What is your preferred anti-virus?


Windows defender. If needed, malwarebytes anti-malware.


What else I want?

  • actually detecting malware instad of giving a bunch of false alarms
  • not nagging me for scanning or upgrading
  • protecting my computer in background, not only during full scan
  • easy on CPU

Norton is not even an antivirus. It’s a joke. It’s how I define adware.


Maybe try out sophos.
At least the osx version is quite decent.
I download it from time to time and let it check my mac. When done it goes to the trash :p. But it has live protection.
It’s also free on osx, but doesn’t have official support, only a forum.


++ on Windows Defender, and a keeper for following reasons:

  1. it’s truly free without annoying marketing
  2. it has the largest user sample/issue reporting base (basically every modern Windows user who didn’t option out) and option of live time protection
  3. there’s an advanced offline mode to remove even most persistent junk
  4. firewall
  5. simple interface that is easy to use (wow right :joy:)
  6. it’s intelligent enough not to hog resources, unlike pretty much all other ones I’ve tried
  7. it just works without me having to even care that it’s there

But seriously though the best security is you yourself. Here are few simple things to do to prevent attacks.

  1. Do not open Any MS Office files sent to you unless you absolutely sure about the sender. Use browser preview as often as possible instead of downloading.
  2. Browser settings, browser settings and once again browser settings. Make sure you are comfortable with all and know what they mean, adjust if needed.
  3. Install pop-up blockers, script filters and something to purge cookies upon exit in every browser
  4. Delete TeamViewer and the likes from your machine when not in use
  5. Delete temp files in Windows regularly
  6. Use VPN and private mode
  7. never login though the link in email, instead visit official website, it only takes 20 extra seconds
  8. always back and encrypt data on external storage
  9. set your software to update frequently


But you don’t need to do any of this when you have a great antivirus that takes care of it for you :wink:


Yes, you do as most of those points are just common sense that will protect one from phishing and zeroday attacks that no Antivirus will


y, especially stuff like no script add on are extremely useful in browser and help getting rid of almost anything.


Exactly, and it’s not like you have to do much after setting things up. Just follow common sense and no need to search, pay for, install, configure and troubleshoot things that are already there for you free


That’s what ESET does :wink:


:sunglasses: awesome for ESET
I guess I’ll just have to manually not click links in emails with my humble Defender


Strange, all you mention I see Norton do it on my computer.
No false alarms, no nagging, good firewall, easy on the CPU. It even catches virusses :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
By the way, what is the version of Norton who made you so sick about it ?


You may want to try something like this:


The Norton I use is found here:


I simply use Windows Defender, If I had to choose a dedicated anti-virus I would pick Kaspersky but I don’t think dedicated anti-viruses are useful at all. Keeping your Windows updated and activate live time protection should be enough.


I would say it depends on the use-case. For me, even running a small business, simply having my data backed up, browsing the web wisely, and keeping Windows 10 and Defender updated, is enough for me.


Avast Anti-virus


Windows Defender for me, as I know enough not to need anything better.
Kaspersky as it’s very cheap, easy to find and reputable.
ESET as when I had it I absolutely loved it.


Windows Defender and my mind.

All others are snakeoil.


I used to like Kaspersky Internet Security, until my licenses expired and didn’t want to extend it anymore.

I never spent a dollar on anti-virus & network protection after KIS.

I switched to Avira, which felt good when I started using it - until they decided to nag to to purchase it.

After that it was Avast, it’s actually quite good. It had a silent mode that alerts you only if something bad happened/is happening.

Last year one of my non-system, storage disk died, and I was wanting to replace my applications disk with a new SSD. Thinking its a good time to clear out the bloat I installed in my Windows-7-upgraded-Windows 10, I reinstalled windows and did not bother with aftermarket anti-virus software.

I was never affected by serious computer virus after using KIS and all subsequent options. I heard for people who are quite aware of dangerous places on the Internet, Windows Defender is already enough, that is what I use now.


Just using Windows Defender. Woks perfectly. You just have to be thoughtfully when browsing the web, because even the best anti-virus software can´t protected you from your own stupidity!