What is a Flawed Monitor?

Since we all want these models to be excellent, we need to figure out what it means to be excellent. Name some issues that make a monitor flawed. What imperfections are you most keen about not having in all the models. This monitor shouldn’t ship out with flaws, but we need to know what kind of defects it shouldn’t have before it’s shipped.


Excessive backlight bleed, dead pixels, scratches, flickering, broken joystick, and OSD not working properly.


I really don’t like it when the HDR mode isn’t color accurate as well


An issue that has plagued Samsung recently with their G9 monitor was that some of the plastic body parts would separate with temperature fluctuations. This resulted in light shining through gaps in the shell.

  1. I completely agree with Light bleed!
  2. Colour matching of monitors is also extremely important. If I have two side by side they need show the same colours.
  3. Stress testing the monitor also, if the monitor starts to fail after 2 years then it is flawed. The monitor needs to be able to last at least 5 years for the price of it.

Still pondering whether to take the plunge, but there is a currently unique feature set combination that would be a clear winner for my use case if quality comes through. The risk of flaws combined with the poor return options weigh against that. Clearly there is a gambling element to this - make out great, or suffer significant pain. Everyone has to decide for themselves whether they can afford the uncertainty.


Because the potential is there for a product that really shines versus anything the competition can throw at it. But more so than that, there is the fact that the community had the input on the designs of the monitors. Sure, we’re beginning to see competition from the larger OEMs now that have most of the features that are planned for these Spectrums - but only after they saw what the users here clamored for in a (computer) monitor.

Right now, I’m out $200 USD for a pair of hte 4Ks, and I can still cancel with no issue if something comes along that beats this proposed device hands down across a multitude of features that I want. When I go searching on, say, https://www.productchart.com/ for a UHD-based monitor that is 27" or greater, I get 5 devices - 4 of which are limited to 60 Hz refresh, and one that actually gets t o144 Hz (though it doesn’t have HDMI 2.1 - the LG 27GN950-B - which is pretty much not available here in the US for under $1100). The others of that group of 5, 2 Sammys, a Ben-Q and an ASUS, are all 28", but also don’t support G-Sync, nor have thin bezels. And none of these 5 also has HDMI 2.1.

I’m all about community supported endeavors and, more importantly, community-driven endeavors like this - because then we, the members of the community, can get what we really want.


@lpconn I must say you have some very valid points in relation to warranty etc. I’m still sticking by Eve. They did mention in a recent post they will be updating the warranty terms etc.


Agreed with the points above. I would also like to venture into UX territory and suggest that having a fast, responsive OSD where there is little-to-no input lag to adjust options, and to favor using real hardware buttons instead of capacitive / touch buttons. It feels so much better to navigate with real buttons or a joystick on the monitor itself.

Also consider placing these at the bottom of the monitor rather than the side or the back, to support dual/triple monitor setups where reaching to the side or back can be more challenging.

Alternatively, it’d be really neat to experiment with a touch-friendly OSD directly on the display. Downsides would be fingerprints and making it lag-free might be challenging though.


Aside from video display quality issues, I would say a final product that falls short of the final specs is a flawed monitor.