What is you favourite Back Ground Picture/Avatar of the Community Members


Some of the members in here are real artists in creating their avatars and backgrounds in their accounts. Time to vote for the best of it!!


I’m Team Viking @nawthor all the way :smiley:


And I was just about to say that I really like @SyrtakiVampir’s take on the default avatar.


how about meeeeeee? :blush:


To be honest: Nawthors background was the one who was inspiring me to open this thread.


Hahaha, thanks. I’m glad that it’s so small and you can’t see how bad I’m with paint on first sight :joy:


Nice topic, some community avatars are very enjoyable!

+1 for @nawthor (but I liked his “old” avatar as well, the famous “Viking shield” :wink: - cover art for Area 11’s second album, Modern Synthesis, I then learnt)

But he is in good company! Here’s another 10 of my favourites.
+1 in the “personal-art” category also for @Nighty, @Tamara, @mlivesey, @AfonsoHG, @SombreSire
+1 in the photography category for @Kee, @kaum and why not, Peter, @thedrawer your “rocks” pretty well :metal:
+1 in the fictional character category for @Chiesel and @J0NNYLINGO


+1 for @Kee as well. That pic makes me smile every time. :slight_smile:


Thanks guys :slightly_smiling_face:



@Kee does have a good one.
Also liked @Niloc @inffy for having pretty nice photos. @pauliunas for the flower power.


Lol. I just love how my work headshots worked out :blush:. But a good avatar? No lol. Creativity is what should be assessed :grin:


thanks for the +1
I also have to go with @Kee its an authentic picture which spreads positiv vibes :smiley:


This topic made me change my profile picture, something I’ve postponed for way to many months :blush:

Edit: and if you’re wondering: Yes, it’s me :wink:



It's actually still in there... as a viking shield!



Hi @lamu, thanks for mentioning me - but I had to change my picture :wink:


@Kee’s my favorite too, it’s so adorable, I’m just melting everytime I see his posts


That’s really cool! I hope everything is healthy up there! It worries me that you’d have a situation where that photo needs to be taken.


You get it yesterday? Mine was delivered today in the morning…


Yes, I did. It is a pleasant surprise. DHL Express does not seem to care that I told DHL that I am usually not at home weekdays, but our cleaning lady received it…