What should a new notebook device offer?


I’d also like to revisit the “which digitizer?” debate. There are no great options out there for artists who want Wacom tech in their device. I realize the issue before was screen quality with NTRIG was better, but screens are so good these days, I suspect the addition of a Wacom digitizer would attract a lot of artists.


Acer Switch 7 Black Edition uses Wacom EMR technology.

Some marketing blurb:
“With a large 13.5-inch IPS display with 2256 x 1504 resolution, the Switch 7 Black Edition offers a crisp, vibrant visual experience from wide viewing angles.
The latest reincarnation of the Switch has an embedded stylus powered by Wacom EMR technology that features 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity and pen tilt support to control the angle, width or shading of the stroke.
This stylus is now battery-free, and cased in the sleek outer shell designed to provide users with a more authentic writing and sketching experience when using Windows Ink.”

Should have come out in December, but latest info puts it’s postponed release to “early 2018”.
1699 USD / 1999 EUR, so quite expensive.


While I agree that better input capabilities would be great, and that Ntrig alternative could possibly be a worthy thing to think about, I’m bit afraid how introduction of that would compromise the whole design.

When going with full pen input, you probably have to think about the bezels, for example - and for a traditional laptop I would love very small ones… and for one with pen and touch input - much bigger ones, like with V.
Maybe not.
Either way, while I’m all for the capability and feature, I wonder if and how would it compromise the rest of the design.


Is a Wacom digitizer still physically thicker than ntrig?


Just a quick drawing… Why not using the kickstand to provide more flexibility. These are Surface Studio abilities in a detachable 15" Laptop. Both hinges don’t have to open more than 135°. You can maybe use the existing hinges of the V for both sides… Biggest pro is the Lapability. The most heavy part (batteries in the kickstand area of the tablet part) are moving towards you. You maybe can`t see the whole keyboard, when attached, but this is a minor issue imo…


There at least two viable ways in doing this but the I think any solution will create some interesting quirks to the tablet portion. Those quirks may be more trouble then they’re worth or they may have some interesting benefits. It would no doubt be even more complicated that today’s options such as the surface book.

Definitely a fun design exercise even if it hits a dead end.

Hmmm whilst I personally don’t need a keyboard all that often, I very much doubt many people would agree with you here, me and you work in visual feilds but most people depend on a keyboard to do their day to say work so a good and usable :slight_smile: keyboard is key.


You’re right. There is a lot of weight on the hinge 2. it has to be very strong to hold a 1,2- 1,5 kg device someone is drawing on… Maybe the biggest problem and the dead end…:sleepy:

But take your SP3, place the end of the kickstand at the pogo pin area of the Keyboard and open the Kickstand to move the tablet up and down… this would be great to use… most people can write on their keyboard without looking to it…


there were similar devices available when oems were playing around with 2 in 1 form factors before they settled on 360 degree convertibles and dectahables.

acer aspire r13 comes to mind but there were quite a few others sony via duo, dell xps 12


Are there also detachable ones?


not that I can remember, Asus may have tried at some point ( they invented detachable after all)


reminds me of Motorola laptop/phone dock.

It enabled a sort-of-continium thingy which is totally useless nowadays. But cool concept back in the day.

I do see some problems with it.
It does limit the amount a screen can flip. Not necessary a real problem, but something to think about.
It could put the weightcenter more to the “back” of the device (when open), and thus making falling from your lap a bigger issue.
If used as an exhaust could heat up, might not be that comfortable (I know more devices have this issue).
If used as an exhaust, getting a positive airpressure could be harder to achieve, making dust buildup more of an issue.
The angle could be quite an annoying thing to have. Getting your laptop out of you bag with numerous other cables getting caught in the ‘butt’ :grin:
No dealbreakers, but some considerations.

As, opposed to the poll apparently.
I would love a GOOD traditional laptop with 1050ti or better that doesn’t scream gamer (I saw an business exec with an alienware, it didn’t look professional at all!). With decent front facing speakers, the old macbook keyboard, a great touchpad (especially it’s drivers!). Maybe pen input on the touchpad, especially if it’s as large as current MacBook Pro. Great color accuracy for the screen. And it needs to be light with good battery.
And, ffs, MagSafe.

I’ve been looking for a laptop the past 3 months, in the decently thin/light with performance market there is: Razer Blade, but it has HUGE bezels.
XPS 15" but only available with 1050 (non-ti).
Aero 15" but the speakers are horrendous and it kinda screams gamery.

It’s not an entirely open market. There is competition, but so it is in every other category.
I will not buy or recommend a convertible/2-in-1/detachable of 15", and the V is the smaller (reasonable) one, so don’t get in it’s way.


That had never occurred to me. Are there any devices that do so? With a big enough touchpad, it could be great for artists.


I still totally love @Attiq’s concept of a 360 convertible with detachable keyboard. It has so many potential advantages while keeping complexity at (I think) a manageable level…


there were rumors that the latest MacBook pro’s would have touchpads that were pencil compatible but it never materialized.


Well, they’d need a touch-driver for the whole touchpad in the first place to enable pen-compatability - at least to my knowledge :slight_smile:


As always :heart_eyes: a very impressive solution!

But can you straighten my poor brain a bit:

A 2in1 is a laptop with a detachable touch screen and a kickstand. The hinge design is reasonable simple.
A laptop with a detachable screen is a bit thicker 2in1 without a kickstand with a complicated hinge design.

The kickstand is to keep a touch screen steady under use.

Why is a thicker 2in1 with a kickstand not an option?

  • Thick enough to house all the hardware one wants.

  • Battery changeable and so on

  • Construction wise much less complicated and cheaper

  • Kickstand eliminates top heavy problems.


I would say that all non traditional laptops or slate tablets are 2 in 1’s even the ipad pro.

in my view (others my disagree) there are only two main types of 2 in1. detachables and convertibles. these two types then have multiple subtypes ( 360 convertible, flip convertible, kickstand detachable, folio detachable etc).

as a general rule of thumb:

most detachables favor tablet mode and a very portable, versatile but less powerful

most convertibles favor laptop mode and are less portable and more powerful.

the exception to this is the surface book which is a detachable that’s a poor tablet but a good laptop.

that’s exactly what this is :), its a surface book with a 13.5" surface pro tablet for a screen. and you can use a normal blade style keyboard too if you like portability over power


So an V Pro? Slightly bigger/thicker/heavier/sturdier more powerful V with a more professional keyboard?

Is there a market for that? Is it a different market then for the initial V so we won’t compete with the exact device we’ve just released?


Maybe my proposal from a few months ago would help…


If that is the case. Should we really get that much involved in the project as a community? It’s mostly component selection. Tbh, I think that is something Eve should do by itself and put the energy of the community in developing concepts of new products. Just like if there were to be an Intel 8000 chip V (V2 or V1.1).Community doesn’t need to be involved besides maybe some fixes.

Not saying we shouldn’t, just asking if we should.