What kind of technology, software, services would you really like to have but don´t exist?


I think that the contribution of MaxQuality7 (message # 27) would provoke the transformation of EVE V into a giant and global phenomenon. An ultrabook available in 12", 14" and 15.6"sizes (like the failed Thinkpad Yoga 12, 14 and 15, an improved Lenovo Yoga 720), plus the minimalist and sober design -and philosophy- of EVE (to extend the range of consumers, avoiding attracting only to the gamer niche), plus the specifications mentioned by the user in question (perhaps Ryzen 7 1700X rather than the i-Core line of Intel), would lead to a super-powerful beast, an unstoppable beast-machine that would earn a place in every corner of the consumers ecosystem (consumer ultrabooks/tablets/notebooks, desktop devices, business laptops, workstations, gamers laptops, etc.) and that would detonate from inside the large conventional electronics companies hegemony. I think that is the way that EVE should follow: it is inclusive, all would fit in that model. We’ll all pay for it and use it, 'cos the price is accesible, affordable, and the price-quality rate would unleash these forces on users: that would lead EVE to take the first step in his jumping to a planetary scale, imposing his philosophy on the market. At long-term, if EVE continues to impose this philosophy, I think this would end up triggering a phenomenon of dramatic transformation in the modus operandi of the large electronics multinationals: the development, innovation and evolution of electronics will eventually be strongly defined and regulated by the preferences and needs of (who more than) us, the users. Made by us. The future is ours.

To all this, I would add something else: I think the future of technology (and particularly that of electronics) lies in open-hardware and in the implementation of highly customized, upgradable, non-fixed devices, not doomed to become immediate waste, which allow users to have a central role in transformation of their equipments by adding and replacing as many different parts as possible (parts that can be offered by the brand in question: I am sure there lies the greatest potential of a entrepreneurship to do business and grow, allowing users to grow instead of deceiving them, and assuming the challenge of allowing users to participate in the modification and diversification of the goods and services offered by the brand. In the end, the enterprise will be transformed into the people, and the people in the enterprise, gaining their fidelity and using their massive power to make that foundation advance by giant steps), thus increasing the lifespan of their acquisition and allowing (among other obvious benefits, such as diminishing ecological impact, EVE would gain ad aeternum the confidence and appreciation of that great minority defending hacking ethics and the open-source stallmanian-philosophy, which occupies a centralspace in the history of computers). I think that: if EVE makes its way through that yearn road, if EVE opts for that highway instead of trying to reach at traditional technology producers by driving on the conventional motorways, then EVE will be unstoppable, its name will be the mark of a true new generation, a new born way of making things happen, and will earn a place in memory and history -of humankind.

Combining this set of features into a single product can seem like a great challenge: I’m sure that EVE got the skills to do it on its next release, resulting in a machine able to mutate for incorporating some of the characteristics/specs/advancements present in another types/kind of models by now in the market, and why not of future releases of EVE’s next generations. Like displays, keyboards, etc. An EVEbook, a mutantbook. The immediate consequence of such an implementation would be that all those who acquired an EVE would immediately become part of EVE’s history, EVE’s future: the future is ours, we would become active protagonists of EVE becoming, forging a true society of pairs which will give unlimited possibilities to the whole community, the whole network of users.

By the way, apologies for my horrible english. I speak Spanish. Funny writing this. :stuck_out_tongue:

  • 30 inch computer screen with 500 dpi for really sharp fonts, I can see the pixels even on my 27 inch 4k screen from normal working distance. Working on screens for 0 hours per day should be like reading on paper (Necessary GBps will be insane if coupled with 240 Hz :grin:)
  • 10 Gb/s internet connection in both directions to make backups into the cloud with SSD-like speeds (I have to live with 1MBit/s upload speed in the center of Berlin)
  • better batteries without degenerating capacity and fast charging without the heat. And bigger capacity, too.

And some more things that would be possible but nobody wants to build:


  • 1 inch camera sensor for really good available light pictures
  • really bright screen
  • user replaceable battery
  • 512 GB or SD card
  • regular updates


  • really bright screen, >500 nits, the more the better (I like to work outside)
  • as silent as possible, no unnecessary fan noise, no coil whining
  • at least 16 GB ram
  • user replaceable battery
  • user replaceable SSD
  • Thunderbolt + USB-A + headphones + full SD card slot
  • charging over USB-PD
  • no Apple

The first company building such a phone and a laptop gets my money :rofl:
Sadly, companies not building those devices and selling me overpriced electronic waste also get my money from time to time :joy:


A truly cross platform secure messaging system that was as standard and a social default.

Get rid of WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, texting etc haha


There are already many fully encrypted messaging clients like Wire and Signal


Iron man type touch projector? i like the gaming version idea


This! If we can do that with email, we should be able to do the same for messaging.


I would love something that makes cats stop losing hairs.

Edit: Ideas? Becoming a millionaire has never been easier. :smile_cat:


You know what they say…

Duct tape fixes everything…


Repairable yet beautiful devices. As most repairable products are quite ugly.

Upgradable CPUs on small-medium sized devices like V. Imagine how could would it be if you could just purchase latest Intel CPU instead if having to swap whole device!

+1 on this one :)))

Reasons not to buy the V

Something that would allow me to read my wife’s mind…

Totally impossible I know!!


May be effective, but looks, uhm, a bit cruel.


The tech exists…and you even get an awesome little droid!

That being said, I think this would be terrible for gaming


do what apple does but less expensive so bad hardware with extreme software optimization = good performance for cheaper


do what apple does but less expensive so bad hardware with extreme software optimization = good performance for cheaper

Thats what MS aimed to do with WP7 and WP8 back in the day. It was as fast, if not faster, than Android phones at the time that had basically twice the hardware (cores, RAM, battery). Unfortunately, it flopped hard because people who dont buy the iPhone dont care about real world experience. They are just comparing numbers and spec sheet


cool i did not know about that


No chance, not when greedy Intel wants a new mobo every gen or only certain mobos are compatible with later gens that ofc don’t exist at the beginning of a new gen.


An A.I companion sized like 5cm^3


Apple iOS apps that run on a Windows phone.

Reason: I like the closed ecosystem of Apple iOS, but don’t like the grid pattern (I find it difficult to find any apps), and i prefer the 3 button setup of Windows Mobile. The Windows Phone/Mobile UI just makes sense to me, and Windows and iOS on mobile are waaay more secure than Android will ever be. The App Store has more apps than anyone needs, but the Windows store and app update system is more user friendly - PLUS i don’t have to deal with iTunes to get all my stuff to the phone. There are some other reasons, but these are a few core ones.

I know some people will say “just use Android”. For those that don’t know, Android is the least secure OS out there, and there’s not much you can do to change this. Partnering with Google doesn’t help, because they’re half of the problem, since their primary source of profit is selling the users information to third parties. I have MANY issues with Google, and I don’t want to get into that discussion here, so I’m going to leave it at that.


- or -

Take your pick.


Eye tracking devices are becoming common now though pricy. A dear friend of mine has a little brother who can’t speak, type, or control much more than his eyes so he has a screen that tracks his eyes on his wheelchair and let’s him select words and phrases at crazy rapid speeds with eye movement.

Just thought I would mention it, could be an interesting read.