What made you choose the V?



I’d been thinking about getting a 2in1 for awhile but never saw anything that really seemed worth the price. Great specs usually meant short battery life, port selection never quite hit the mark and price was always too high. The V’s specs make it a viable quiver killer for me…portable, powerful, Pro OS, great port selection, BATTERY LIFE. I usually carry a Macbook Pro and iPad mini everywhere to cover all my bases and I still often find myself spinning up a Windows VM or jumping on a workstation. Being able to get the V at a great price was what really sealed the deal for me in the end though. I probably couldn’t have justified the purchase otherwise…at least not to my boss. The only thing missing is LTE but there are ways to deal with that and my cell carrier probably wouldn’t work with it anyhow. The crowd developed method was also a huge selling point for me. So many little details get brought out into the light of day for everyone to see and discuss. It makes me feel good about buying the V because I don’t feel like I’m settling for the best of mediocre options. I know what I’m getting. I know what I can expect from Eve-Tech. The V is simply designed smarter than other devices in my opinion.


I was looking for a nice 2-1 solution to replace my 7-8 years old laptop and to complete my desktop provinding it a mobile solution.
SP4 was quite interesting but too expensive, with limited battery and too few ports.
Dell XPS was “not 2-1 enough” :stuck_out_tongue:
And so on…

Ultimately I found out Eve via some articles. Elements such as Battery life, screen quality, connectivity, memory and promising performances(from component selection) comforted by a very reasonnable price made my choice despite the risk inherent to such campaign (mostly schedule)

  1. As I’ve been in the computing and software development game for 30 years, I really appreciate it when I see young people having a go.
  2. I have been a Microsoft fan ever since I was on the Windows 95 Beta program.
  3. For my photography field work I prefer 16G, i7, hi res touch screen, pen, USB-C.
  4. I need a highly portable yet powerful device.
  5. The Surface is breathtakingly expensive down here in Australia and no USB-C,
  6. Although Apple’s products may be great I really do not like their business model especially their highly proprietary nature.
  7. I’m travelling to Norway in October so it’d be great to meet the team :slight_smile:

So the V is it and I’m super pleased at what I’m seeing in the announcements and videos except I’m growing more and more concerned about the slippages and the screen issue. Ok they may ship looking ok but will the screens fail down the track? I do however really appreciate the effort being put in though :slight_smile:


That’s why they do aging tests :wink:


I have chosen the V because of several aspects:
First because the V is all I was looking forward to in the iPad pro (except for the operating system)
I wanted to have a powerful device for on the fly work and controlling things while moving around.
Also I wanted to have a device where I can install the Software I need, when I need it and a device where I receive files from customers via different ways (like USB Stick,SD Card etc.),So it needs different connectors (Full size USB,microSD card reader etc)
I also wanted a device for viewing my pictures on the go without always have my laptop with me. So it needs the card reader and a really good screen.
Since I work a lot while moving around (viewing CAD Plots on site,Remote control of lighting fixture) I need a good battery life.
Taking notes on the go and save them directly as a PDF and put it on the server at work, I wanted the device to have a pen.
Doing some retro gaming and watching Movies and making music while traveling.

And last but not least,I like to support Startups and creative companies.
So for the price point and the overall package the V was definitely the best choice where I get one device for all my needs.


I saw this in a newspaper article. I was attracted because it had a USB port! (All this money just for a USB!). As an artist I started out as a Mac user because, originally, they were more intuitive.
I still use computers because I have to rather than because I want to, but I use them a lot. The wilful lack of connectivity on modern Macs (my iPhone can still not Bluetooth to my iPad) has driven me away and I hope that my new V will give me a computer that works within proven technology.
However I feel the ‘elephant in the room’ is operating systems and buying the V means that I have to learn to use a new OS. These systems are increasingly grand and intrusive, including tons of stuff I don’t need or want and increasingly controlling the way I work and think (the Apple OS now organises my photographs into ‘Moments’ - Moments!!! eugh!!! why?! If you really want to change computing, create an OS that is basic and functional!!!


Arch :slight_smile: (20 20 20 20)


I first heard about Eve-tech’s tablet plans just before the name Pyramid Flipper surfaced (hehe, get it?!), from one of the Windows sites I was following, I don’t remember either Windows Central / MSPU.

Due to a back problem, I am always looking for a sub 1kg computer.
The choices weren’t great until the Surfaces started appearing, but I only started looking at them seriously when the Surface Pro 3 came about, but were rather prohibitive in price because I would need to buy a keyboard separately and a docking station as well because the ports on board weren’t enough. But this whole concept of a touch screen with pen input - I was sold. Then the 2-in1’s came about, there were really decent ones, but always lacking in one aspect. I almost wanted to settle for either a Surface Pro 4 256Gb/8Gb (not enough ports type, expensive) or a HP Spectre x360 256Gb/8Gb (the screens had big problems with pen input that they’ve now changed the spec sheet to say it doesn’t accept pen input, was rather expensive, but was quite beautiful and I really liked the fixed keyboard that can turn all the way). When I heard about Eve’s community adventures for a tablet, it got me following and once the specs were finalised and the concept was released, I was pretty much sold. The support from Microsoft and Intel sealed the deal. I initially reserved the M3 version, because it already had 8Gb of RAM, but by end of January I managed to save up extra to get the i5 instead with more breathing room in the SSD :sweat_smile:. I missed the lifetime discount and I wish I could get that special edition etching on my V also, but hey, I believe I will still be happy with my V. The only extra I went with was the USB-C to HDMI cable.

To sum up, I went with the V because it had the best spec balance of all devices I could find (power of the community!) with no proprietory ports, Finnish design element, the team behind it was visible, reachable and had an awesome attitude towards the development of the V, there is a solid community with good mixture of people that is very welcoming (with lots of “entertainments” :joy:), and the price was fantastic.

I am happy. I am grateful. And I will wait if it means it will reduce the chances of a defective unit coming to me.

P/s:- I also ordered a Mozo sleeve :heart_eyes: :drooling_face:. Perhaps I should order a Finnish flag too :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


In what way is it “basic”?

@Alcala the good thing about Windows is that you can 100% customize it to your liking. Anything from a different video player app to a completely revamped desktop experience is possible. You can do that with Linux too, but it’s too complicated for most people. Windows just work, without any fuss, and if you don’t like something you can customize it. But it still works out of the box without any user intervention. So, if you don’t like some feature, you can just install an app and remove it :slight_smile: And the learning curve is pretty much horizontal in Windows :smile:


Been here over a year now and have no idea how I found it anymore.

The only thing I remember was that I was lusting over the SP3??!!?!?! at the time. Thought the 2 in 1 was the most logical future of computing until a phone arrives with full Windows that lasts a long time.

Did my best to assist with specs at the time.

Happy to be here to join on the adventure. This was and is a great community of nerds :sunglasses:


There are a few reasons why I wanted to purchase a V computer. (Even though I do not need it since I have a SP4) Some of the reasons are simple. 1) You made a better product. all of the issues that I had with my SP4 that I wanted, the V has and then some. 2) Although this is a business and the point is to make money, I feel like you did it without the concept of "let’s make as much money as we can get."3) I currently work for a company that does what your company does on a small scale. We part everything and build it in the US and slap our name on it. But we do not build our computers to your level. I have always admired that. Lastly, the most important thing, the community. What you have made is something awesome. Not just the computer, the atmosphere and customer service. I usually do not go a whole day without hearing something from @team if I ask a question. When I was late on getting my V computer, I simply sent an email to the team not thinking I was going to hear back. And boom! Within a few hours, you guys helped me get an i7 in the second batch. @team keeps us updated on literally everything. I can not wait to see what this company is in 20 years. I am happy I am a part of it.


Happy to be here to join on the adventure. This was and is a great community of nerds :sunglasses:
Important announcement: Found some no-nerdians hidden in a community corner :scream:


After 34 years in Corp America, watching how our leaders never innovate, but rather copy someone else, so all companies now have the same crappy products, the same issues and the same results, it was time to find smart people who have energy, fluid thinking traits, and the ability to encourge others share their ideas into an product. Your team at Eve had the guts to do it, force others to change their ways. Are you listening Microsoft and Apple?

That attitude I have always supported, but as I aged, very few people think older workers don’t use forward thinking models.

Team Eve did and does use forward thinking models and methods.

There is my reason!


I found out about V through google news search for surface, as I was hoping for a surface phone but once I read about it I joined IGG and became part of the V collective.

I brought V for specs value for money and an impressive connection with the manufacture and design team so my voice was heard.


As an early buyer of the ASUS Transformer TX201LA because I loved the concept, and am ECSTATIC to see your product… question,


I love the look of the EVE V. For me it would be a different approach from having a dual OS [Windows/Android] to a single OS that can also run Android apps. I know I am too late for the specials, but I want one!!!


You canget one in July when the webshop opens


I was unhappy with my old IPAD 2. I analyzed the IPAD Pro with the pencil option but at least for my requirements a full Windows System seems to better match. The surface was too expansive and than the Indigogo V Camping come across.


A good team and product with good specs at a fair price and reasonable delivery date.

At least the product should be good and potentially the price depending on when we get it.


I wanted my next computer to be something like a MS Surface.

MS Surface Pro 4: old, lack ports
The new Surface Pro: still lacked ports due poor excuses by Panos Panay
Asus Transformer Pro 4 (T304): no where to be seen other than a short press release
Asus TP3 : has ports, less-than-ok battery life, no info on stylus
HP convertibles and 2-in1s : Synaptic stylus said to be unfit for drawing, has ports

I had a choice to compromise or wait 12+months for a SP5 successor, I didn’t like neither of the choices left then I stumbled across an article on the V, I was surprised at how it satisfied my requirements, was a bit less expensive and much more. I was sold immediately.

Shame I found out way too late for IGG,but trust me I am waiting eagerly for the online shop to open with credit card in hand ready to order at the moment’s notice.
Although I might end up buying the Surface Pen due to the addition of tilt sensing if tilt support is eventually added to the V.

Off topic but I went and checked out the V at Computex a couple of hours ago (when I went back later, it was gone?), it looks and feels amazing. Keep up the great work!


You can suscribe here for updates regarding The Online Shop opening: http://eepurl.com/b9PKNT