What games are people playing on the Eve V


I like long turn based games like Civilization. I know that a Eve V probably couldn’t handle the newest version, but has anyone played V or IV on it? And are there any RuneScape players in here? Normally I would play these games in my laptop, but I’m trying to get a feel for the gaming capabilities I’ll be getting.


I wouldn’t write the V off that quickly, remember that it’s still a decently fast processor. It’s weakness is the iGPU and the fact that it’s dual core.

I have Civ 5 but it’s not installed, I’ll remember to report back if I try to play it without the egpu.

If I had to guess though, I think it’ll run fine on low settings until late late game.

Btw have you tried using the forum search? I’m pretty sure I saw some people who tried it. Might be prototype testers.


I play Sunless Skies and Football Manager 2018 on it.

I managed to get DOTA 2 to run fine, though I only tried the tutorial.

I think turn-based games with not too much graphics will work ok on it. But anything with any kind of GPU requirement will struggle. I tried State of Decay (which is a few years old) on medium settings, and that didn’t run well.


I’m on the i7 version and I had problems playing League of Legends :grimacing: It’s better at games than my SP3 tho


I tried running a search using the words Civilization and RuneScape but didn’t get any results. I should probably mention that I’m getting the fastest cpu available which will probably help out a bit.


Drop the resolution and settings and it should be playable. Most competitive games are very forgiving in terms of hw reqs.

Problem is the V’s almost 3000x2000 native res screen.


I’ll take IV. I kinda liked it better anyway.


Not sure if pun. Should clarify:


RuneScape runs on my m3 model, though I can’t recall exactly what settings (I picked RS back up and dropped it again in the span of a few days).

I have been pretty actively playing Warframe on lowest settings, and the game has been quite playable even in the open world map that can make some lower-end PCs choke a bit.

A bit more surprising (and I’m working on gathering more metrics before posting a ton on it) is that my Samsung Odyssey VR headset runs the Cliffhouse, Space Pirate Trainer, and Superhot VR passably. The V gets pretty warm to the touch when doing so, but even on battery performance settings my V has managed to keep up. In a fully untethered VR run the battery life of the V crashes down to around an hour on my device, but it did work.


I have two games I play on my V. Eternal Card game and Slay the Spire.

On Eternal I’ll quote myself (again)

It runs beautifully on the V.

Slay the Spire doesn’t yet work perfectly with touch, but with how much it’s improved (and the fact that it’s still in Early Access), I am sure it’ll be perfect by the full release. But other than that it runs well.


Well, without my eGPU, I can play Civilization Beyond Earth with no problem. I haven’t made it to the end game yet though. I can also play Guild Wars 2 and Star Trek Online. There are also indie games like Sundew Valley and JRPGs like Tales of Baseria

There are other games that are completely playable with just the Intel GPU.


Mostly Minecraft (I am a child at heart) and might try Overwatch on it with an eGPU soon (winks)


All of my experience is based on “better battery mode”.

LOL is fine in just full HD res. But not so realible in team fights (big frame rate drop which is unplayable in a few seconds.

Football manager 2017 works unexpectedly well. No lag, works smoothly.


If I play Windows Store games like Fruit Ninja, Asphalt, or Temple Run, does it count as a disgrace to the V hardware :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


On my M3 V I successfully played:

  • Die Siedler IV (“Settlers IV”)
  • Battlefield Bad Company 2 (low resolution & medium settings)
  • Anno 1701 (medium - high settings)
  • Asphalt 8 (okay, it’s a mobile game… :smiley: )
  • Of course Minecraft (Vanilla) maybe I try mods in future but I do not expect them to run smoothly

I may try PUBG in future… I mean, if it runs on my mobile phone it also has to run on a PC :joy:


I play Cuphead on my i5 V. I too use GameStream in-home(Nvidia) or the xbox stream app(i always use a BT xbox one controller), to my V, and thanks to the good Wi-Fi card, there’s almost no ping. Also, the color are clearer than on my Tv\Pc Monitor when i stream on my V.


What kind of eGPU do you use? I’m not opposed to using one if it’s small enough to take up minimal space in my messenger bag. I’m afraid it’s a subject I don’t know much about.


i use the Mantiz Venus. It’s a bit large. If you want something a bit more portable. I would go with Sonnet Breakaway Puck. It is easier to carry around if you need to. However, it does have a power brick. Anyways, it comes in two flavors the RX 570 and RX 580


I had the same experience, was very let down after konsta/Mike said 60fps wouldn’t be a problem at fhd.

I thought igpu was up to that task but it plays almost like a 5 year old nvidia mobile gpu <.<


I’ve been playing Space Engineers, I’ve had to turn down the resolution a bit, but other than that it seems to work pretty good. It lags out during large physics calculations, but my desktop rig does that too with this game. Also got out some of my old Star Wars games last night, and had a blast. KOTOR/KOTORII or Jedi Academy, anyone?

Oh, forgot to mention, StarCraft II on high graphics settings. My 17-year old brother in laws laptop can only run it on low or maybe medium graphics settings.

All in all, I’ve been extremely impressed with my little M3 V. Now that money is a little more abundant I would like to have gotten the i5 and messed around with an eGPU, but I’m pretty happy.