What made you choose the V?



"I had a dream…"
I have a tablet in private and a MBA for work at university, and since I got my first tablet I always wanted it to run macOS. Over the years I got more and more upset about macOS, which is why I finally switched to Linux.
My new dream was a tablet with Linux on it.
I always had an eye on the Surface lineup (and stuff from other manufacturers), but it has been a buggy (and personally ugly) device from the start. Moreover it never supported Linux as one would need it.

By accident I stumbled across Eve and their project Pyramid Flipper. The specs (and later the design too) really impresed me, but what was even more fascinating was the way they developed a device from the ground up in close association with the community. Well-founded discussions, a very open mind and huge transparency from the team - I immediately felt this company and it’s (at this point) small community was sepcial and trustworthy.
So after I followed the discussions on the forum for a little while I joined in and finally purchased a V from IGG.

While it has not all the dream-specs I had hoped for (AMOLED…) I still think it’s a great device that will leave everyone without a V speechless as soon as he sees one in real life :slight_smile:

Will my dream come true? Let’s wait for June.


There is a buzz in the group, now a schedule will help please. The natives are restless. We all chose the V, but this is a product devised by crowdsourcing. Crowdsourcing requires constant feedback to remain viable, especially at this stage of the product lifecycle, when it is much easier to be heads down.

Take five minutes and give status of the screens, the delivery cycle, etc.




It is no noise.
It is very good screen.
It is keyboard lights.
It is good audio.
It is lots of ram.
It is 'batterylongenough’
Aaaand it is cheap for what you get for it
Yes, I’m Dutch :grin:


I really like an idea of 2 in 1 device, and like a flagship of this category… Microsoft surface 4 pro. Because in my country surface 4 is not available, I had to find something similar. I had a luck. I found something better (price, speakers, alcantra keyboard in basic package). I also very like a system of comunity decisions. It is totally clear, and everybody can / could argue for own opinion.


As a musician who has another full time job it is incredibly hard to manage workflow. Laptops that are capable of providing the processing power, RAM, and hard drive space are bulky, and require a lot of space in my backpack, esp for bike commuting. Tablets lack the power and flexibility of a laptop or desktop computer. I started my music career working on hardware, and since shifting to software for sequencing/mixing/arranging, I missed the experience of being able to touch something to move sliders on a mixing panel, to hit buttons, and make things move. The evolution of the tablet and smart phone has always felt like a tease. Musicians get to have a piece of gear that lets you play a keyboard on a screen, move sliders as a remote function controlling another computer running a full size DAW, or create musical sketches via mobile versions of applications, but that has always lacked in functionality due to the limits created by mobile versions of operating systems. Most tablets also lack ports for connecting the large number of eternal devices and licensing keys most software and many high end plugins require. Once hybrids started hitting the market, I was drawn to them due to their size, touch screen, and fully functional versions of desk/laptop operating systems, but ultimately they failed to be worth the change. Most tablet hybrids like the surface pro, are missing something I need, either RAM, hard drive space, processing speed, access to a fully equipped and supported operating system, or lack of available ports. When I stumbled across the V two months ago while searching for more options, I could not have been more excited. The V has plenty of ports to connect all of my USB enabled devices such as NI Maschine, USB Keyboard, usb license keys for plug ins and software, and a thunderbolt enabled USB-C port to connect my Universal Audio Apollo system. When I step into my studio, if I am time limited, I can also use a USB hub to connect all of my MIDI over USB hardware synths and have full control over my studio without turning on the desktop. Additionally, you are adding extra amplification to the headphone port, which is huge. I use headphones that require a lot of power, so that will allow me to do a lot more pre-mixing away from the studio, and get much more accurate sound than most computer headphone jacks allow. I am hoping the V allows me to have a highly portable computer for making music with all of the benefits of a tablet and laptop, without any of the sacrifices.


Besides all the technical specifications which will suite my needs very well, I have a fairly simple reason why I chose the V:

  • The passion Eve team members work on the product, backed up by the passion of people supporting/assisting/providing input and opinions within this community!

I’m excited to be a part of it. Particularly if there’s a way to continue to carry this forward (as done with the meet-ups to bring it to the real world) I think something truly great and different will be created out of it that could make a change to how businesses operate.


The thing that drew me initially was the idea of eliminating the middleman and upending the traditional corporate model, as well as the potential for dirt cheap hardware. Now, those reasons for the most part are still there, but I would amend “dirt cheap hardware” to “amazingly priced quality hardware designed with me the consumer in mind” at this point in time. I have to admit, I’ve never owned a 2-in-1, but my 8 inch pen-capable tablet has served me well and I’ve been drooling over the 2-in-1s that I can’t afford. Now, all the cons of those devices are gone, replaced by solid, quality hardware that better fits my current and potential needs as well as my budget. So it’s a no-brainer for me!


I came across the V way back during development when it was still known as the Pyramid Flipper and/or the Eve Computer One :smiley: at the time I was a forum lurker and didn’t create an account to post and comment until I realised I really liked the idea of having a say in deciding specs and potentially buying the completed 2-in-1 product for studies and work (I’ve gone from being a 4th year college student to about to graduate into the working world during this time period). It’s been a long journey so I’m really proud of what @Team and others here have done and really really impatient to hold the V in my own hands. Plus, a Surface Pro with less advanced specs still costs more than the V for me, so…V is unbeatable so far (except for the delays but at least we’ll have a polished product!)

Edit: found this link (with the old name :wink: ) with a picture of early design concepts including lighter shades, a white V looks good… https://www.google.com.sg/amp/www.windowscentral.com/here-are-latest-design-eves-pyramid-flipper-windows-10-2-1%3Famp


I was scouring Indiegogo for campaigns that I think would be good to fund (Mostly Tech), and then I saw the V.

I think the best thing about the V is how ideal it is. I mean, silent computing (Very important to me because I hate fan noises, thus my choice of a 12" MacBook), 2-in-1, bright and vibrant screen like the SP4, and great battery life? (I use my laptop heavily throughout the day) This sounded too good to be true. But I still bit the bullet and backed. This was one hell of a gamble, and it paid off.


Perhaps you could use your phone as GPS receiver:


It was because my android tablet was too limited. I wanted a proper OS and a proper keyboard, but not a laptop. So a 2:1 was a good compromise. I’d been looking at the options. The only ones that really appealed were the Surfaces, but they were too expensive to justify. The other brands were a more sensible price, but they didn’t really do it for me. Some had bad specs or missing functions, but mostly I didn’t find them interesting or good looking.
Then I saw an article in The Guardian about Eve and it was just what I was looking for. OK, even at the great IGG price it is still more expensive than my uses can justify, but it looks great, isn’t missing anything I want and I like that it is not simply a marketing-led product to plug a slot in a market matrix.


Back in mid 2016 looking to update XPS 14 laptop. With W10 then around touch screen possibility.

Was focussing in on SP4 as wanted something lightweight and with a tablet/pen as well when Guardian article https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2016/oct/18/eve-tech-laptop-tablet-computer-crowdsourced-eve-v appeared and then - partially because of Intel and MS support which added credibility for Eve - thought the V was worth investigating.

Followed through - liked approach specs and direct to purchaser. Although went for i7 - probably the i5 would suffice- the main thing the 16gb memory. Battery life also a major plus

the slight concern is warranty having had 3 year next day on site for past few years with my Dell’s and one Fujitsu. So a leap of faith that ideally the specs and quality testing means will be OK


Almost bought a SP4. Thanks to Google Now, there was an update that came up about ‘V’. I was hooked, nothing looked better on paper than the V and price was a killer too. So opted to wait it out.


I was searching for an lighter replacement for my 6 year old Sony vaio e. It is a great laptop until now it Features everything I every needed on the go, but the processor is more like a toaster which can also compute things, it is heavy as hell and the (New!) battery lasts only 1 hour.

I saw an article of the first crowd sourced tablet now available on IGG on a Facebook post of a local newspaper (derstandard.at) and it was love on the first sight! The Number of ports, the battery, the i7, the price and everything was great.
I now have some things which would be great to add, but that was nothing I worried about when I bought the V after 1 week of thinking about the value of the money. Sadly I only got an Early bird and not an Hyper Early.

I hope I can do all the work I do right now on the go with the V without searching for Power outlets and the back pain :wink:

After some days I joined the Community to contribute to Make the V the most awesome mobile Computer!


Honestly, I’m an avid Mac user and I was frustrated with the direction the latest MacBook Pro was going. I’ve been intrigued by the Surface and similar devices as an alternative option. When I saw the V campaign I thought that’s it, I’ll give it a go, solid specs, great features and reasonable price, especially since it was being designed and engineered by Finns. I’m really looking forward to using it, excited to use it in new ways to help my business and improve my workflow.
Thank you for all your efforts to create a great product.


I remember reading about the T1 from a link I happened upon, and being sad I missed out on a great device. I kept tabs on the company’s progress, so when the V came up, I was all in. From all indications, this was a good move on my part. Can’t wait!


I knew about the T1 and Eve-tech several years ago. Then I saw an article about the V at http://vr-zone.com/ (I tried finding the article at vr-zone.com, but came up empty) and decided to delve into it further. I was already looking for a great Windows tablet and the V seemed to fit the bill.


I registered an account now but iam a silent reader for some time.

All started with some research to find a new notebook and I decided to try a 2in1-Tablet, because I mentioned that my old, heavy 13" notebook is still at the same place in his bag the whole last year and I changed my way on my business and holiday trips and using a shitty 8" tablet which I only bought to read papers on a device.

But all 2in1-Tablet which I found are having ona lack:

  • some ports (TB3 etc.), but noisy as fuck (e.g. Miix 720)
  • not enough ports (surface)
  • shitty hardware (N…-CPUs, Atom-CPUs…)

So Iam sitting here and reading the progress day by day and waiting for the shop to open to get a model with 512gb SSD. “King of Ports” is the main reason, followed by fanless cooler. If I could change a thing for the next version, maybe I would prefer a 10" model or an easy way to change the SSD. Maybe a full size SD-Reader. But in the end, these are not key facts and Iam happy with the final specs. Espacially Iam very excited about the quad speakers. :slight_smile:

/I forgot: But I will also try to install android-x86 on a microSD-Card, because i need some apps which aren’t availible for Windows.


That sounds like a great idea! Please share a guide if you manage to do that :slight_smile:


-V is rare as the number is limited so far.
-Scandinavian design is cooo…(infinite)…oool! and the name and the logo, too.
-Cloud funding is rare again as V is the first ever in the world.
-“oops!” on kbd, never seen on the others. This is why I ordered Eng kbd.
-Spec is satisfying.
-Community will help me when I experience a trouble.
negatives: (this is not requested, though)
-Local problem as my native is Japanese, and it costs more time and money for repair. But you mind the language very much as seen in local kbd part.
-A bit difficult to import/export computer due to the law and the customs.
-V is late for the initially announced schedule.
I love V and I am proud of being an owner of V with all positives and negatives above, as all the community do.