy for this.

Transmission-QT - Torrenting client. QT is the windows port

Universal Extractor - Like 7-zip except that it only extracts. But it will extract almost every compression format.

Discord - The Skype that Skype aspires to be.

DeSmuME - DS Emulator

Universal USB Installer - For burning Linux ISOs to USB drives.

Sketchup - for simple CAD projects like for basic 3D printing and modeling

Blender - Extremely powerful open-source software suite. Has several capabilites including Video Editing, 3D Modeling, Rendering and Animation. Steep learning curve, though.

I may install more but I haven’t decided yet… I’m getting a base model, so storage space is at a premium. but… I can add more :3


These are the programs I use:

  • Keepass
  • Dashlane
  • Dimmdrive (if you have more than 64gb of ram like I do) you can load programs and games faster.
  • Bluestacks (If you want to use apps like Fanfiction.net) to read your favourite stories.
  • Winrar
  • 7z
  • Action! (Best recording software you can get)

That being said, Keepass is one of the most useful programs you can have.


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My my my, OK you win if it was a contest lol
Thank you so much for your overly generous list, thanks for sharing all you have planned for your V, gosh I wish I was able to come up wish so much on my own, my poor V would be quite empty without your & others whom have shared with me so far
=^3 your help is very much so appreciated
May take a while for me to look up what each thing may be and how I can implicate it into my every day computing life so then I can add to my list :page_with_curl:
This will be fun homework looking over my list forsure!
<(^^,)> thanks

Thank you so much, I’m really happy to be getting such help, the screen recording may come in handy
Would dimmdrive work with V? Doesn’t have that kind of ram right? <(0.o)> wish I had super computer speed like experience

Dimmdrive is a form of RAM disk, and could work very well on the V provided you had enough available RAM and the game was small. Though, the V also uses a PCIe SSD which is far faster than most older hard drives (even older SSDs), so the benefit of using a RAM disk for a small game would be minimal.

The most RAM the V can support is 16GB, and for the game (and Windows) to properly function, you should assume at least ~6GB of total RAM will be used. This means that the total size of the game to be loaded to ram would have to be <10GB, and typically smaller games like that don’t have long loading times. It is games like GTA V (~65GB) where having the RAM disk would be especially useful, or on computers with old spinning hard drives.


Hi Guillermo. You might also find these threads interesting if you’ve not seen them already:

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I only now realised that you also asked for games to try, and would like to point you towards Eternal Card Game. To quote myself

Well it depends on what type of V you got. If you got the 16gb ram I7 V then you’ll benefit from the Dimmdrive to max potential with over 10gb speed. If you have less, then it’s a bit difficult since you don’t have enough ram to run a game or some other software that requires loading speeds…etc. But you can get “super computer speed” with a decent setup. :):sunglasses:

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