What kind of user is this for and what do they need?


Personally I think the first question to ask here is who is the customer

That way you can then think about their requirements before you go too far down the solutioning route.

Personally I don’t need a dock, but would welcome some brainstorming here on typical users and what they need. I think this will lead to a much better solution as you will better understand the features needed, price point, etc.

This builds on one of the previous lessons from developing the V, to have the vision sorted first before too much development.


I woud consider one if it was simple and affordable, OR, if it was integrated into an egpu.


Can you tell us about what kind of user you are and why you need a dock?

Personally I don’t see how we can spec or design something without the vision and requirements being understood. Not knowing the target market means we risk creating something too niche and therefore not commercially viable.


I am a system administrator. I don’t really need the Dock but would buy it,if it’s simply and affordable.

But here is my point using the (really) dumb question I got asked in the past.

Story one:

  • the mouse isn’t working.
    Me: ok. Is the mouse turn on? There is a button on the bottom.
  • yes. The mouse is on. there is a red light. Oh no the mouse turned off. the light is gone. Oh. It’s on again…
    Me: yeah that’s normal. There is a motion sensor that’s turn off the laser to reduce power usage.
    Next question is the doungle for the wireless mouse connected to the laptop.
  • what doungle?
    Me: please open the battery… There is a small doungle and connect it to the laptop.
  • ah ok I found it. One moment please. It’s connected now and the mouse work’s.
    Me: fine. And good bye
  • one last question: can I now put back the doungle in the battery case…
    Me: …

Second story:
Co-worker got a second monitor( at least 3: laptop and 2 external ones). I used team viewer, option set: deactivate wallpaper.

Me: are all monitors connected?

  • yes but there aren’t on.
    Me: ok.please turn them on.
  • I pushed the button and now there is a blinking light.
    Me: ok. Please disconnect all monitors. Then connect one.
  • …ok done. The light is on. But the monitor is off.
    Me: (pushing the button in Windows settings to identify the monitor) do you see big numbers?
  • yes. Do the match with the one on the laptop screen.(Windows settings)
  • yes.but now the monitor is off. it doesn’t show anything.
    Me: ok. connect second monitor.
  • connected. But it’s off.
    Me: (identify the monitors) do the numbers match.
  • yes. But the monitors aren’t on.the show nothing.
    Me: (turning on the wallpaper)
  • oh. now they work.thanks.

Conclusion: if the Dock is not only for tech enthusiasts and not only for the v. it has to be as simple as possible.

Workflow for some co-workers: traveling from construction side to construction side. Writing reports, taking pictures, notes from meetings. They come back to the office, connect to the Dock (at the moment Fujitsu laptop with docking and a test run with ms surface book) or one cable -> everything is connected. Mouse, keyboard, monitor, lan,…

In think (I don’t know it) most of the people here are tech enthusiasts. And not that “standard” users. And I can imagine that the eve team want to sell the Dock not only to the enthusiasts.

Conclusion of the conclusion: the normal people need a dock to connect the periphery fast and easy.

I hope that someone can understand my point. I am not a native English speaker and sorry for mistakes. The text was written without Google translate.

[Donald Dock][Step 2.1][DISCUSSION] What you need and how you will use it

I want something so I can get to home/work, plug in a single cable and have the V charge, connected to external monitors, ethernet, keyboard, mouse, speakers and USB peripherals. There seem to be quite a few products around which do this - the main improvement I can see if adding more USB ports so I don’t need (as many) USB hubs connected.


I’m thinking about buying a AR Headset for WIN10 fall creators update. But wait, I can’t. Because V isn’t ready for that. So I need a egpu which makes my V ready for that first… And I’m not sure if my V is working good with my HP 34’ curved monitor with USBC connector and power delivery… Have to try first. Want to have only one cable to plug in. Maybe I need a dock for that. But wait again. A tech product with that eve triangle on it… I will buy it anyhow…


Christoph describes exactly my situation from the other side. As I could be one of his co-workers :wink:
My main use case is that I can dock the V as fast as possible to the peripherals (mice, keyboard, monitor, lan and power cord).
It should be something stable that can be placed onto my desk. Thus I am not in favour of the small mobile port replicators because they are too mobile for my purpose.

I am open to a modular concept with an eGPU but I would not need one. So an eGPU should be optional.


I am an engineering student.
I want to use Donald Dock at my desk in my apartment, to get a kind of “coming home” feeling with the V.

When I’m in University, and I’m (hopefully soon) carrying my V around, I do all sorts of stuff, may it be taking notes in classes, showing presentations for my Tutoring, writing documents or programming.
But when I’m in my apartment, it’s time for self-study, sync all the new documents with the cloud/external hard drive.
So after using the V for different purposes all day, with touchscreen and keyboard, I want to just put it on the dock (Or connect it to the dock) and have it charged, have my 2 monitors connected, a Mouse and keyboard etc. So I kind of have a regular place where it sits, being the centre of my studying ecosystem, always ready to take it with me without unplugging thousand cables.

I don’t have a lot of different use cases, no egpu or anything fancy, nothing to expensive, just a one-port “home connector”


Absolutely my situation, too. Taking my SP3 to construction sites with all information I need there available. Making notes and pictures. Coming home and connecting my SP3 to the monitor (just have one device, no desktop, etc.). Some months ago I was working with my SP3 and the SP3 docking station. But I hated to disconnect the SP3 to write on it with Surface Pen because the docking station has a fixed angle. Now I’m working with 3 cables sticking in my SP3 in front of me: MiniDisplayPort to HDMI, USB for Intel Windows Hello camera in my monitor and SP connector for power. With my HEB V I hope to need just one cable. USB-C TB3 for everything (my monitor has a power delivery USB-C port). But with a dock I could connect some more peripherals (a dock maybe with a standard SDcard-slot) without sticking more than one cable into the V and remove them when I leave with the V…

…and by using the words of @kaum: I am open to a modular concept with an eGPU, I would have one but I don’t need one necessarily. So an eGPU should be optional.


Hey guys! A lot of great thoughts here! Make sure to include your story to the official thread here: [Donald Dock][Step 2.1][DISCUSSION] What you need and how you will use it



Closed it up so please use the official thread for it!

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