What is Surface dial? Using it with V!


Better just see the video…



That’s adorable! :slight_smile:

Words words words 20 characters…


Haha, I wanted to ask that some time ago and then completely forgot about it :smiley: good to know! :slight_smile:


That is completely awesome that the V support the dial’s button microsoft


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Since it is not long before the release, can you now say something to the following points?

Eve V Update March 28th: final colors, performance, keyboard & more!

Just… great!!! :slight_smile::slight_smile:


I just ordered MS Surface Puck (sorry Dial; in Canada it should be called Puck) to test it - now eagerly waiting for my EVE V.


Thank youuuuuuuuuu sooooo muchhhhh!!! Best news TODAY for me… nice2 :smiley:



Woohoo! I am so pumped to get my EVE V now!


I’ll make a post about the final keyboard layout a bit later down the line with the reason why we did implement/or not implement things -
TL;DR: Most small prints won’t come, however for the bottom row: We’re not implementing Menu as Fn-function.

What we’re doing is, we’re doing it similarly to the Surface - meaning on the right of the keyboard you’re having AltGr & then Menu.


I usually love auto brightness on my phone, but not if I couldn’t always override it…


What’s the fuss about this “dial” thing? To me it’s just a scroll wheel… I mean it seems intuitive if you can pull up that on-screen menu with it, but does V support it, or only scrolling?


With some graphics and CAD programs can help with faster tools selection. And when you are bored - you can use it as a puck and play hockey … :maple_leaf:


But if the touchscreen doesn’t support it, it won’t call up that fancy contextual menu and it will function all the same as swiping with 2 fingers over the mouse pad…


Well V and surface use N Trig protocol:)

For me it works in paint with colors etc


Does it open that context menu around the dial as it does for the studio?


You mean with like paint, brush selection in paint as well as scroll zoom, etc functions in browser?


I guess he means something like this: