What made you choose the V?



Hi everyone. Helios here with a call to arms! Well, maybe not quite so dramatic. But the community management team needs your help!

Have you pre-ordered a V in the IndieGoGo campaign? Are you sitting there with credit card in hand, waiting for the web shop to go live so you can place an order? Do you think the V is the best thing to happen to technology since fire was discovered? Please tell us what made you choose the V!

I know that people like to list bullet points, but I’d kindly ask you not to. Instead, tell us about your favourite thing about the V. Why is that feature so awesome to you? If you were initially thinking of just buying a traditional laptop or tablet, what does the V add for you that changed your mind? Why does the V suffice for your needs where other products fail? It’s okay to be wordy!

Community Digest 15.05
Community Digest 15.05

I have a Google News alert for Win10 set up…that’s how I discovered the V’s campaign.

The first thing that immediately drew my attention was the mock up design in the article (they used one of Eve’s promo mock-ups)…I fell hard for it - what a beautiful design - sleek, black, modern, not complicated. That wonderful feeling only intensified when I read the specs and inclusions and I just had that gut feeling this would trump my decision to get an SP4 or even wait for a SP5.



I thought I’d get the train rolling by typing the first response, but it seems @netkid23 was even more enthusiastic about sharing his feelings :wink:

The 2-in-1 format is ideal for me because it gives me the comfort of a laptop when doing work, but it gives me ultra-portability and pen input when I want to do creative things. My V will do everything my MacBook does now. But more than anything it will allow me to create art wherever inspiration strikes me! The performance and connectivity of the V are a cut above the competition, and it looks so, so sexy


Basically I searched a laptop with (no bullets): 16GB ram, very bright display, good battery life, silent with medium work. Pretty basic wishes actually. Sadly there was nothing that I liked that was affordable. Even with no price limit I had not known what to buy:

Surface Pro: battery too short, fan noise.
Surface Book: tablet part with ridiculous battery.
Dell XPS 13: coil whining.
Apple Macbook Pro 13: no legacy USB ports

I could go on and on.
Additionally everything was just so damn expensive it you want 16GB Ram because you always pay for stuff that I don’t need/want or you pay a ridiculous price for the upgrades.

Then I saw the Eve V that ticked all boxes for me at a reasonable price. So here I am waiting for the V: I do no need the fastest CPU for some light coding on the go, but I need lots of RAM and a bright display and good battery when sitting outside.

When working on my desk a 2-in-1 is actually cooler than a laptop. I already have two 27" 4k displays connected to my desktop. With keyboard and mouse on the table an additional laptop ould take a lot of space. The V will fit in nicely and take less space than a laptop when using it as third screen for tutorial videos or pdfs.


I got information at WindowsCentral.
I was looking for field laptop/notebook (I’m a environmental geologist/Hydrogeologist and I need good field laptop/notebook for my work) to replace my Surface Book (too big and heavy for field) + iPad Pro 9.7" combo (this one cannot run geology programs) and EVE V was better in everything that Surface Pro 4 (second candidate). I was hoping for working GPS (but it still has issues).


Well first off I have two laptops and a Wacom Cintiq Hybrid 32GB with SD Cards slot. My laptop is running Win 7 and the other is Win 10. The Hybrid is half second display and half Android Tablet but a bit on the large side for ease of use on the go.
My poison is CAD and Photography work. Finding a perfect device is nearly impossible at this point due to the ever changing ecosystem of PC’s.
As a previous IGG contributor the Eve V popped up as an item in one of my interest group. Unfortunately, The very early price points were all purchased by the time I got the memo as they say. Not sure why IGG gets me in late to the game. Anyway I checked the follow box and joined the forum.
I’ll be selling the Wacom as soon as I can as a down payment/savings for the V. As much as I would love to buy ASAP I’ll have to wait till probably December (Hopefully a 1 TB drive option is available)
Sucks that pricing will go up. I could never understand this since IGG takes 20% I believe and figured pricing may be the same in the web store. I was hoping to get more feedback from the testers on the photography and CAD use of software but I guess I’ll have to wait and see the posts once the Early Bird users get theirs and post feedback. Till then I’ll be using multiple devices until I decide to pull the trigger on a unit that will get me from 3 devices down to one that will let me do the things I need it too and relegate my laptop to a designated media PC.

Can’t wait to use this thing down the road. Everyone else …you’re lucky as F.

Enjoy till I catch up!


My every day carry is a Laptop, Digitizer+pen, Tablet, Phone, their chargers, cables, adapters, dongles, and some extra batery packs (For the Phone and laptop mostly). The V is perfect for sliming all that down.

I was about to buy a MS-SP4 since a lot of my coworkers use them and I have tested them extensively, and the 2-in-1 forrmat has proved to be better for my workflow. But Searching for alternatives just in case I came across the Eve-V. On paper it was all that I wanted, and the design was incredible. But what actually clinched it was the community and the concept of taking everyone opinions every step of the way. I was sold.


I noticed Eve V when news told it was coming to IGG. I didn’t think about it for a while, but I started to investigate V and I became more and more interested in it. Best bang for buck and such a beautiful yet functional design. Other devices are lacking in ports, cooling and battery life. V has good port selection, passive cooling and probably fantastic display.

It was either V or a laptop with touch screen and 360 hinge. Needless to say that the laptop selection is not that impressive when you look at V. I’ve been using big android tablet and took SP3 from my workplace to get accustomed to Win10 in a way I would use V. Only thing that could improve V majorly right now would be LTE and GPS functionality on the launch.


I knew for years a proper Windows tablet would be a thing for me, mainly for quick notes, comic reading and mobile content consumption and creation.
When the Community launched I thought that maybe here I’ll find what I’m looking for. V seems pretty cool. I hope it will work without problems for few years, long enough for the investment to be forgotten and with it’s bigger brothers and sisters around.


Most important aka deal breaker:

  • 7+ hours real battery life. My i3 SP3 had 6-7 hours, but my i5 SP4 can only manage 4-5 hours, which sucks. Having to keeping an eye at the battery level, remembering to bring the charger everyday, and being constantly tethered to the wall is extremely annoying.
  • 250+ PPI display. The 1440p display in the Pro 3 is decent, but it is still not optimal in inking and reading. The SP4 is a huge upgrade in this particular case IMO.
  • 3:2 aspect ratio. 16:9 or 16:10 are in my opinion, unusable in portrait mode, and a tablet has to be usable in any orientation. 4:3 is also great if you prefer more productivity over entertainment.
  • 8 GB RAM on the base model. I can manage with Core m3 and 128 GB SSD or even 64 GB, but please, 4 GB RAM really ruins the experience. I need to do a lot of PDF annotation with Drawboard PDF, and RAM plays an important role here. Other tablets like the Surface force you to buy Core i5 and 256 GB SSD to get 8 GB RAM, which is annoying but still acceptable by me, if that doesn’t translate to atrocious battery life. But as I mentioned above, it unfortunately does. I think the combination of the power-sipping Core m3 and 8 GB RAM gives the V a segment of its own.
  • Kickstand. I’m never buying another tablet without a kickstand or any sort of laptop dock to keep it standing. Unless its like super duper cheap.
  • Active digitizer. Same, I’m never buying another Windows tablet without an active digitizer. Unless, once again, its super duper cheap.
  • Repair cost that’s not an extortion. I learned it the hard way when Microsoft was charging 500 Euro for a piece of glass replacement on my i3 SP3. 500 Euro for a couple of grams of glass. That is more value than gold. Worse, the i3 SP3 has a street value of around 500 Euro. I could literally throw the old one away and buy another one instead of repairing it. Not. Buying. Another. Surface.

Moderately important aka not a deal-breaker, but I take these features as a significant advantage over the competitors:

  • The speakers. I have lived with the shittiest speakers on laptops (see Sony VAIO S series laptop). Its not a deal breaker to me, but it certainly is a nice experience to have great sound.
  • Additional USB ports. Having used Surface for a couple of years, I have learned to live with only one USB port and keeping a USB hub in my bag. Not having to carry the USB hub is as great addition.
  • Precision TouchPad (PTP) API support The scrolling and zooming on non-PTP laptops are simply horrible and, if not unusable, its pretty close to be one. I would put this as a deal-breaker if this was a non-touch laptop.
  • Intel WiFi chip. Same with speakers, I have also lived with the shittiest WiFi performance of any device (see Acer W700 tablet). Good thing nowadays is that there is practically no more $500+ tablet with shitty WiFi performance, which is very good for the consumer. However, there is a lot of room for improvement still. I hope Intel WiFi chip could bring it to the next level.
  • Pricing. Since I need 8 GB RAM, the Eve V m3 is about $400 or 50% cheaper than the competitors that force me to buy a Core i5 and 256 GB SSD with it.
  • USB-C charging I don’t know if the V can charge from typical “fast-charging” phone chargers, but any kind of standardized port, instead of proprietary, is always a welcome addition. At the very least I would be able to borrow chargers from my MacBook-toting friends, while forgetting a charger with the Surface is pretty much SOL


Previously I own a 2-1 Hp envy x2 g100ef with poor battery life and a display that made my eyes bleed because the screen was very bad quality (1368*768) and very poor specs (intel-atom, 64gb emmc) and feel heavy like hell (the keyboard).
I used this device with my work, watch tv shows and movies but the battery was showing some weakness. Also i could hear the fan work intensely like hell that you could hear in every room.

The first time I saw the V was on liliputing.com and the second time was on notebookcheck.net. It was perfect for me because it’s was affordable rather than the surface pro 4 but also the pretty cool specs of the V attracts me.
I love the concept of the 2-1 because it’s revolutionnary and so useful to see tv show, movies, read comics books and working.

I saw that the V was funded really quickly so that one thing that made me buy the V, also the specs and the T1 was not crowfunding so that conforts me why I choose to buy the V. I pre-order the V on the Indiegogo campaign without fear. Right now I waiting the V on my doorstep with an absolutely enthusiasm.


I have supported over $4000 in Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns. (lost $1500 in no finish campaigns)
I was very close to supporting the first crowd tablet campaign but did not want that style. I was looking for a full tablet/laptop that used the latest and greatest processor, chipset and screen. When the V was offered I knew it was the one. The icing on the proverbial cake was the crowd design idea. Inputs from the customer, what an innovation! I felt that was going to give the best product design outcome along with the Eve’s proven manufacturing and design team. I am not disappointed…
I am so impressed with the design/manufacturing process that has developed a top of the line product. I am also impressed beyond my dreams that this product is late. Yea late! Not because of poor management or process but to avoid shipping known problems that will always come up during rigorous testing of complex electronic/software systems. This one stubborn business philosophy will define this company and carry it to greatness!! (My opinion anyway :slight_smile:)


Some months ago, I was searching a new device, like surface pro 4, but “all inclusive” (crazy to buy separately an expensive keyboard). I had the chance to discover the V one week before the start of the IGG campaign. I read a lot in the community, found a lot of tech lovers with fun ideas, and was seduced by the positive way of thinking in the community.
It was my first buy on IGG, and thanks to the great performances, I decided to participate.
Today, I am waiting to receive my V, and cannot pass a day without connection to the community, reading or discussing on various subjects!
Really great job, @Team !!!


I was looking for a 2-in-1 for my personal use, since I really like the SP4 I use for work. I didn’t want to pay the price for the SP4 and I ran into the Eve V IGG campaign and participated in the crowd-sourcing surveys. I liked the community-based aspect of the product development cycle (I work in product development myself)and felt the design was sexier than any other product out there. Having better audio on-board is a big plus, as is the display performance. I won’t buy another laptop again after my experience with the SP4. The relationship with Mozo is icing on the cake!


I pre-ordered the V as a limited bird during the IGG campaign.

I needed a smaller laptop or tablet to replace my failing 15" HP Spectre. The 2-in-1 tablet idea had long been on my mind, and the Surface Pro was going to be my first choice. It’s price (Canadian $) was too steep for me at the time, so I thought I should go looking at other brands. The Eve T1 tablet kept coming up in my searches, and I couldn’t ignore it anymore.

The references made to the T1 caught my attention, drawing me to Eve. The concept of a community-developed tablet encouraged me to dig deeper. From that point I looked at the specs and designs, which made me want to have a V for my very own. And the price/specs ratio sold it for me! :slight_smile:


I thought for some time that the PC industry was stalling, same products all over again with just updated specs and even those updates were mostly driven by consumer hype i.e. screen resolution past added value. Everyone in the business seemed to complain about dropped margins but all were at the same time reluctant to come up with something fresh, the technology was there, it really just needed dedication as all the attempts seemed superficial. When MS came with Surface i thought finally, this will be it, a mobile workstation = laptop with added functionality that improves your professional efficiency with a touchscreen and pen and a detachable keyboard that makes you transition into a tablet for full convenience to read, browse, watch videos, take notes etc…
It needed 2, 3 generations to settle from a specs perspective, but the price remained premium. I really thought 2 in 1s will settle and replace the mainstream laptop/tablet by now… Anyway, i was on my search last year for a 2 in 1 that would replace my laptop, it should be at the top of the specs as i usually buy to keep a device for several years before replacing. I do not know anymore where i stumbled across Eve and the V, but the price/value ratio made it mainly for me, i too was willing to take the risk of crowd-sourcing and i thought that a product designed by end user input is a really promising model, or at least that it is opposite to the usual marketing managers product placement with all the usual have 1 spec top and then save on some 2 gen old HW elsewhere to maximize margin and excuse it with lame phrases like the users don’t need it or the technology is not ready etc… The only thing was that i made up my mind too late, i incorrectly remembered the campaign is open till end of the year and when i wanted to pre-order after the Holidays it was late, so i registered and was super happy when the reservation spot trade started :smiley:


I wanted a device to replace my paper notebook at a great price.


I bought the sp3 when it came out. Loved the device as it replaced my laptop and iPad combo perfectly. But I sold it a year later as I needed on OSx laptop for projects.

But I have now used win10 on my MBP for almost 8 months and when I found about the V I immediately wanted it as I still kind of missed the SP4


Mostly because I’m a poor student

One of my friend has a Ipad Pro and she was telling me how great that device is for school, but she paid 2000$ (CND) for it. That’s why I have never really thought about getting one. Just by curiosity, I was looking at the SP4 reddit and I saw a thread about the V.

I litteraly fell in love. It is simple, black, a large battery life, supported by a cute community of geeks/workers/students and the price was more accepted by my wallet. I also like the brand. The Reverse Pyramid is a concept that my values are attracted to. Something made by us for us, where you can voice your opinion and be a part of the production. Saying that, I’m not naive enough to think that no one is being exploited, but it’s beginning to maybe change what the big corporations think about their clients and their workers (Hypocrisy when you hold us). Anyway if I want to spend a much of money in a device, I want it to represent more than the device itself and this is what Eve accomplished with our V.

That’s why I want stickers about your logo and slogan.


I was looking for a very light PC that I can use as a tablet or a laptop, and thought the configuration I want in the Surface was just too prohibitive, and the V fit the bill. The fact that it had lots of ports was a tremendous positive because that is the one thing lacking on many surface type devices.

I never use my iPad because of the limitations with getting information into and out of the iPad. Ports are necessary, and anything that will have any longevity must support Thunderbolt / USB-C. That and long battery life and the deal was in place.

Now we need to have the device to really enjoy it,