What is your preferred anti-virus?


That is such a BS imo…

PS: Sorry for necroing the thread, but it kind of fitted here.


I don’t see what the problem here - 1st and 2nd were “Who cares” but the 3rd issue was in fact an issue because after an update you could have your AV disabled and replaced by Windows Defender and it would still show you that everything was fine.

I guess the second would also fall into the same category as they could only inform you through the action center which, at least from what I’ve seen, a lot of users simply set to quiet/DnD because it spams so much at times.


Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Home Premium :smiley:

There was some hoohaa over the latest version, so I am still on v2.2.1 until I read up more on what’s going haha.


Because bloatware antivirus software has enough annoying notifications already. Loosening it again to having their stuff shown all the time makes new devices even more annoying for the general user, who doesn’t reinstall a clean Windows version on first use. I don’t see unlimited notifications for AV software as useful at all. It’s the stuff that every Windows user I know, who isn’t tech-savvy, hates about Windows.

And second, I never heard of an antivirus not working after an update, but of course it can happen and I won’t deny that it did since I just don’t know, but that should well be solved by giving them final builds earlier (even though I don’t get why they can’t just use the insider builds to test it) and securing the system with Defender automatically after a certain time period without an AV software won’t hurt anybody, but help the general population that needs a system that updates and secures itself since the users won’t do it by themselves.
Imo this is not about people that know something about their system, but ones like my parents, who need a system that always works and is secure. And as long as Windows 10S is in the state it is now it is important to do other measures to live up to the standard population that clicks notifications away and doesn’t update anything.


Windows Defender…?
You can’t really get into that much trouble if you don’t download weird stuff.
Well, tbh, you don’t really need an anti-virus if you’re a bit more careful…


Yeah I prefer to go with Windows defender. I only really use safe websites and don’t really end up downloading anything dangerous. Also adblocker helps.


Gonna necro this thread with this here:


Kind of ironic coming from a subsidiary of Avast :joy:


at last a case of downloading a virus/backdoor without doing any stupid thing :hushed:


I bet they wish they had an “oops” button right about now :slight_smile:

Seriously, though, this underscores the fact that security tools can actually be security holes; someone made the point in another thread a couple days ago and it’s very true. Some people put a lot of trust in anti-virus/anti-malware software and give it lots of access without much question. Thanks for the post.


Same. I tried several and they are all resource hogs, ineffective, or even harmful. Common sense + Windows Defender is all you really need.


Have you tried Sophos?


I don’t actually know what to call this, it’s not antivirus software, but a internet security solution?

I have thought about trying this, but haven’t yet…

Pros: Protects all devices and traffic at home (and on the go), VPN, belt and braces

Cons: Expensive, control/monitor app only on Android and iOS, not available in all countries

I think that there are also other similar setups on the market… maybe…


I still think that the security tools companies write viruses to sell the security software.
But that may be just my feeling.


Hahaha, if something like that would become public it would cause such a shitstorm :smiley: and albeit possible I still think that there are enough people wanting money by any means that they can provide a steady stream of viruses, exploits and what not :smiley:


I think I´ll be using F-Secure on my V, as I have been using it for years on my previous devices, with no major issues…


I think Windows defender is shit ! , today I used my friend USB drive and I got infection by Win32/Powemet.b!attk virus

and it is just put in the Quarantined items , not completely removed !

I tried malware bytes and bitdefender also still isn’t removed ( or how can I know that it’s completely cleaned ?! )

and will it affect my laptop Image OS ?


I am going to use Kaspersky total Security. I had never problems with it.


I’m too lazy to test different programs or read reviews. I’ve had Avast for years and i’m kinda used to click away their ad banners that i don’t even notice them anymore. Liked it when Avast had app for rooted Androidphones, pity they did not continue with that.


Ok, for me this is a minefield of a topic. I’m usually called paranoid and extremist. So let me explain it with 5 recomendations:

First and foremost all your data should be encrypted and backed up as frequently as possible. (Multiple times on different locations.) This premise I see as a non negotiable.

Second be careful on your day to day, and don’t go around opening things, just because you are curious. (Downloading from trusted sources, always use the provided Checksum, etc.)

Third, always install it first in a burner PC. Nowadays is awfully easy and a no brainer since you can create a Virtual machine and install a OS for testing for free. (Even Microsoft provides ISOs for this.)
This Machine is the one that needs a separate Antivirus. Even multiple ones. Be as paranoid as you want, Just be sure you keep all the virus definitions up to date.

Fourth, On the Main OS Simply use the included one on Windows10, it’s fully merged with windows, doesn’t take much resources offers a lower attack surface area for malicious software, is not intrusive on your daily activities, and more important than anything is almost as good as separate AV software. I’m talking 97% detection rate VS 98% for other antivirus. Microsoft shares his definitions with all other manufacturers.

Fifth, Keep your OS and all your software updated. No antivirus is going to make your PC safe, (look point one again). Because of this reinstalling a OS from Zero every so often still is the best way of protecting yourself. If you got infected in some place, or by some app that uses a zero day exploit this is going to be your only option.

I personally use a Sixth one, install only what you use. Deny execution permision to anything else. (Whitelist what you want running, everything else is denied by default.)


I use Norton security.
Never had an problem, maybe just plain luck, maybe Norton, maybe both.