What happened to the m3 Eve V model?


I can’t seem to see it anywhere on the website; even the spec sheet has had it removed. If it is now a discontinued model, I kind of regret not having bought it last year. To me, a perfect configuration would have been an m3 with 256GB.


It is said somewhere in the forum, that because the configuration for i5 and m3, when m3 price was ($959?) was close to each the current i5 with 256GB ($1199), Eve decided to set ($1099). The price is from the top of my head.

At that point, m3 model was only a configured tablet of 128GB only with non storage upgrade while i5 was 256GB.

*Note that M3 model was very popular, that’s why the price went up from original price.

Hope this helped.


Yeah, when the V was first released the m3 model was in line with Surface Pro prices at 799. But I think that price was only for early adopters, and MSRP was supposed to be 899. Still, it sucks that the m3 model isn’t for sale anymore though.


Yeah true. I would have gotten the m3 but due to how fast it got sold, I didn’t managed to get my hands on it. I would have loved 256GB configuration but looking back, m3 would have been good with 256GB. Oh well.


Nearly. Here’s the original post: