What kind of technology, software, services would you really like to have but don´t exist?


Hyper encrypted data compression(<200%) built straight into the OS. An OS that did ONLY what they are supposed to do, manage core secure data transfers and provide core computer functionality and file storage. Let the other features be managed by software packages chosen by the user for what they need\want. Similar to Arch Linux but way, way, way more refined and optimized. Not to mention actually user friendly.


I think this could happen in the laptop market and work what do you think


I don’t want any of that. Just give me time travel. It doesn’t matter when you make it available.


But do you really want time travel? It would have a very high potential to destroy the world as we know it. There’d have to be some computer system that would tell you what you can and can’t do and what effects on the universe they would have.


Because a warning from the system would definitely be enough to prevent people from ever doing something terribly wrong :wink:


Good point! We’d definitely be screwed :joy:


Be careful though, going seems to be easier than coming back !
Stuck in the 1600’ths with your V, no charging possible, no youtube terribly terrible :sob:


Time traveling. Oooh yeah. I would have soooo much fun testing every possible action in certain scenarios, even those that word guaranteed screw everything up. Just because, you know?


For me Teleportation. It would change the world economy in ways i can’t imagine. I could lve in a remote part of the world and still see my friends at the push of a button. :slight_smile:


Why dont use telegram? (just interested)


I second instantaneous teleportation!! I wanna wake up each morning at the last second and instant turn up at word. More Sleep is always important.


I would love the idea of removing all cars and make traffic completely automated on existing roads. You order a travelpod on an app in your smartphone and hit the final destination. The travelpod picks you up and leaves you as instructed. :ok_hand:


I like the idea of that and I’d use it for just visiting buddies without having to drive for over an hour or jump on a plane to Helsinki :smiley:


Cool. I’d like this. Preliminary stage to
"Beam me up, Scotty"!


The key part of his desired tech is ‘and a social default’. You can invent a new app that is free, cross-platform, secure, energy-efficient, low-resource, easy to use, rich in features… almost magical! And you, and me, and a lot of tech-savvy people would want to use it.

But unless everyone I want to message with has it, I’ll still need to keep around WhatsApp to talk to persons X and Y, Skype to talk to persons V and W, Slack to talk to company Z, Telegram to talk to persons T and U, and so forth. At that point, it becomes just another app I have to use


Haha, ofcourse teleportation would be legendary. I do have an issue though with being disintegrated at one place and reassembled at an other. What if the device misses one byte of information. :tired_face:


I’m sure that for some people you’ll will not see any difference :joy:


and what if a fly gets into the machine… :honeybee:

feels like it would make for a good movie :rofl:


I’ve seen a film on that (decades ago) At the end the fellow was not overly pretty anymore


Wasn’t that in the Simpsons some time ago? XD