What games are people playing on the Eve V


I just looked up Space Engineers. It looks very cool. I’m definitely going to be trying it.


#still waiting for V

Under Non-eGPU condition, just V itself
Did anyone try CSGO on V yet?
i play LOL as well, i don’t need ultimate setting, Can the V run medium/ high setting with a stable 60fps?
Do you guys think the V can handle Monster hunter Online?


It can, if you only stay afk at the nexus at 1080p.
4 ppl. bot lane already brings it down to 30fps way too often and team fights will be a mess. if you have medium latency (above 30-40ms) you will suffer.


Divinity Original Sin 1 and 2 works well on the V with lower settings.


Gta V (egpu gtx1060 (


I’m playing the Waiting Game with my V.


What is the result with gta ? Do you have a graph ? Maybe to identify the different spots where it drops ?


I play mainly Nasus in LOL, so basically afk farm whole game. I used to TP to help in team fights. Playing in V just erased my map awareness.

Don’t look into the team fight. Don’t join! Huge frame drop in mid setting in 1080p in Vi5.


Too high. Try 720p. Remember the V is dual core with an iGPU.


Honestly. I dont have the time for graphs but i can say about 30-40fps high setting… but


I’ll try ur suggested settings :slight_smile:


I play civ 5 on my Eve V all the time, my little bro and I played a multiplayer game for about 6 hours one evening over the internet and it worked perfectly, no lag or anything. I don’t think I had the graphics on high, but for a game like civ 5 it doesn’t really matter. I have an i7 model, I’m not a big computer guy so I don’t know if that makes a difference or if it is all about the graphics card, but it worked for me! :hugs::sunglasses:


Or to put that into perspective, the sustained power consumption of both the CPU and GPU is limited to just a mere 7W, which is less than what desktop GPUs use on idle


Tip for everyone trying to play League: Enable the setting that exits the UI client when you go into a game. After initial poor performance I realized that the UI client eats around 15-25% CPU and causes throttling to hit more easily